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LET'S SEA AL FRESCO RESORT (*****): Khao Takiab ("Chopstick Hill") is a small fishing village located a five minutes drive from Hua Hin, dominated by a hill with beautiful white sand beaches on either side. There are numerous temples, elephant camps, a colony of monkeys, let's sea resort best luxury beach hotels hua hin five starrustic local restaurants, and the wonderful Let's Sea resort where we had dreamed stays on repeated occasions (our most recent visit dated back from before COVID).

In Spring 2023, we discovered a new, beautified Let's Sea. Shouldn't it be the more lushly rooftops, and some new equipment, the exterior of the resort is still the same, with its characteristic design: the hotel has been constructed along a canal-like swimming pool, much reminiscent of the famous Siamese «khlongs» (canals). The 20 «Studio Piers» have a private pier, allowing guests to jump directly into the water; while the 20 «Moon Deck Suites» display a panoramic view over the pool (some of them also have a sea view).  This romantic, so relaxing atmosphere, combines with a sophisticated notion of eco-tourism. «Eco-Chic» -this is how the resort defines itself- means low-rise buildings erected with noble made-in-Thailand materials (wood, bamboo, stone, mosaics...), few or no insecticide to kill the mosquitoes (the gentle frogs, living a great life in the pounds installed at each corner, and extending till the restaurant and SPA washrooms, are doing the job efficiently), much fruits and local food and juices in the restaurant, and above all a quiet, though no boring at all, environment... After a healthy and refined breakfast with sparkling wine (French "mousseux" is an F&B signature) and freshly squeezed juice, served on the terrace beach-front or in the room, guests can enjoy the pool or swim in crystal clear water, enjoy a massage or a steam-bath at the Gaia SPA, or walk fifteen minutes along the beach to discover the worth the trip Wat Khao Takiab: where a very active -though not aggressive- tribe of monkeys awaits for the bananas experienced visitors never forget to bring in their bag... We have not been disturbed in our tanning sessions by any souvenir sellers or jet-ski renters; ride horsing is possible, though the stable boys are as friendly as discreet. Some ladies provide very cheap massages on the beach. We felt like in Paradise...  

All the rooms have been totally refurbished from a Zen style, a bit industrial with the former steel stairs to access the rooftop, to something much more appealing, comfier, which we finally prefer. The wood paneled floor and wood stairs, the more appealing fabrics, really make the difference. We didn't realize that Let's Sea needed some upgrades. Like an old mistress, we loved it the way it was. But we applaud the facelift, actually; the resort gained one more star in terms of comfort and elegance. And it fits more the tastes of the demanding, upper-class tourists (mostly wealthy families from Bangkok), visiting post-COVID Hua Hin. The «Studio Piers» are cosy (48 sq. M. including terrace/deck), and we would like to recommend them for those on a short stay, who actually like swimming. Couples, moreover if on a longer stay, might prefer the slightly more spacious  «Moon Deck Suites» (68 Sq. M,  including terrace/deck): the living room is larger, and it terrace comes on the duplex floor, where you can tan at ease, or relax al fresco in the tub; in the evening, it is very pleasant to have a drink or smoke a cigar laying on a mattress or contemplating the illuminated pool. We liked very much the extraordinary comfort of the «LaZzzzz® bed»:  the mood lighting in the bedroom (and bathroom) allowed made us fast asleep. This is a five-star hotel and, of course, any modern requirement is available: individual control air-conditioning, IDD telephone, DVD / USB player on large flat screen Sat TV, a new Bose stereo system, and high-speed WiFi, Espresso machine, and large safe. We noted that the refurbishment targetted the bathrooms a lot: cheer up for the large Jacuzzi tub, and the discreet TV screen incorporated in the wall like in the Peninsula hotels! Stylish!

We enjoyed the privileges of the new «Z-Luxe Club»., designed for guests who want to  maximize their resort lifestyle and seek the utmost levels of convenience and indulgence. For a modest extra over the basic room/suite rate (which was promptly refunded by what we received in exchange...), we had complimentary  gourmet breakfasts, 24-hour complimentary tea, coffee, soft drink refreshments at the Breeze Bar, Complimentary cocktail hour daily from 5-7 p.m. (inclusive of unlimited soft drinks, juice, wine, beer, whisky, and canapés),  free schedule shuttle transfer to Hua Hin town centre, and even expert application of sun tan/ sun block lotion by Gaia  Spa therapists at pool-side or beach-front! Many discounts apply for «Z-Luxe Club» using the SPA, the restaurant, the bar, dry cleaning, etc.  

