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Charles Bridge & Kampa Island, Old Town, New Town & Residential Areas 



KAMPA PARK (****): A trendy restaurant for nice people, the Kampa Park was established in 1995 in a unique location. On the River Vltava (Moldau) embankments, with a breathtaking view on the legendary Charles Bridge: which, in term of marketing, should be more than enough to capture tourists passing by. But Nils Jebens, the Norwegian restaurateur operating this landmark, preferred the challenge, consisting in raising the place among the top five leading gourmet spots in town. With a secret dream: being awarded a well merited first Michelin star...

We had actually, one more time, a great dinner at Kampa Park in Summer 2015! Sitting in the elegant Californian style dining room planned and designed by the owner. But the terrace is so romantic. Practicable almost all year long, thanks to its heating columns, it was quite full the evening of our visit. At first sight a good mark for a restaurant.  

We have not been dissappointed at all by "Bocuse d'Or" Executive Chef Marek Raditsch's cuisine, elegantly served by a friendly and anticipating staff. 

Expensive by the Czech standards, we found the fares perfectly affordable for westerner. We would recommend a couple of irresistible starters (at CZK 465): "Grilled Octopus with Com Purée, Black Trumpets, Pop Corn and Bacon Foam" and the signature "Seared Scallops, with Cauliflower, Nuts, Raisins and Dill Beurre Blanc with Capers"). Alternatively, you could order the so aromatic "Norwegian King Crab Ravioli with Kaffir Lime Aioli, Tarragon and Orange Dust" (CZK 535), or the fresh and sexy "Tuna Carpaccio and Duck Foie Gras Terrine with Smoked Duck Breast and Passion Fruit Coulis", served over a slate plate (CZK 565). Pair it all with a half a bottle of  white "Sancerre Pascal Jolivet 2014" (CZK 995), well balanced, with much smoothness and elegance in flavour, or with a bottle of aristocratic Tuscan white "Poggio Alle Gazze Dell' Ornellaia 2013" (CZK 2995).

As a main dish, we were about selecting another signature dish, "Crispy Sea Bass With Parsnip and Fennel Confit, Green Apple and Garlic Chives Sauce" (CZK 895),,  but finally switched to another delicacy: "Duo of Canadian Lobster au Gratin and Butter Poached, with Croutons, Fennel Slaw and Barigoule Sauce" (CZK 895), which was actually WOW! 

Our recommended desserts (all at CZK 25) are the yummy "Ivory Chocolate Tart with Passion Fruit Crème Brûlée and Coulis", and the "Light Butter Trilogie with Madagascar Vanilla Bean and Blueberries".

Average price for a dinner, for two is EUR 150; plus approximately EUR 25 - 50 for decent wine. Champagne or "Special Reserve" featuring Grand Crus are available in one of Prague best wine cellars (including "Mouton Rothschild 1995" at CZK 23,000, and "Château Margaux" at about CZK 45900) . There is a wide clientele for platinium priced liquid anyhow: the Kampa Park welcomes so many VIP guests cleaning up the very best of this precious ceilar. Norwegian King Harold and Queen Sonja, Monaco's Prince Albert and Princess Caroline, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mick Jagger, Robbie Williams, Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and many more are returning patrons.

The Kampa Park is also well known for its Champagne bar, where the local Society likes to join after dark. 

KAMPA PARK: Na Kampe 8b, Mala Strana, 110 00 Prague 1 
PHONE: (420-2) 575.32.685-6          FACSIMILE: 575.33.223 
E-MAIL: kampa@anet.cz 
HERGETOVA CIHELNA (***): The « Kampa Park for the poor » ! Even if some guests drink Bordeaux and smoke Cohibas, we have been pleasantly surprised to see that, with such a great location within firing range from Charles Bridge, at the point where the Certovka stream empties into the Vltava river, the Kampa Park youngest sister (same owner) goes up very successfully with democratic prices. What could be the ideal tourist trap proves to be one of the most honest restaurants in town.  

Honesty with the bill ; and, even more important, honesty with the food. 

After crossing a trendy dining, designed like the rest of the restaurant by Nils Jebens, we sat on the terrace. At a  riverside table . The panorama is amazing. We should write « made in Hollywood » : cinemascope over the bridge, and dolby surround with a jazz session entertaining the guests (which happens only when VIP groups visit the restaurant ; which means many times a week…).  The « Jidelni Listek » (menu, in Czech language) is based on the one of those hundred pizzeria you can find in Prague. But here stops banality.  A close capture on it demonstrates that Italy is only part of the culinary trip : the Hergetova Cihelna copes more generally with Mediterranean cuisine. Often quite imaginative. Let's start, for instance, with the Roasted Squids, with Couscous  Tabuleh, Fresh Tomatoes and Brown Butter Sauce. What a well balanced meal : juicy squid, light tabuleh (nothing to do with that stuffy mixture served in Lebanon), and the acidity of the natural tomatoes sweetened by the butter. This is alchemy, indeed. We DID like that starter. Expensive ? Come on! : CZK 245 for a more than generous portion. As a main meal, if you feel quite hungry, do like us and try the Saffron Seafood Risotto, with Squid, Shellfish and Lobster Broth. Beneficently served, with salmon and fresh clams (up to the season) as a bonus. Creamy, but still light. Palatable and tasty : this would fit in term of quality the best Trattorias in Rome. At CZK 285… 

But what Nils is particularly proud of are the Pizzas. Pretentiously « the very best in Prague » ? Let's try it ! From the famous « Margherita » (CZK 155) till the « Margherita di Parma » (pomodoro sauce, parmesan, aragula, Parma ham, mozzarella, basil, olive oil) at CZK 245 (the most expensive and the richest),  16 varieties of pizzas are available. We took a « Pugliese : with pomodoro sauce, onions, artichokes, mozzarella, olive oil, and an imported spicy cheese of the highest quality, liberally spread over the brown paste cooked in a traditional oven by Vincenzo: imported, like the cheese, from the best origin. Napoli, of course ! So, the boss was not that pretentious. We must admit that in a city like Prague, where 2 or 3% of the Pizzerias are good (which is an excellent percentage somehow), the Hergetova Cihelna comes number one with its exotic pizzaiolo.  