We would like to end up this review by mentioning the restaurant, which already existed some years ago, before the construction of the hotel. Situated at the breezy beach-front, it has a long and excellent reputation in the whole Prachuap region, and is much visited by regular patrons from al Hua Hin. As usual when we visit Hua Hin, we traditionally had our first seafood dinner at the «Night Market», downtown. Which is more pleasant than ever, since post-COVID there are less tourists. Prices are lower than ever for foreigners. But we forgot that Let's Sea Resort restaurant was such a  good value for the money. We also forgot how generous were the portions (to share, indeed). We tasted some signature dishes. Tom Ka Kung: coconut soup with lemongrass. A classic! Sautéed Hua Hin Crab: a delicacy, filled with crab meat and yellow curry. Yummy «Hor Mok»: we recommend this steamed dish, mixing fish, coconut milk and fragrant herbs; usually wrapped in a banana leaf cup, which came to our table in a coconut. Fried Giant Sea Prawns with Garlic and Pepper: what a crisp, what a savor! Super fresh! The sherry on the top was a variation on the traditional Mango Sticky Rice: the chef's trick, which made all the difference, consists in deed-frying the rice in a thin layer, served with a coconut sherbet. This gives this super traditional dessert a 3D savor and texture. Something which we experienced for the first time. Unless you head for Grand Crus or Dom Perignon, wine is served at a fair value. We liked the selection by the glass: Tocornal Chardonnay from Chile 2021, The Y Series Shiraz from Australia, Fleur de France Blanc de Blanc Brut from France... Though we preferred one glass of Chang Beer over the rocks, ideal to match spicy food (our was only a little bit "pet" -spicy- because this is "farangs" like Thai cuisine), and served with a beautiful set of local peanuts and salted crisps. Year after year, we can confirm that this is the best table in Hua Hin.

Srayut, the friendly owner, keeps the quality very high and the price low to attract dinners from the beach: a fruitful solution for everybody! During the high season (winter time) the Sunday Brunch is a popular meeting spot for hotel guests and Hua Hin "Farangs", with a gourmand selection of specialties making Thai Cuisine one of the best in the world: from the cheap, delicious fishball soups or "satay", till the fresh seafood, finest fishes the Ocean can produce, and great desserts. Just drop there with emptied stomach, as everything is mouth watering. Certainly the best Sunday brunch in Hua Hin. Definitely the most authentic. During the low and rainy seasons, the "a la carte", worth the visit Sunday brunch  is also delicious, and it gives the opportunity to experience almost all the chef's specialties at a super reasonable bill.

Let's Sea resort is a Top 5 hotels in Hua Hin by Tripadvisor .

Note well that, due to the hotel aquatic concept, kids are not allowed until the age of 12 (just to protect them against any accident). 

Hua Hin is Thailand most preserved treasure; and Let's Sea is Hua Hin most brilliant gem. 

LET'S SEA  AL FRESCO RESORT: 83/188 Soi Talay 12 Khaotakieb – Hua Hin Road  
Hua Hin, Prachuap Khirikhan 77110 THAILAND  
PHONE:    +66 0 32 536 888   FACSIMILE: +66 0 32 536 887  


ANANTASILA VILLA BY THE SEA (****L): This luxurious four-star superior haven, undergoing a five star refurbishment of the rooms and suites during our visit in June 2023, ensconced in the enchanting coastal stretches of Hua Hin, embodies the very essence of sophistication and refinement. Garnering inspiration from the glowing testimonials on TripAdvisor, we embarked upon an indelible expedition to this ethereal beach sanctuary.

Our chosen haven was the secluded Pool Villa number 7: a veritable oasis of indulgence, with a master bedroom, a family bedroom, and a living room, all anantasila villa by the sea best luxury hotels hua hin khao takiabwith access to an ideally sized private swimming pool where we liked to use by night, swimming during the day in the large hotel pool with a seaview. The two large bathrooms, reflected in myriads of mirors, are amongst the most elegant ever experienced in Hua Hin. Each villa has a small and discreet kitchen. From the moment we arrived, we were enveloped in a world of unparalleled client service, guided by the capable hands of Andrea: the friendly and charismatic Italian resident manager. His meticulous attention to detail and genuine Genovese warmth ensured that our every desire was met, making our stay truly exceptional. We also noted the quasi permanent presence of the owners, participating with kindness to the elegant and family atmosphere of this dreamed hotel, which also perfectly fits romantic stays. That’s a little Paradise for honeymooners!

It took short time to see that lots of clients were returning guests. Some of them, local or expats, come each weekend! They have their habits at their home away from home. This makes Anantasila Villa By The Sea very different from chain hotels, mostly visited by foreign tourists. Let’s call the hotel «luxuriously local»! 

«The Beach at Anantasila Restaurant & Bar», open from 7am until 11pm is very well known in the region for its fine cuisine and thematic evening parties. Breakfast, a delightful epicurean affair, unfolded in two distinct manners. On weekends and busier days, we relished in a lavish buffet spread that left no culinary craving unfulfilled.   However, during quieter moments when the hotel wasn't teeming with guests, we were treated to a remarkable "breakfast à la carte" experience. This personalized approach boasted a touch of French elegance: with scrumptious offerings such as the iconic so-cheesy "Croque Monsieur" and its temptingly counterpart, the "Croque Madame". Of course, plentyful of Thai dishes are available. Fruits are super fresh. Coffee is excellent.

Situated along the breathtaking Khao Takiab beach, often hailed as the most picturesque stretch of sand in Hua Hin, the hotel offers a front-row seat to awe-inspiring coastal vistas. Adjacent to the hotel's entrance lies a charming fishermen village. Its quaint allure adding a touch of authenticity to the overall experience. As we meandered along the shore, we were serenaded by the gentle caress of waves and enchanted by the company of affable monkeys, who gracefully migrates from time to time from Khao Takiab
"Chopstick Hill", overseeing the beach.