We had the all lunch with two glass of Pillsner Urquell beer CZK 55 / half litre. But those who prefer wine can have it either by bottle, either by the glass (CZK 125 for 0.15 l of « Santa Cristina Antinori Toscana » sounds more than acceptable).  

As a desert, if you still fee hungry after the gargantuan pizza, go straight to the Tiramisu « Cihelna » (CZK 165) or the distinguished Crème Brulée with Apple Chips, and Apple-Basil Chutney (CZK 155).  Delicious with an Espresso Piccolo. 

Opened daily from 11:30am untill 2:00am (while Prague falls asleep at midnight…). 

HERGETOVA CIHELNA: Cihelná 2b, Prague 1 
PHONE : (420) 257.535.534      FACSIMILE :  
E-MAIL : kontakt@cihelna.com  


SPICES (****L):  Supervised by Chef Jiří Štift and his Asian staff, the totally refurbished Essencia restaurant, rebranded to Spices, has not the touch of class of the other restaurants managed by the Mandarin-Oriental group of hotels. The room had been nicely designed by spices best asian restaurants in prague mandarin orientalrenowned British Interior Design agency, Black Sheep. But the over friendly staff treating you with a familiar  “ -Welcome guys!” makes you feel like anywhere but in a five star hotel.

Nevertheless, due to the number of inquiries which we already received from part of our readership, we decided to spend a classy evening with classy friends in this quite luxurious “gargote”. Basically, we entertained ourselves quite a lot in a nearly empty room, frequented the night of our visit by the merry gourmets attending the Mandarin-Oriental cooking school. The service was not faulty, though not as anticipating compared with the Mandarin-Oriental Bangkok, for instance. We quickly received appetizers, in a small, very small portion. The menu features a mixture of sample cuisines from China to Indonesia, via Vietnam and Thailand. But the cooking skill is “made in Czech Republic”. If the “Crab Cakes” were delicious, the “Grilled Octopus” was as chewy as a Michelin tire (not Michelin star...). Undercooked: we would have done it better at home. The “Shrimp Dim Sum”, steamed Cantonese Dumpling, were satisfactory in term of taste and texture, though they won't make us come back to Spices.

Desserts were as plain-Jane a most of Asian desserts could be. We spend many years in those hot countries were people prefer fresh mango or jack-fruit to any kind of sweet or pastry.

So, why did we finally didn't dislike Spices that much? First of all because we received a CZK 8000 for 5 people, which sounds quite unique in a Mandarin-Oriental. Not to mention that the bill included 4 bottles of “Château Radyné Sekt”: almost as good as a cheap Champagne, this very refreshing Bohemian sparkling wine made us feel light and happy. We also liked  the romantic location of this restaurant: allowing us to quickly digest our light dinner walking peacefully  along the most picturesque and quiet lanes in Prague, with no tourist in sight until we crossed the Charles Bridge.

Dress code casual elegant; though some tee-shirts in view the evening of our visit.

SPICES (at Hotel Mandarin-Oriental Prague): Nebovidská 459/1, 118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
PHONE: +420 233 088 888
E-MAIL: moprg-reservations@mohg.com


LA BODEGUITA DEL MEDIO (***):  A stone's throw from the Old City Square (Staromestska), this is our favourite place for a fun though stylish evening. Since 2002, this franchise of the world famous, original « Bodeguita del Medio » in Havana, Cuba, brings to Prague nights a hard to match exoticism, and a astonishingly good cuisine we didn't ever expect in what is first of all a cocktail bar. 

Guests can use the terrace, the bar area with its walls covered with pictures, photographs and guests signatures, the restaurant downstairs (we like it despite - or maybe because- of its noisy and smoky animation), or the quiet, sophisticated dining room upstairs, next to one of the city richest walking « humidor » featuring an amazing variety of « puros » imported directly from Cuba, and sold out at attractive prices.  

First visit is always for the cocktails, bringing to La Bodeguita 80% of its fame. A crowd of smart clients (wealthy local peoples, and many expats), including the most beautiful women in the country, stands in a Colonial style atmosphere, by a replica of the « Sloopy Joe's Bar » in Havana, enjoying up to 150 types of long and short Caribbean drinks. The best seller remains, of course, the legendary « Mojito », with white rum, sugar, soda and fresh mint. A favourite for Ernest Hemingway: « My mojito in La Bodeguita! ».  Second visit is for the live music: with Cuban (but also Argentinean, Colombian...) classics, merengue and salsa, each evening, in the bar and downstairs area. And third visit, the one which makes you come back, again and again, is for the restaurant. The cuisine improved very much this last couple of years: night clubbers mixing now with more and more gourmets. Unless you come for lunch (La Bodeguita operates all day long), booking is actually essential to enjoy the wonderful « cocina criolla » (Creole cuisine), featuring splendid « Cuban style steaks » (in fact, from Argentina) and mouth-watering seafood served in large, very large portions at definitely good value price. 

Ariel Bruno and Jaroslav Zahalka, both holders of the « Chefs des Chefs » honorary certificate awarding those cooking for presidents and statesmen, prepare a palatable «Bouillabaisse a la Criolla» (CZK 210): a Creole fish soup with prawns and sea mussels, served with toasts: a popular starter, suitable as a light main course. Another specialty we regularly order when visiting the restaurant: the « Grilled Octopus and Calamars », with a rich black carnaroli rice risotto and rocket salad. This is our favourite: at CZK 350 only, we have always been astonished by the quality of this dish, served in a very generous portion. We would also warmly recommend the « Grilled Tuna Steak » (CZK 350), with roasted seasonal vegetables, potatoes and sweet basil aioli.  Medium cooked,  the thickly sliced tuna tastes like a pure delicacy. The poultry is fine: try the « Risotto with Duck Breast and slice of Truffle » (CZK 235), parmesan cheese and rocket salad. Meat is a home specialty.  With the « Lamb Chilindrón » (CZK 245): delicious spicy pieces of lamb in a red wine sauce, with Cuban baked potatoes « Mojo ». Or the Gargantuesque «Mixed Grilled Meat Platter»: this is actually a huge « Churrasco » the Argentinean style, featuring amazingly tender Beef Filet (meat imported directly from La Pampa), pork sirloin, pork ribs, lamb chops, chicken wings with «salsa Roja»  , tapenade from black olives, malanga, garlic bread, with Cuban baked potatoes « Mojo ». It costs CZK 990 for two... though this dish could feed up to three diners with a decent appetite! The « Ice Lemon Cake with Forest Fruit Sauce » (CZK 150) is a good desert, though many guests prefer to conclude this rich gourmet experience with a « Mojito », a « Daiquiri Frappé » (cocktails at CZK 129) or, even better, with a « Habana Club  15 years ». This rum goes so matured that it somehow tastes like a good Cognac! Great value (CZK 520), like all beverage served at La Bodeguita (Chilean wine « Concha y Toro », white or red, at CZK 90 by the glass, classy Taittinger brut reserve at 250 by the glass, etc.). 

PHONE: (420) 224 8139 22           FACSIMILE:  224 8148 19 
E-MAIL: bodeguita@bodeguita.cz  

LA DEGUSTATION(****): Though one Michelin star in Prague cannot be compared with one Michelin star in Paris, this posh la degustation one michelin star 1 restaurant praguerestaurant is well worth the visit (open only for dining).

We have been spoiled by the most anticipating, old school service ever. Some would find it little bit stiff; but we always preferred it that way, as familiarity isn't our cup of tea. Chef Oldřich Sahajdák expects a second star with his new set menu. Excellent but too classic to obtain this precious sesame, it would ravish most of conservative gourmets and some young fooders alike.

Sahajdák and his staff did their best to kill the bad reputation of the fat, tasteless, heavy if not infamous Czech cuisine. Staff comes out to the tables from the open-kitchen to personally add the last touch to your “Trout, Egg, Dill, Buttermilk”with “Chardonnay-Pinot 2013, Jaromír Gala”, “Třeboň Catfish, Yeast, Kohlrabi” with chilled, mineral “Veltlínské Zelené 2013,  Jakub Novák”, or “Smoked Beef Tongue, Yellow Peas, Apple”, paired with “Cuvée Skale 2006, Pavel Springer” Those interesting and light dishes are not worth the price at approximately CZK 4000 with wine paring. Desserts are disappointing.

Open Monday – Sunday 18.00 – 24.00   

LA DEGUSTATION: Haštalská 18, 110 00 Prague 1
PHONE: +420 222 311 234
E-MAIL: boheme@ambi.cz


LA CASA ARGENTINA (***): Opened in January 2007, this large, comfortable and animated theme restaurant is already much visited by local and foreign patrons. An interesting alternative to La Bodeguita del Medio for gourmets, looking for great food and entertainment, La Casa Argentina is divided into different trendy rooms. The most curious features a rock embedded wall with a little waterfall: it is home of a family of iguanas... This is a non smoking room, reflecting a tropical life you will find nowhere else in Prague. Also quite amazing, is the large aquarium featuring wild piranhas: due to the high quality of the meat in the restaurant, they must be the best feed on the whole planet! 

Theme restaurant often means mediocre cuisine: that's the reason why our pages don't review that much this category. La Casa Argentina comes like an exception, with a great -though not sophisticated- selection of dishes. This is not the place for complicated receipt, but for fresh, natural, quick and well prepared specialties.  

Though not that much Argentinean, we ordered the « Plato Tapas » featuring the best Spanish ham (Serano; the best label with the Jabugo), sausage, chorizo and Montbriac cheese. It came with olives and delicious sun dried tomatoes. At CZK 255 / EUR 10.2 we found it a good appetizer. Ideal in the evening, where you can have it with a glass of Sandeman Sherry Seco CZK 85 / EUR 3.4. The « Risotto with Gorgonzola Cheese » (CZK 280 / EUR 11.2), is also fine. It is served with two very tender slides of Argentinean Tenderloin pouched in red wine. Which results in a very balanced, most pleasant taste and texture. This is one of our favourites on the extended menu. 

The « Rib Eye Steak » (« Ojo de Bife ») is a best seller at La Casa Argentina. It came on our table directly from the charcoal grill, with paprikas and eggplants, on a small warmer to keep it permanently at the right temperature. It displays all the qualities of the best Pampa beef: smooth like butter, juicy, with that special aroma one just find in South American steaks. Remarkable, and well worth on its own the visit to the restaurant, at only CZK 445 / EUR 17.8. Alternatively, experience the pork: our « Pork Neck with Garlic Butter » was palatable. We will come back on a Saturday evening, when the chef cooks his legendary « Lechon Asado »: suckling pork on the roaster, served with « Salsa Chimichuri » and fresh vegetables.  

The attractive wine list features a large selection of South American and European good bottles, for all budget. We ordered the cheapest one, just to check how the bottom line quality tasted like. Our Chilean « Merlot-Malbec » by the glass (CZK 129 / 5.2 EUR) matched fairly well the quality of our beef and pork. This is the right choice at lunch time; maybe for dinner could you order a classy « Gran Reserva Arnaldo B. , Bodegas Etchart – Cafayate Valley, 2000 ». At 1180 CZK / 47.2 EUR, this is great value for money for quite a unique wine coming from the end of the world (Patagonia). 

Note that the menu features attractive seafood, that we didn't experienced yet. The « Giant Shrimps with Black Risotto & Lobster Cream» are among the most expensive dishes on the menu, at CZK 1150 / EUR 46 for two pieces.  But this is a delicacy that  gourmet must experience. The « Monkfish with Pepper Sauce Parsley Pesto and Garlic Confit » is a guests' favourite, at only CZK 497 / EUR 19.9.  

As a dessert, we recommend the classic and classy « Crème Brulée with Fruit & Duet Chocolate » (CZK 190 / EUR 7.6), perfect with an Espresso Lavazza (CZK 59 / EUR 2.4). To finish your dinner, there is a remarkable selection of rums and Cognac that we advise you to order directly at the nicely designed bar, featuring the best barmen in Prague.  Fine selction of cigars, imported directly from Cuba by Habanos; "aficionados" will find the rarest cigars brands at "La Casa del Habano" -same management like La Casa Argentina- located next door. 

Many attractions in the evening (Tango, salsa, piano bar), and friendly service. 