Anantasila Villa By The Sea provides an all-encompassing sanctuary, where indulgence meets tranquility. The hotel's allure lies not only in its idyllic location but also in the meticulous attention paid to every minutiae, ensuring an unforgettable escapade from the mundane.

Beyond the lavish 79 accommodations at a wide range of budget (we loved our Pool Villa; yet, the two penthouses with a panoramic Ocean view, and Seafront Two Bedrooms are awesome, and most recommended) and picturesque surroundings, the hotel's true charm lies in its ability to create a sense of enchantment. Its essence can be encapsulated in three idioms that perfectly capture the ambience: "romance is in the air," "serene sanctuary," and "perfect union." These definitions convey the ethereal quality that permeates the atmosphere, inviting couples to embrace the romantic ambiance and forge indelible memories.

Anantasila Villa By The Sea effortlessly combines the allure of a heavenly beach setting with top-notch hospitality. With its impeccable client service, delectable gastronomic offerings, and captivating coastal vistas, this exquisite retreat, located only ten minutes from the city center by taxi, promises an unmatched experience. Whether you seek relaxation, romance, or adventure, this enchanting destination will leave an indelible imprint on your heart. As we bid adieu to this idyllic haven, we carry with us the cherished memories of an absolutely unforgettable sojourn.

ANANTASILA VILLA BY THE SEA: 33/17 Soi Mooban Huadon, Petchkasem Road, Nongkae, Hua Hin, Prachuab Khirikhan, 77110, Kingdom of Thailand
PHONE: +66 32 527 638 - +66 32 527 639


LOLIGO RESORT (****L): A family-oriented, "fresh twist" four star version of the refined Let's Sea Resort sister hotel located next door, this trendy boutique hotel looks simply brilliant: with a modern, imaginative design with a discreet Thai signature, and immaculate bedrooms. The best, cleanest beach in loligo resort hua hin best resorts luxury hotels in thailandHua Hin is accessible by a small path separating the two hotels (guests can use the Let's Sea seafront terrace), and there is a lovely, children friendly swimming-pool, outdoor Jacuzzi, meeting spaces, kid’s studio, spa, and fitness centre.

The rooms have been tailored-made for couples and families alike. Large, smartly and pratically designed, most of them open on an oversized balcony with a breathtaking view over the Khao Tabiab “Monkeys' Hill” and the ocean. For the best experience, we booked in one of the highest floor attractive “Mini Suites Sea & Horizon Balcony”, with much light and more space in the room and over the large balcony which is actually a terrace. Slightly cheaper, but still classy and comfy, the “Deluxe Terrace Rooms” are convenient for a couple. The marble bathroom opens directly to the room, with shades providing privacy when necessary. Many travellers don't like air-conditioning: we are part of them, and always feel some excitement when our room is equipped with ceiling-fan. Alternatively, just open your windows and you will feel, at night, the sweet breeze from the ocean. There is of course multi-channel cable LCD TV, and 24/7 room service skillfully provided by the reputed Let's Sea Resort executive chef and presented in a traditional, enameled pinto box.

We enjoyed our breakfast a lot, sitting in a deep Chesterfield, enjoying the pool view. It was served a la carte, with a brilliant sense of detail: for instance, bakeries and bread were presented in a paper bag, which was certainly inherited from the period of COVID, but brings some originality to the classic, high-quality dishes. The Espresso coffee was excellent. That was a short stay which didn't let us the time to further experience the Captain and A Caravan restaurants; but if the quality of the cuisine is similar to what we ate so many times at Let's Sea (where you can have your lunch and dinner), nobody would claim.

The large, pristine pool has its dedicated Squid Ink Bar, with great cocktails at a soft price upon the "buy one, get two" happy hours.

The young and dynamic staff has been trained with the same rigor and efficiency as in Let's Sea: anticipating, smiling, enthusiastic, calling guests by their name, this is truly one of the most professional team in Thailand.

We loved this hotel as much as you will love it.

LOLIGO RESORT:  83/181 Soi Huathanon 23 
Hua Hin, Prachuap Khirikhan 77110
PHONE:    +66 32 900 898    /   +66 32 900 8787    


THE YANA VILLAS (****L): A contemporary version of The Palayana, The Yana Villas reflects the same touch of exquisite luxury, nestled along the lovely Khao Takiab beach, close to a picturesque temple invaded by monkeys. The trendy design of this exclusive five-star yana villas best luxury boutique hotels private pool villas hua hin thailandboutique hotel, and its location, gave us the impression that we stayed in the French Riviera... with the Thai soft price and enthusiastic service as a bonus.

Secluded and quiet, chic but not bling, looking like a villa much more than a hotel, this brand new property has all to attract the western traveler looking for a relaxing stay in a chic environment. The intimate lobby shows more staff than guests. A major option has been set to service, with always someone nearby to assist any request. The highest notion of  peace and intimacy can be found in the preciously designed private pool villas, which have been planned to fit the requirement of the spoiled globe-trotter, only booking in the fanciest hotels.

Settled along tiny alleys, each villa opens on a small courtyard with a black-stone pool. The  volume varies, depending on the rooms category and size: yet, always allowing a pleasant swim. There is another, larger beachside pool, with a breathtaking view. We used both alternatively.