LA CASA ARGENTINA: Dlouhá 35, Prague 1 
PHONE: 222 313 092     FACSIMILE: 222 313 096 
E-MAIL: info@argentinarestaurant.cz    


U ZLATÉ KONVICE (***): Very popular among locals for wedding receptions or graduation parties, this 14th century wine cellar is also a favourite for tourists: pouring by groups from the metro-station-like entrance, located opposite the world famous Astronomical Clock, on Prague main square (Old Town Square / Staromestké Namesti). 

The first room (a lounge with mural paintings of beheaded Czech lords) is usually used as a pub. Diners tend to sit in the larger « Konšelský sál ». Under high Roman and Gothic vaulted ceilings. The stone walls, period furniture, historic weapons, coats of arms, tin articles and trophies (you will notice the splendid wild bear, right by the entrance) enhance the atmosphere... already warmed up by the live music (from Thursday until Sunday evening) and songs of groups which obviously like Prague and its reputed beers!  

The place is touristy. So what about food? We have not been disappointed; on the contrary, we have experienced here a wealthy, epicurean regime. Those who, like us, like grilled meat will definitely have good time at U Zlaté Konvice. There is a large open fire chimney to cook the thick pieces of steak, poultry, or this wonderful piglet which appears to be the house most wanted speciality. The roaster is as old as sophisticated; animated by a long belt, pulling a solid attraction to a strange, ageless clock-like engine made out of dozens of gears. An attraction on its own... Should you come by a group of 10 or more, straight order a whole piglet (CZK 5700). Else, have it like us by a generous portion, served with horseradish, at CZK 550. The flesh is smooth, and the skin very crispy. Surprisingly, not fat at all. Much recommended. The « Grilled Pork Knee » for two (CZK 590) is a good value, delicious alternative that many people ordered the evening of our visit. But we preferred to try an Old Bohemian speciality: the « Roast duck with cabbage ». It looks and tastes quite a lot like that wonderful, aromatic duck, main ingredient of the French South-East well famed « Cassoulet ». Served with three types of dumpling (the typical Czech « knedlidky »: very heavy; rather order one of the fine salads). The portion was extremely generous (½ duck) and good value, at only CZK 320. Those who would like to try many meat specialities in the same plate should order without hesitation the mouth watering « Bourgeois Platter ». Normally for two persons (400 gr), it features black and white pudding, roast pork, smoked meat, sauerkraut, and a selection of dumplings (CZK 410).  

Those who like fish will definitely enjoy the « Jewish Style Tench » (CZK 340), with roasted potatoes. It was very fresh.  Well cooked, with its unique natural taste not covered by any spice or superfluous artefact. 

We had it all with one bottle of local Moravian « Frankovka » red wine (CZK 750). Very nice quality, with a light taste of barrique, and a perfect combination with the meat and -yes, indeed!- the freshwater fish. 

The desserts are fitted for already full stomachs. Not so heavy. The « Apple strudel » (CZK 120) is palatable. Though we rather ordered a Plum liqueur (CZK 100): perfect taste, and ideal for a quick digestion.  

Friendly, efficient staff; despide of the impressive number of guests, they always have a smile particular attention and for everybody. 

A must for visitors looking for a warm atmosphere. 

U ZLATÉ KONVICE: Staromestské námestí 26, 110 00 Prague 1 
PHONE & FACSIMILE: (420) 224.225.293  
E-MAIL: info@ukonvice.cz             


TAVERNA TOSCANA (***): This large, strategically located Italian restaurant, with a terrace on the most popular pedestrian area in the Old Town Square district, could be a perfect tourist trap if it were not owned and managed since 1995 by a trio of gourmets. Helena, Moreno and Romeo, apostles of the good taste, are the ambassadors of the Italian –and more precisely Tuscan- cuisine in the Czech Republic. 

Foreign visitors, on their way to the Astrological Clock, like to sit at the terrace or in the romantic grotto-like Gothic cellar, and enjoy a pizza (among the best in town: try for instance their “Napoli”!). Residents –including Czech President Vaclav Klaus in person: a regular guest- go straight to the second part of the restaurant, called “Piano Bar”: accessible directly from street Michalská 22, this is an elegant sanctuary, animated every evening by live music, offering delicacies of the Tuscan Cuisine: including fresh fish and other seafood. When comes the fine weather, there is a summer garden in the atrium. 

The “Antipasti” are authentic and palatable like in a Firenze trattoria. Affordable (in the CZK 120 – 300 range), they feature peasant specialities like the “Bruschetta al Pomodoro” ( 3 x garlic bread with fresh tomatoes), the “Crostini Toscani” ( 4  x tuscany toasts with chicken liver), and the “Bruschette al Lardo di Colonnata” (bread topped with bacon from Tuscany ). Modern and sophisticated palates will like the “Carpaccio di Copa di Rospo” (Monk fish Carpaccio) and the “Carpaccio di Tonno” (Tuna fish Carpaccio). We warmly recommend that treasure of authentic Tuscan delicatessen called “Antipastissimo Toscano”: Soprassata (one of the best brawn we have ever experienced!), Finochiona, Salame Toscano, Prosciutto Pepato Toscano, Coppa, Salame Cinghiale, Salsiccia Cinguiale. Enjoy it with some pizza bread: the most delicious in Prague. 

First course (rather say “Primi Piatti”) are abundant. We have chosen their reputed “Risotto ai Funghi Porcini” (Risotto with mushrooms), at CZK 280. Not recommended to calories fighters, we found it creamy and richly flavoured. Genuine!  

Great choice of “Pasta” (in the CZK 250 – 300 range). Amateurs straight order the “Bucatini all Amatriciana, con Coda di Rospo” (Bucatini with Monk fish, tomato, bacon, onion, parsley and cheep cheese). 

As a second course we liked very much their “Orata incrosta di Sale” (Sea bream, baked in a thin salt crust). Wonderful texture. Perfect taste. Ideally salted. The Taverna Toscana is the unique place in Prague –maybe in the all country- where you will be served this delicacy. Which we have found affordable, indeed, at CZK 230 per 100g (you will be served about 150 – 200g). 

Good selection of regional cheese: like Pecorino, Mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano… (between CZK 130 and 260). 

We had two desserts. Please just do like us: most of them are not heavy at all, and the price do not exceed CZK 140. The “Panna Cotta”, for instance: so nicely presented, and so sweetly flavoured. Even better: their “Mousse di Cioccolato al Rum” is simply great. It goes well with a “Ristreto” coffee. 

Rich wine list, with a fair selection of Champagne and “Spumante”. The “Morellino” 2001 (CZK 900) and the Chianti “Il Morino, Vignamaggio” 1999 (CZK 1090) go along with most of the dishes; remaining even still acceptable with the fish (good white wine available for the connoisseur). 

Gina Lollobrigida, Tom Cruise, Jeremy Irons, Sean Connery, and Bruce Willis have visited this restaurant. Experience it once, and you will be seduced also. 

TAVERNA TOSCANA: Malé Namesti 11 & Michalska 22, Prague 1 
PHONE : (420) 2216.11.535       FACSIMILE : 2216.11.531 
E-MAIL : toscana@post.cz 



BRASSERIE LA GARE (****): Náměstí Republiky square is a picturesque, Art Nouveau square that warrants a visit, ending with a meal in this classic and classy brasserie. Freshly arrived from Paris the week of our visit, we felt like so much in a French atmosphere that we french brasserie la gare praguewondered whether we actually left our motherland or not.

The unique brasserie in Prague featuring authentic cuisine made for Gallic gourmets, often  using ingredients imported from Paris central food market (Rungis), La Gare initiates tourists and local gourmands to French gastronomy leading classics; What we use to call “cuisine du terroir”. The menu is printed -in French and Czech; not in English- on a disposable paper placemat, like in Chartier, Lipp or Balzar in Paris. The extended daily offer comes at fair rate: appetizers cost EUR 5 – 10; all main dishes about EUR 10, and desserts available from La Gare small bakery shop, approximately EUR 2. Money won't be a barrier to those who would like to sit by one of the small wooden table, on the long, red, deep and comfy leather banquettes (or alternatively in the pleasant summer terrace).

Our lunch started with a “Rabbit Mozaic of Arles”, with quail's egg and a drop of pumpkin oil. A refreshing cold “entrée”, which looked little bit like the traditional Gallic pork brawn; with a more refined taste, and that extra flavour brought to all the dishes by a bright seasoning which makes the cuisine by La Gare definitely brilliant, mouth watering and authentic. The chef and his team actually distinguish themselves by an expert, sensitive use of spices, herbs, extracts and oils. This alchemy reaches a climax when you order, for instance, the transcendent “Pieds et Paquets, from Marseille”. There is no translation for this tasty speciality from Provence. Hard to find abroad, where most of the French restaurants still focus on the not so new “Nouvelle Cuisine”, it consists of stuffed sheep's offal and sheep's feet stewed several hours together in a white wine and an aromatic tomato sauce. This dish was so tiptop that we had a second (and maybe third...) helping from the casserole!  Alternatively, we would like to recommend “Coq au Vin” or “Veal Kidney Confit”, with thyme aroma and “Sauce à l'Ancienne”. Even our mother can't make it better...

Seafood also copes with the brasserie rules. We enthusiastically suggest the well textured “Sea-bass Cheeks on Artichoke Ragout”: a delicacy with, again, a perfect balance of spices. Next time we shall experience another dish which makes patrons coming again and again: “Mussels on White Wine, finished with a Glass of Chablis Wine”. La Gare's owner also operates “Les Moules”: a well established restaurant specialising in mussels, imported live from Denmark, and available in dozens of receipts. Their freshness is guaranteed. Have them with a “Fish Soup à La Provençale”, served with Rouille sauce and “Croutons” (grilled homemade baguette): this is not “Bouillabaisse”, cooked with pieces of fish and vegetables, but a light, exquisite stock which used to be served last century to fishermen back to the harbour. The nearly forgotten recipe has been copied by the executive chef after he visited a modest tavern halfway between Marseilles and Cassis: featuring Espelette (a sweet paprika, characteristic of the South of France), it made us feel like sitting in a sunny terrace by the sea in Nice or Toulon.

La Gare is one of the few restaurants in town employing a French sommelier: Aurélien Hinsinger's wine list is selective and fairly priced, featuring lots of  regional brands. We found for instance “Mercurey Les Ormeaux, Château d'Etroyes, Domaine Maurice Protheau et Fils” (a distinguished Côte Chalonnaise) at CZK 790 by the bottle. Another interesting offer at CZK 650, “Côtes du Rhône, Château de Montfaucon” reveals beautiful red fruit aromas; its spicy background was a superb pairing with the “Pieds et Paquets” and also, surprisingly, with the “Rabbit Mozaic”. The sommelier was clever enough to propose this quite universal red wine by the glass (CZK 89 only). Still by the glass (CZK 149), our second tip is “Chablis AOC, Domaine Tupinier”: mineral, zesty , with very fresh acidity, this is one of our preferred white Bourgogne.

Don't be surprised if you don't find any dessert on the menu: just visit the “Boutique Gourmande”, next by the entrance of the restaurant, and select one of the appealing cakes from the display. Don't hesitate and select the “Tarte Lemon Meringue”: light and yummy, this is a must be tried sweet.

Like any French brasserie, La Gare serves meals throughout the day - from breakfast (and popular week end brunch) until midnight supper. Menu changes daily according the market offer. This is also a cool place for a Filicori coffee (we didn't know that brand: fantastic!), a glass of wine, or some  pastry.

Groups might like to know that La Gare pleasant wine cellar has been recently converted into an informal, pleasant dinner location called Le Winstub. It is worth the visit, just to see the fresco presenting contemporary French cultural idols  (De Funès, Belmondo, Depardieu, Piaf...).

La Gare means “railway station”; don't forget to stop there!

BRASSERIE LA GARE: V Celnici 3, 110 00 Prague 1
PHONE: 222 313 712
E-MAIL: info@lagare.cz

TRITON (****): Certainly the most curious restaurant in Prague. Settled in a basement designed in 1912 into the style of a spooky stalactite cave depicting Pluto’s Underworld kingdom, this is also one of the most stylish places we have visited downtown.  