The interior of the villa is creative and plush. Even more luxury compared with The Palayana, it offers the same generous space, exquisite jet-set touch, conjugating dark-stone, wood, and lacquer, in a melody of soft lightings. The bathroom, equipped with a large cabinet, opens on the room, separated by the tub: some will like this romantic touch, while others will consider it a lack of intimacy. The toiletry by "Elle SPA Paris" is high quality, and large mirrors everywhere make those bathrooms the top five ritziest in Hua Hin. As spoiled as we may be, we felt impressed, indeed. The king-size Pullman bed extends to a deep sofa. There is a large screen TV, and blue-tooth speakers by JBL, Bose or Harman/Kardon, depending on the villas. We like the “FrancisFrancis for Illy” coffee machine. The best of technology caters the geeks at Yana Villas!

Each villa is different in size and design, though always keeping the same trendy concept. Those with a sea-view roof-top jacuzzi are most pleasant.

There is a small, nicely appointed SPA, with fair valued room + treatment packages which can be booked in advance.

What did we prefer in the Yana Villas? The breakfast, certainly. Sensually enjoyed with the legendary Hua Hin breeze, a breathtaking view and special atmosphere quite reminiscent of Saint Tropez or Cap d'Antibe. Jet-set, indeed! The Garden Restaurant / Bliss Pool Bar area is surely the nicest in the region. It has all to please the most demanding travelers, couples on a romance... who could eventually organize their wedding ceremony in this unique property. The Yana Villas is more and more often totally privatized for wedding parties. This is, with Villa Maroc Pranburi, the dreamed -and therefore most booked- place for partying in style.

We had a crush on this exceptional boutique hotel, where advance booking is imperative.

THE YANA VILLAS: 122/138 Soi Mooban Takieb, Nongkae, Huahin, Prachuap Khirikhan 77110, Kingdom of Thailand
PHONE: +66 32 655234,   +66 32 655210

V VILLAS (****L): Though this resort opened in 2008, and despite many visits to Hua Hin, we just recently heard about this secret retreat: checking the Tripadvisor listing of the best hotels in this royal sea resort which always was, is and shall hopefully remain our favourite v villas hua hinleisure destination in Thailand. Far from the tourists' traps, like Pattaya or Phuket, and close enough from Bangkok for a short -or long!- recharging one's batteries along one of the longest beach in the cool and breezy Prachuap region.

Secret indeed, the V Villas, managed by French group ACCOR, hides itself behind closed doors, and could hardly differentiate from the neighbouring private properties belonging to wealthy old Siamese families. Even the King of Thailand has a residence in Hua Hin: this is surely why this sea resort is so exclusive, and cleaned from the visible vices which you may find in larger, more famous beaches dedicated to mass tourism. Hua Hin caters families and distinguished travellers: the V Villas pairs this high end image of tranquil, chic holiday.

We occupied one of the 13 exclusive Pool Villas Suites that draw inspiration from the geometric patterns of terraced rice paddies mixing with the sophistication of Italian “villazzos”. Once we opened our door, we felt impressed by the view of the whole villa from the mezzanine-level: modern, cool and lovingly designed, our two-bedrooms villa was divided in three sections. On our left came a  large bedroom with a grand bathroom (featuring Aigner toiletry). Opposite was the spacious living-room with deep sofas, electric wine cooler, Ipad 2 dock-station, a large plasma TV and a very sophisticated Bose home theater piping lounge music. The second bedroom is located next to the living room, and opens on a small garden. The heart of the villa is the “sala”, where we spend all our time: this outdoor living-room is the place for relaxing, chatting with friends and family, and above all enjoying the largest private swimming pool we ever experienced during our repeated stays in Hua Hin. Many five star resorts have pool-villas, as a matter of fact; though in general the pool is either shared by other villas located along a main canal shaped pool, either a few inches larger than a Jacuzzi... At V Villas, the pool has been designed for swimming, and looks like what you might expect when you occupy a Hollywood-style villa in Miami, Saint Tropez or Marbella. Last but not least, we had our 24h private butler. A charming lady, whose office is discreetly located behind the “sala”: she refilled us all day long with soft drinks (excellent roselle juice!), espresso coffee, cakes and snacks. The butler service at V Villas is real and efficient, and from arrival till departure she was here to assist us (note that each guest receives a mobile phone to call butler anytime and anywhere within or outside the resort!), though her presence never got intrusive: service in South East Asia, and particularly Thailand, actually remains the best in the world.

We liked very much the high-tech concept of the villas. Beside the already mentioned Bose sound-system, each villa is individually equipped with high-speed WiFi with Ipad: we didn't need to unpack our PC, and rather used the provided tablet.

Breakfast can of course be ordered in the villa. We rather enjoyed it at Villazzo Restaurant seaside terrace. The ocean view is amazing, and due to the very limited number of guests, even when the hotel is totally fully booked (which was the case during our visit), there is no rush at the buffet. The quality of food and beverage rates far over average. We particularly enjoyed the Asian buffet (yummy choice of seafood Dim Sum!), authentic Japanese sushi, raw fish,  freshly squeezed tropical fruit juices, and fresh bakery which we ate with French marmalade “Bonne Maman” enjoying organic coffee. We didn't experience the restaurant; just arrived in Thailand, we were logically more interested in Thai food than in Italian cuisine; the V Villas obviously mainly caters top class Thai clients, and European cuisine paired with fine wine is part of their distinguished way to enjoy a first class holiday. Though it seems that more and more Westerners heard about this unique address, and start spreading the news after a successful stay. Lots of ACCOR management staff like to come from all over South East Asia to stay at V Villas: which appears to be, on its own, a label of quality.

Among plentiful of  leisure available at V Villas is the V SPA (with massage, aromatherapy and herbal therapies ), the splendid public pool, a hot -really HOT- tub, and off course the Hua Beach. The hotel is located far enough from Hua Hin city centre to allow its guests a safe swimming in clean waters along an immaculate beach. Look on your right: a few kilometers  away stands the Khao Takiap rock, hosting a colony of funny -though not always that friendly- monkeys. This is a tradition for those visiting Hua Hin to visit them, before climbing the stiff stairs driving to a temple with the best panorama over the beach, the green hills home to Southeast Asia’s leading vineyard, and the whole Prachuab region.

The amazing V Villas resort has got a remarquable sister hotel in Bangkok, also managed by ACCOR (M Gallery Collection): the VIE Bangkok, where we found both the same soul and splendid design.

V VILLAS HUA HIN: 63/39 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin, Prachuab Kirikhan 77110  
PHONE: +66 32 616 039      FACSIMILE:  ++66 32 512 043

NERN CHALET (*** Superior): Located on Khao Takiab less than 100 meters from the hill and temple, this family run beach-front boutique nern chaley best luxury good value cheap resort hotel beachside hua hinhotel is definitly our best address for an inexpensive, though refined and highly authentic, stay.  

Don't look for any flashy luxury in the Nern Chalet; though the hotel is extremely comfortable, with cosy rooms and some larger suites offering breathtaking view on the Ocean, this is a place dedicated to simplicity and relaxation, which we enjoyed very much among some guests who, sometimes, book a room for a quarter (usually in winter time)! Some of them coming back every year: which is a guarantee of the perfect quality of this “home away from home”, where the kind and attentive owner, Khun Caranee, educated in the USA (and therefore proficient in English), welcomes for over two decades everybody as a friend; not as a client. She provides any tip you might need about her city and country... including much attended Thai Cooking lessons (starting with an early visit to the Hua Hin central marketplace, and finishing in the afternoon, with a degustation of the mouth watering specialities you will now be able to cook by yourself, astonishing your friends and relatives...). No need to say that the small, “al fresco” restaurant is recommended. We liked the “Pad Thai” (sautéed noodles with seafood), the “Tom Kha Goung” (coconut soup with prawns) and the caloric -though delicious- “Sticky Rice with Mango”. Prices are more or less like in the “Night Market”: actually cheap on the Western standard. 

The nice, comfy rooms and suites, all with a balcony, are well equipped with modern facilities . Featuring fine quality bedding, A/C, cable TV, mini bar, and free wireless Internet (in the rooms, and in the pleasant, breezy public areas). Wake up early at least once during your stay, and enjoy the spectacular Thai sunrise from your room! Nice view also from the salted-water swimming-pool, with the Khao Takiap rock on the right and the immensity of the ocean ahead.  

There is a nice activity around the hotel: a couple of temples, well worth the visit, and plenty of small restaurants, bars, and traditional Thai massage parlours (massages are also available in the hotel, on a simple request). The public taxis head-station is located next door, allowing a  very easy journey downtown. 

We found the staff efficient and so polite. Some comments in Tripadvisor refer to their limited ability in understanding -and therefore speaking- English. Actually, from the receptionists till the lovely and talkative chambermaid, everybody was able to respond on the spot to any of our question or requirement.  

The rates vary quite a lot, depending on the season and length of the stay. Expect to pay approximately EUR 100 per night for a lovely double room. Note that transportation from Hua Hin Bus Station to Nern Chalet is free of charge for Nern Chalet guests.  

This hidden treasure,  a bit off the beaten path, is the dreamed place for a great family stay in Hua Hin. 

NERN CHALET: 144/7 Nongkae-Takieb Road, Hua-Hin, 
Prachuab Khiri Khan 77110 
PHONE & FACSIMILE:  +66 0 32 511 288, 513528, 536050 


THE BIHAI (*** Superior): We booked in this charming, modern hotel for two reasons. First, we liked the location. Not far from the touristic center of Hua Hin, pubs, shops and Night Market, it has the privilege to stand a few meters from the best and cleanest beach in the bihai resort hua hin best resorts luxury hotels in thailandtown: Khao Takiap. It takes one minute along a path to reach one of the last virgin beaches in the region. Maybe because of the vicinity of the prestigious Sea Pines Golf Club, located opposite the hotel and flanked along the coast, there is no construction at all wandering to the south. To the north, on the way to Khao Takiap Hill, hosting a nice temple and a colony of monkeys, the charming seafood restaurants and straw hut bars are so deliciously cheap that, in four days, we never had the temptation to mix up with the tourists downtown. Better than Samui or Phuket, Khao Takiap is our little paradise since many years.