Chef Michal Novak’s new Winter menu, balancing between audacious innovations and respect of the culinary traditions, fits very well the both original and bourgeois concept of his restaurant. Don’t skip the appetizers, which reflect very much his philosophy. He makes his Foie Gras the very French way; much different from those thick, tasteless, overcooked livers that we used to find in our plate in Budapest and Prague. Novak’s “Foie Gras with Nut Crust on Iceberg Salad and Fruit Sauce” (CZK 320) is a delicacy. The mixture of goose liver with duck liver is an alliance of elegance and character. It is actually aristocratic with a glass of  “Tokay Aszu Royal 5 Puttunyos”: this rare, very sweet Hungarian wine (“The king of the wine, and the wine of the kings”) made out of dried grapes indeed costs a fortune in Western Europe; at CZK 180 per glass in Triton, this is like a present! Our tip: drink half of it, and keep the rest to enjoy your desert! Alternatively presented on the regularly updated menu, the “Variation of Duck Breast Appetizers” is a gourmand variation of what can be done with the best part of this excellent palmiped: the carpaccio, tartar and terrine were almost as great as our Foie Gras, and we recommend this fare. If by chance it is available the day of your visit. Those who prefer fish should try the “Marinated Saint Jacob’s scallops”: dipping the thin sliced scallops one by one in the small cup of chilled Gazpacho which comes along, before submitting them to the palate, would simply drive any gourmet to Paradise. Hell is that this splendid appetizer, like the Duck Breast, is not permanently proposed on the menu. Just ask Mr. Liska, the anticipating restaurant manager… With the complicity of the chef, he can make miracles. 

We had our scallops with a well chilled “Côtes de Gascogne, Caprice de Colombelle”. Vintage 2001, it was still young, bright and amazingly refreshing. At CZK 160 by the glass, that was the best choice: it went along ideally with fish, and invited us to follow up that sumptuous dinner with seafood as a main course. We found the “Grilled Fish Trio” (tuna, salmon, tiger prawns) definitely recommendable. The tuna time of cooking was certainly supervised by a Swiss watchmaker, as it came in our plate with the greatest texture and flavour we would ever have dreamed of. The steamed salmon was tasty, and the tiger prawns crunchy. Very fresh. This speciality brought us straight to the Mediterranean Sea shores: like in Marseille, it has been flavoured with Pastis (this aniseed alcohol goes so well with seafood!), and was served with courgettes and olives “tapenade”. At CZK 590 it should be a pity to deprive oneself of such a wonderful fare.  

Meat lovers can try the much affordable and rich “Czech Degustation Menu” (CZK 780), featuring Marinated Pork, Poultry Broth, Beef Sirloin and Roasted Duck (plus a desert!). Pantagruelian! Ideal for tourists willing to discover the authentic Bohemian cuisine. We rather had the lighter –and certainly more sophisticated- “Crown of Lamb”: smooth loin chops, divinely perfumed with a star of badiane, served with a potato purée and slightly caramelized cherry tomatoes. We had our meat with a “Carmenere, Misiones de Rengo, 2002”: an amazing Chilean red wine we will never forget. Full bodied, harmonious and fragrant, this is a rich wine for a modest price (CZK 750/bottle) 

Light like a cloud, refined and extremely original, we would like to recommend to the aesthete a vegetarian speciality we tried here for first time in our gourmet life: the “Smoked Vegetables”. Chef Novak uses a specially designed wood heater to smoke his fresh vegetables (mushrooms, courgettes… depending on the season) : the result is impressive. The smell and the taste are simply unique. Well worth being experienced, this only costs CZK 260. Served with Parma ham and olive oil, or –in our case- with an unctuous mushrooms risotto and diced balsamic vinegar jelly. We simply loved it! 

Deserts are as inventive as the rest of the menu. The “Almond Mille Feuilles” (CZK 160), filled with pear cream and chestnuts marinated in nougat is wonderful We can also advise you to try the light and subtle “Mandarin Parfait” (CZK 150), on strawberry and mint jelly, with caramel blanket.  

During our dinner, we could see a lot of guests ordering "flambées" (meat like Chateaubriand, and deserts like Crèpes Suzettes): which we will certainly experience next time we shall visit Triton again. They were prepared at the table with much skill and style. 

This romantic and classy restaurant, animated in the evening by soft live piano music, can host only 30 privileged guests. Advance booking is therefore suggested for dinner.  

TRITON (HOTEL ADRIA): Vaclavske nam. 26 
110 00 Prague 1 
PHONE: (420-2)     FACSIMILE : 
E-MAIL: triton@adria.cz 

SILENZIO (****): Located in a charming boutique hotel, right in the heart of the historic Prague, at the beginning of the famous Royal Road leading from the Old  Town to the Prague Castle, a stone's throw from the Municipal House, this old style wine cellar is ideally fitted for enjoying specialties of the Bohemian cuisine.  

We had our dinner served amid arched ceilings, in a rustic though comfortable, large room, hosted in the foundations of this 14th Century building, where generations of guests entertained themselves throughout the ages. The menu is available in many languages: tailored made for the international hotel guests, who often prefer to sit here rather that eating out. Maybe because of the good value rates? Surely thanks to the excellent quality of the chef specialties and extended wine list.  

Our starter was a «Cream of Asparagus», delicious with its toasts (CZK 90), just to wait for the short preparation of our «Noisettes of Venison». The chef excels in game and meat specialties: stag, beef, veal and lamb. But we must admit that venison comes atop everything. It reflects the high quality of the Bohemian wild game, and the mastering of the cooking time: the flesh came tender, juicy and palatable in our plate. Without any invasion of aggressive spices, but with a light blackberry sauce. The portion was actually generous, at a mere CZK 570. We therefore warmly recommend this dish. More international, though excellent, we also tasted the «Fillet of Lamb, Richmond Style», with leaf spinach. Same price, and same high quality. Those liking beef should straight order the «Carpaccio» (CZK 210): a finely sliced Argentinean meat, with fresh Parmesan and olives. This is a starter; but those with a light appetite could have it as a main dish. Gourmets will prefer the thick «Steak of Beef», served with a Canterelles Cream Sauce. A best seller, at CZK 520.  

The restaurant sommelier likes Moravian wines. We must admit that the choice is large -if not huge- with a selection of hard to find bottles, issued from small vineyards. Among the best in Czech Republic. Foreign gourmets -mostly British and American- always like to enjoy those local brands. This is somehow a good choice. French people, like us, will find some good Bordeaux or Bourgogne. We had a «Château Gigognan, Clos du Roi, 2001»: at CZK 1050 per bottle, this «Châteauneuf du Pape» was a pure marvel. Its mixture of subtle, complex aromas (mature blackberry, kirsch, with some notes of leather and truffle...) matched the whole dinner. No need to spend more to enjoy a palatable experience.  