The second reason for choosing The Bihai: we liked the serene design of the hotel, with a wood facade, and two swimming pools. One is roof-top, with a pleasant view of the 18-hole golf and the ocean. The other one, on the garden floor, serves the five Suites Poll Access #101 to 105, which are actually four-star (the Deluxe Balcony Rooms are three-star superior), with a large terrace-desk. We could relax, enjoying the privacy of the pool, and swim night and day. That was an awesome experience. Our suite #105 was large (52 sqm), with a trendy open bathroom, cheerful blue color walls with lovely drawings, and a large writing desk. We liked the complimentary minibar (soft drinks) and snacks, refilled daily. There is a Sharp large-screen LED TV, a Philips DVD / Music player, and complimentary WiFi. Kingsize beds at The Bihai are actually comfortable. We recommend that category of suites to families (there is a nice playground for kids) and honeymooners. The resort is as simple as stylish. Even the smaller, cheaper rooms are surprisingly appealing for a hotel of this category, and for such an affordable rate.

The restaurant, with a lovely pool and golf course/sea view, serves a good breakfast. Usually “a la carte” during the week, when the occupancy is lower, or full buffet on peak week-ends.

Note that there is a ravishing Rooftop Suite, with a Jacuzzi, which can be totally privatized with the rooftop pool.

Last but not least, the Hua Hin to Pattaya ferry pier is located a three-minute walk from the hotel. There is only one departure/arrival per day. Departure is at 12:30, which coincides with check-out time, and arrival at 14:30, ideal for check-in in both directions. This is a real bonus to this warmly recommended, good value resort with attractive promotions all year long.

THE BIHAI: 84/162 Soi Moo Ban Hua Don, Nhongkae, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Kingdom of Thailand 77110
PHONE:  +66 32 527 557     MOBILE:   66 81 977 5288


CAPE NIDHRA HOTEL HUA HIN (*****L): Renowned Irish playwright and wit, Oscar Wilde wrote: "I have the simplest tastes: I am always satisfied with the best." At Cape Nidhra Hotel, this sentiment is embraced wholeheartedly, offering a sanctuary where excellence is the only acceptable best luxury hotels resorts hua hin thailandstandard. It was a sheer delight to enter this opulent five-star resort, located a ten minutes walk to the Night Market and the city centre. A place where every moment unfolded with delight and opportunities for indulgent relaxation.

The hotel, boasting only 59 rooms, epitomizes the concept of a boutique retreat. Each room, luxuriously spacious and among the finest in Hua Hin, features its own private pool. Yes, you read that correctly: one room, one pool!

Upon our arrival, we were warmly greeted by the reception team, led by the ever-attentive Diane, and by Christian, the experienced Swiss general manager. Following a swift check-in process and a refreshing welcome drink, we were whisked away in an electric golf cart to our Deluxe Sky Pool Suite. Spanning an expansive 101 sq.m., this lavish haven boasted its own unique charms. A notable highlight was the 2.40 x 4.80 m private pool, shimmering invitingly just steps away from the en-suite bathroom. No need to traverse the bedroom; a discreet entrance to aquatic bliss awaited us. Enveloped in luxury, the suite's spacious balcony provided ample seclusion, beckoning us to unwind beneath the open sky. Inside, the suite revealed elegant parquet flooring, offering a glimpse into the lavish comforts that awaited us—from the oversized bed with a bespoke pillow selection, to the widescreen LCD TV and the pocket-sized yet powerful Sony Bluetooth speaker. This proved particularly useful as we relaxed to soothing melodies while basking in the lukewarm waters of the pool. With every amenity attended to, our stay was an absolute delight.

The lavish bathroom, rivaling the size of the bedroom itself, could easily be deemed palatial in any other establishment. Fit for royalty, it featured a generously sized tub, ample showering space, and a convenient door for direct pool access. We found ourselves spending ample time in this truly plush sanctuary, reveling in one of the most luxurious bathing experiences we have encountered in Hua Hin.

True to their commitment to excellence, Cape Nidhra Hotel ensures that every room and suite provides the nec plus ultra of comfort. None of them can be deemed "standard." While some rooms cater to the high society from Bangkok or local families spending weekends with their children, the majority are tailored to meet the demands of discerning travelers, or couples embarking on a honeymoon.

For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, the Nidhrarom Suite is a sight to behold—it truly represents the crème de la crème. This recently refurbished haven of opulence and grandeur spans two expansive floors, boasting over 300 sq.m. It features a private dining room meticulously designed with a European-style kitchen, creating an ambiance of sophistication and refinement. In addition to its spacious rooftop offering breathtaking views of the hills and ocean, the crown jewel of the Nidhrarom Suite is its magnificent 14.00 m pool. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explore it, and it left an indelible impression upon us.

As the morning sun gently caressed the horizon, we embarked on a culinary journey each day at the Rocks Restaurant's buffet breakfast—an experience comparable in ambiance and quality to the renowned Grand Hotel Du Cap d’Antibes! Nestled alongside a pool extending gracefully toward the ocean, the atmosphere was breezy and delightful, infusing our breakfast with a touch of seaside serenity.