The «Panna Cotta» (CZK 160), or the thick -quite heavy- local pancake with blueberries, topped with cream («Livance») are recommended as a desert. Don't hesitate to order some coffee: their Tonino Lamborghini expresso is worth the visit. Finish your dinner enjoying the aristocratic savour of the unique, late harvest "Rulandské sedé – slámové 2002": served well chilled, this multi-awarded straw wine is the sommelier's pride. 

A good, romantic restaurant fitting all budgets.  

SILENZIO (at hotel METEOR PLAZA): Hybernska 6, 110 00 Praha 1  
PHONE : (420)      FACSIMILE :  
E-MAIL: meteor.plaza@hotel-meteor.cz  

CLUB RESTAURANT (****):  From 6pm to 1 am, the Club Restaurant organises daily the one of the most exclusive suppers in town. We should spend much time and use much volume to describe the luxurious decoration of this architecturally protected room, with its Art-Nouveau praclub.gifchimney and colourful cupola; but let's go straight to the number one attraction: the food ! Thought taught by experience about the danger of the excessively rich specialities eastern European restaurants like to punish the greedy guests with, we found here nothing but lightness and sophistication.  

We didn't taste the highly reputed Norwegian Smoked Salmon "Czar Nikolas", served with warm blinis as an appetizer. To this imperial speciality we preferred, modestly, to enjoy the typical and proletarian Czech Soup with Potatoes and Dried Cepes. This was perfect: well perfumed by the mushrooms, and sweetened by carrots and parsley. We were just drinking out the last drop of our iced "Becherovka" -the "42 herbs made beverage"- when we were served with elegance a Duck with Red and White Cabbage. The roasted magrets were pleasantly crispy outside, while deliciously smooth inside. Tasty, and not fat at all. Some "Knedliky" (sort of Czech dumplings) accompanied the duck. This came well with a "Vino Lahvove Zrale - Ruland Ske Cervene 1992": a good, though little bit too young vintage for this Moravian red wine. In Czech Republic do like the Czechs do: we didn't taste the French wines, despite of a distinctive choice of sophisticated "Chateaux" with a millesime.  

We finished this pleasant dinner at the Club Restaurant with some Pancakes (blinis, in fact), topped with whortleberry and whipped cream, which we paired with a cup of Blue Mountain from Jamaica, imported from Rombouts' in Brussels. This nectar of coffee, coming from his personal stock, is reserved for the special attention of the President, who likes to ask for it after each dinner. Do the same to really feel like VIPs ! Just forget price -who cares for this detail here ?- and don't leave the restaurant without listening little bit longer to the Polish guitarist playing... flamenco with maestria. There is also an excellent pianist, coming from the neighbouring Opera House. This is a great restaurant, and a unique atmosphere in Prague. 

Panska 12, 11121 Prague 1, czech Republic 
PHONE: +420 224 093 111    FACSIMILE: +420 224 221 240 
E-MAIL: concierge@palacehotel.cz 

U ZLATEHO TYGRA (At the Golden Tiger):  No star, as this small, noisy, smoky beer-hall is the antithesis of a luxury gourmet restaurant; this is one of the reasons why we love it! One of the last, if not the least, authentic “pivnice” in the Disneyland like Old Town, pivnice best beer hall pubs brasserie prague old town u zlateho tygra golden tigeramazingly preserved in its original ancient character, this inimitable example of Czech culture should be visited when the regular patrons arrive: after 3pm (opening time)... but before 5pm when it looks like a metro station at peak hours. From the late afternoon until closing time (11pm), the tables are all occupied by the same group of old friends: a mixture of intellectuals, white and blue collars, and even some intrepid ladies daring to seat in this temple of male chauvinism.

Lost tourists and beer lovers from around the world are reluctantly welcome by stressed and sullen red neck like waiters. Their rustic character is part of the folklore. They are all so professional, actually offering the most efficient service in Prague, drifting tens of orders in thirty seconds! We got our tapped twelve-degree Pilsner lager beer on the table after a couple of minutes, followed by the best, most spicy “utopenci” (sausages pickled in a tangy, vinegary marinade with onion and black pepper) in town. Hot and cold pub-snacks, served in a generous portion, are amazingly inexpensive and palatable: writer Bohumil Hrabal, who mostly sat at the table at the back, beside the entrance to the kitchen, liked the “Smoked Pork Neck, with Mustard and Pickled Cucumber”, served at U Zlateho Tygra since the 1920's. Invited by Vaclav Havel, another regular, US President Bill Clinton discovered the traditional Czech meal: “Beef Goulash with Potatoes or Bacon Bread Dumplings”. Our favourite remains the light, simple and tasty “Devil's Toasts With Grilled Cheese”.

Those who didn't visit this living museum don't know what the real Prague looks, smells and tastes like!

U ZLATEHO TYGRA: Husova 228/17, 110 00 Prague 1
PHONE:+420 222 221 111
E-MAIL: info@uzlatehotygra.cz


RICKSHAW (****): Located in the Corinthia Towers hotel, this is one of the most stimulating restaurant we visited in Prague. The menu shows selected specialities from the Far East: with an accent over South East Asia. The culinary traditions of India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand catch the visitor into an exciting gourmet trip: a spicy and low calorie experience in a city mostly dedicated to dumplings and pork. 

The Rickshaw is a smart, trendy and intimate place. Many “dressed-to-kill” Asian people were sitting at the tables the evening of our visit: which gave the dinning room an even more exotic touch, showing also that the food might be somehow authentic. 