The buffet presented a testament to the hotel's commitment to honoring local traditions while embracing cosmopolitan delights. A symphony of egg specialties adorned our table, with the creamy scrambled eggs proving to be a divine indulgence. Demonstrating their ethical stance, the restaurant proudly abstained from serving Shark Fin, Bird's Nest, and Foie Gras, firmly standing against cruelty to animals. Our taste buds danced with delight as we sampled the tantalizingly spicy Merguez, evoking the aromas of Marrakech, and savored the ever-changing selection of Dim Sum. The array of cheeses, including French Camembert, Swiss Emmental, and Spanish Queso Manchego, were a delightful find in the heart of Thailand. Freshly baked Bretzel transported us to alpine peaks reminiscent of Switzerland or Bayern. However, it was the organic fruits that stole the show, with a 100% organic lemon bursting with unparalleled richness and acidity, harmoniously complementing the sweet, succulent mango. From the first bite to the last, this breakfast awakened our senses and left an indelible mark on our gastronomic memory. With its doors open from early morning until late evening, Rocks Restaurant stood as a beacon of culinary excellence, an oasis where flavors converged with the rhythm of the tides.

We relished the opportunity to lounge by the poolside or stroll along the legendary sandy beach of Hua Hin, feeling as cozy as a bug in a rug. And what better way to conclude our indulgent retreat than with a visit to the exquisitely designed Cape Spa? As we entered the spa's treatment rooms, we were immediately captivated by the impeccable equipment, elegant design, and spaciousness beneath lofty ceilings. Seasoned professionals attended to our every need, employing premier products and offering an extensive menu of treatments that guaranteed an unparalleled experience. Our choice fell upon the Aromatic massage, and we delighted in selecting our preferred essential oil—our recommendation being the subtly elegant rose, though a variety of local fragrances were available. The Cape Spa, an extension of the Cape Nidhra and Cape & Kantary collection of exceptional hotels, truly embodied the epitome of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Cape Nidhra Hotel remains etched in our hearts as a destination that embodies the art of luxury travel, a sanctuary where the best is merely the beginning.

CAPE NIDHRA HOTEL HUA HIN: 97/2 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110, Kingdom of Thailand
PHONE: +66 32 516 600
FACSIMILE: +66 32 516 601

INTERCONTINENTAL HUA HIN (*****L): One of the youngest and freshest five-star luxury resorts in Hua Hin, inspired by King Rama VI's Summer Palace located on the same lovely Hua Hin beach, this refined hotel evokes a prestigious past with a modern and zen intercontinental hua hin best luxury hotels resorts in thailandatmosphere. The main road and the city center of Hua Hin are just opposite the entrance of the monumental lobby; yet, we felt like penetrating a heaven of supreme peace and relaxation. Unlike most of the hotels of the chain, the InterContinental Hua Hin Resort is large but not high rise. A family hotel, romantic and kids friendly, it comes with a Thai-Victorian touch of elegance, has a cyclopean pool with a lot of intimate corners to relax, and a nice and immaculate beachfront. Five star by the international standards, indeed, we loved the hotel at first sight for much more than its ritzy aspect: the exquisite staff, one of the best trained in the region, made us as much impression as the plush rooms.

During our first visit, by the end of 2017, we booked in an oversized (55 sqm) “Premier Room”. It looked brand new, indeed, as the hotel is amazingly well maintained. Opening directly on the semi-opened bathroom, and a spacious, classy bedroom, it extended to a large “sala-style” terrace with a fan and a king-size daybed. Another category of rooms which we would like to recommend to those looking for much privacy, or come on a honeymoon: all the “Premier Lagoon” have a semi-private access to the resort’s winding pool. Allowing guests to dip their toes directly into the pool from the room.

All palace hotels propose palatial suites: “Deluxe Suites” spread over 80 to 100 sqm, and display an exterior Jacuzzi tub. The 130 to 140 sqm “Premier Suites” compete in size and style with the “Beachfront Villa”. Flanked besides the brand new Club InterContinental lounge, this is a secluded area of extreme luxury in an extremely luxurious resort. five-star plus, each 145 sqm villa has been designed in contemporary elegance: featuring clean lines softened with inspired local touches. Last but not least, there is a private swimming pool attached to each villa, and a direct access to the beach. We have stayed in many hotel-villas during our visits to the kingdom, and found the InterContinental Hua Hin “Beachfront Villa” actually among the most inspiring in the Gulf of Thailand.

If nothing sounds too good for you, straightly book in “La Résidence”: a decadent two-floor 480 sqm white villa. Designed in a historic architecture  echoing King Rama VI’s Summer Palace, it has a sprawling upstairs balcony with breathtaking panoramas, a downstairs living room, elegant dining room, kitchen, sitting areas, marble foyer and terraces.  The own infinity pool, walled gardens and direct beach access with private security make it a jet-setter's home away from home.

The 118 rooms “Beach Wing” (inaugurated in 2009) has been recently complemented with the new Bl
uPort Wing (next to the exclusive BluPort Mall): comprising 40 rooms and suites, featuring its own swimming pool, all-day dining restaurant, Le Colonial, as well as the intimate Saraan Loung bar. Located over the road, it can be accessed easily by a private bridge. We really wished to experience it, and booked into a 60 sqm "Superior Studio", in July 2018. What surprised us is the ritzy design of the room, reminding us of the Mandarin-Oriental Bangkok. The ambiance is less leisure, more luxury than in the beachfront section of the resort; yet, the sea-view is superb. The higher the better. From our private balcony, we could also observe the breezy hills extending up to the border with Burma.

Five-star superior, indeed, designed in a post-colonial style, our room had a separate living-room with a  large sofa and a 48" Sat' LCD TV with CD/DVD player connected to Bose entertainment system, and opened on a palatial marble bathroom with separate rainforest shower and bathtub. We liked the superlative quality of the towels and bathrobe. A noticeable bonus: the toiletry kit by L'Occitane "Organic Verbena Collection" will please the feminine guests.