We decided to try some Thai courses: being quite familiar with the specialities from this country, which we rank among the top five in the world in term of gastronomy. Like in Bangkok, the menu shows the amount of spices added to some courses (like Phad Khi Mao or Lab Mu): from two little chillies printed after the name and geographic location of the course, one might be familiar to hot food before swallowing a first spoonful. When the waitress, wearing an elegant grey uniform, brought our meal over the table (all courses altogether, like in Asia), we could see just from its appearance and unmatchable great fragrance that the cuisine was faithfully respecting the rules. We started with our soup. The menu showed a Tom Yam Po Taek (spicy, sour soup with seafood, galanta roots, lemon grass, kafir lime leaves and coriander); we asked the cooks (one Thai and one Lao) if it was possible to create for us an alternative, called Tom Kha Kai (same ingredients; but water is replaced by fresh coconut milk, and shrimps by chicken). This was done with a smile, and very proficiently: we had exactly the same Tom Kha Kai like in Bangkok! The portion was generous (just for all meals), for CZK 190. Our Kaeng Phed Ped Yang (grilled aromatic duck with red curry, bamboo shoots, baby tomatoes, sweet basil, kafir lime leaves and coconut milk) was not less palatable and faithful to the southern Siamese recipes. At CZK 460, such a great speciality is a cheap alternative to the gourmet fares our French chefs are selling at platinum price. We hardly could find room for one more course. Anyway, we did our best to check how was the Meehoon Singapore: stir fried glass noodles with chicken, pork, shrimps, black mushrooms, vegetables and curry powder. All ingredients are freshly imported from South East Asia, via Vienna. At CZK 370, this was another rare delicacy! We had similar one in Singapore, and could see that the authenticity of the recipes obviously applies to all countries represented in this gourmet embassy. 

Fine selection of wines; but rather beer, fitting far better the taste of chilly. 

Note that the Rickshaw opens for dinner only (6pm - 11pm). Advanced booking and casual elegant dress recommended. 

RICKSHAW (at CORINTHIA TOWERS): Kongresova 1, 140 69 Prague 4 
PHONE: (420)          FACSIMILE: 
E-MAIL: towers@corinthia.cz 

DALIBORKA (****): One of the Top 20 best restaurants in the Czech Republic according to the local “Gurmet” restaurants guide, the restaurant at Club-Hotel Daliborka is unanimously praised by tourists and residents alike. Once a modest inn in a classy villa, it recently undertook a complete refurbishment: turning it into one of the most elegant, though much informal, restaurants in Prague. There is an inviting summer beer garden which makes you feel like miles away from the urban atmosphere of the busy Prague, a romantic winter garden, and the authentic Art-Nouveau dinning room where we had an unforgettable lunch.  

Chef Dalibor Navratil composed a menu mainly focusing on modern, lighter versions of French classics.  

As a cold appetizer, we liked very much the “Millefeuille of Poached Greenland Shrimps”, prepared on virgin olive oil. Light like a cloud. Interesting crispy/smooth ideally balanced texture.  A must, at only CZK 290. 

More classic, our “French duck livers foie gras” was soft, divinely flavoured like duck liver –that we always preferred to goose liver- should be. It came in a colourful, audaciously shaped plate, with some raspberries. At CZK 580, it is served with a glass of Sauternes. The traditional way; though it would develop even more aroma if married with a full bodied French red wine. You’ll find plenty of them in the excellent wine list: featuring interesting brands from the Old and New World, for all budgets. 

As a main course, try the “Grilled fillet of John Dory”, with fresh green asparagus and artichokes (840 CZK). One of the best fish we had in Prague. Tickling the palate! Poultry is also one of the chef’s specialities. His “Pigeon legs”, stuffed with homemade bacon with bun dumplings, could have been prepared by a three star Michelin chef. We ignore the origin of the pigeon; but its flesh was like crunchy, aromatic, and actually mouth watering. The dumplings are a reference to the Czech cuisine: some will find them too heavy, despite of their miniaturized volume. We personally found them delicious, and refined compared to the authentic, tasteless and stuffing, Czech “knedlidky”. This pigeon is simply a present, at only CZK 495. Don’t miss it! It comes with its glass of red wine; though we had it with the same local white wine we selected for the fish. A “Rulandské Sedé” 2003, Kabinet (CZK 460). Quite short in the mouth, though refreshing and pleasant with both fish and poultry. 

Desserts won’t disappoint the gourmet. The so French “Dried plums marinated in Armagnac vinaigrette”, with caramel sauce, lemon sorbet and fresh pistachios, would impress the best confectioners. This is a rich course. Quite “bourgeois”. The lighter  “Strawberry cappuccino”, with sauer cream and vanilla mousse, is also wonderful. Each of those desserts costs only CZK 180. 

Discreet, quick and efficient service by ladies staff.  

The restaurant Daliborka is well known in Prague for its grill parties and wedding banquets.   

DALIBORKA: K Novému dvoru 124/54, Praha 4 - Lhotka 
PHONE : (420) 261.711.307, 261.711.308 FACSIMILE: 244.471.248 
E-MAIL: hotel@daliborka.cz


LA CASA DEL HABANO (*****): The most exclusive cigar club in the Czech Republic: luxuriously appointed with large leather sofas, Thai silk cushions, persian rugs, where clients can seat, smoke and drink rare liquors in a soft, classy Tropical atmosphere. An impressive selection of cigars and top luxurious smoker gifts are available in this centrally located lounge and shop: a short walk from the Old Town Square, next to "La Casa Argentina". We found here the most prestigious, often rarest brands from Cuba, imported by Habanos-Tabakinvest exclusive trader for certified original Cuban tobacco. Cohiba, Montecristo, El Rey del Mundo, Partagas and other  « puros » with peerage are available in all sizes, different maturation and amazing prices (among the most affordable in Europe: quite comparable to Madrid or Geneva best value offers). The very nice, proficient Czech-Cuban staff of this franchisee -with 88 outlets in 50 countries- let the client peep into the large walking cigars cave to make one's choice.  Conveniently luxurious humidifiers, lavish cigars cases and lighters, are offered to please the most demanding client, among plentiful of gadgets.  Vintage "Habana Club" Rum can be bought from the shop: it is ideal with a heady « Montecristo N°2 » or « Partagas Lusitania » for instance.  Habanos provides the vast majority of Prague deluxe restaurants, not to mention statesmen, leading businessmen, and local or foreign actors and film directors visiting the city. This is also where we buy our cigars when in the Czech Republic; so be confident in our experienced tip.  

LA CASA DEL HABANO: Dlouhá 35/730, Praha 1   
PHONE: (420) 222 312 305       FACSIMILE: 222 313 096  
E-MAIL: info@lacasadelhabano.cz  



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