What makes InterContinental Hua Hin different from most of its competitors in Hua Hin is the VIP lounge, much superior to the one at the Hilton or Hyatt Regency for instance: the recently beautified Club InterContinental offers Club Rooms and suites guests plenty of privileges. Discreetly settled into a trendy sea-view villa close to the beach, with its VIP terrace and totally private pool, this is a great place to relax and socialize in style. We liked the attractive interior design in a modern Siamese style, with wooden shades accentuating the intimacy which we are seeking from a truly executive lounge. It has a private beach side breakfast venue, unique in Hua Hin. We liked the complimentary afternoon High Tea, with a selection of TWG blends (we recommend the signature 1837 Black Tea) and sets of pastries and sweet delicacies. In the evening, cocktails ( Tom Yum Mojito is a favorite with the alcohol-free Sunset Cooler”) come with a complete selection of snacks.  This is when the atmosphere goes very clubbish, with the guest chatting, one glass of Italian “Bianca Nera Prosecco DOC Spumante” or  Chilean Red Reservado Cabernet Sauvignon 2015” in hand. We always select InterContinental hotels for their Club privileges, and have never been disappointed: should it be here, Bangkok, or Pattaya. Not to forget Paris or Muscat, where we stayed this year.

We spent much time by the pool, where the service was excellent: we received fresh water as soon as we laid on our seabeds. They are displayed in such a way that you can't be bothered by the presence of a neighbor. The pool atmosphere was peaceful, despite the presence of some kids. It is so large that we could read, browse the complimentary high-speed Internet on our smartphone, sleep or swim with ease. The pool staff is anticipating, yet discrete.

F&B participates in the reputation of the resort. With authentic Thai cuisine and fresh seafood at “Pirom”: where our well worth the stay full-buffet breakfast was served. Make sure to enjoy it in one of the semi-private pool niches, feeling like immersed in the pristine water. “Felicita” serves Italian cuisine, with a lot of fresh aromas,  herb-encrusted meats, pasta and wood-fired pizza. “Azure” caters dining al fresco: BBQ seafood and steaks are succulent.

We spent one evening at The Roof bar. Very pleasant and trendy, it allows guests to enjoy at its best the cool breeze from the ocean. Cocktails are imaginative, actually affordable, and the service is young and extremely friendly. There is a good DJ, and the music is not loud at all. We liked the glass sculptures. Those small details are important to spoiled travelers: this is a refined, tasty, truly amazing resort where everything has been inspired to please the eye.

Awarded Best Luxury Coastal Resort from World Luxury Hotel Awards 2013, Hotel Best Thailand from Asia Pacific Hotel Awards 2013-2014, and Thailand’s Leading Resort 2015 by World Travel Awards, this is one of the most pleasant InterContinental hotels in the world. We warmly recommend it for your next stay in Hua Hin.

INTERCONTINENTAL HUA HIN: 33/33, Petchkasem Road , Prachuabkhirikhan, 77110 Hua Hin
PHONE: +66 (0) 32 616 999  TOLL FREE US: 0811 980 002449


CAE VILLA (****L): Those visiting Hua Hin for an urban love story in a complete intimacy, not specially for the beach, will like this special lodging. Can we call this agglomeration of pool villas a hotel? Discreet, with a limited but actually efficient staff, the place is tailor cae villa best luxury hotels in hua hin thailandmade for a honeymoon or for a retreat... with plenty of restaurants all around, 200 meters from the Grand Night Market, and 500 meters from the Clock Tower marking the center of Hua Hin. A luxury cloister, it has only 10 en-suite villas. Once in, lock the heavy wood portal, put “Do Not Disturb”, switch on the piped music programme, and enjoy the awesome living room with a small table and baroque armchairs for a private dinner (there is no restaurant, but room service), a complimentary minibar (soft drinks/water), and tea/coffee facility. The breakfast is served in the rooms in three different services: which is both stylish and practical, as our eggs and sausages came warm, baked croissant also, a few minutes later.

Bathed in cool tones, the spacious bedroom is trendily decorated, with modern furniture, a plush leather bed, and an inviting cushioned daybed in the contemporary Italian style. The owner of the Cae Villa (and sister hotel Verona) loves Italy, and likes to bring a note of Transalpine style to the conservative, so Siamese Hua Hin. This is done opulently and comfortably, indeed. The bathroom, with parquet in the circular shower area, is particularly tasteful. But the jewel in the crown is the transparent tub, al fresco, outside the bedroom, next to the private pool. It is not large, but convenient enough to swim a little bit and enjoy the cool water on the nude. Thanks to the high tiles walls, the sun doesn't heat the pool, and no one could peep on us. Many hotels in Hua Hin have a private pool now, but lots of them with a vicinity. This is not the case at Cae Villa.

Besides the excellent local restaurants nearby and the proximity to the historic Hua Hin Railways Station, we like the residential area where the Cae Villa is located. Do like us and, whatever your religion, pay a visit to the modern and architecturally successful Saint Theresa church, settled in a green park, almost opposite to the hotel.

The beach is a seven minutes walk.

A villa costs between THB 3,900 -  5,900 depending on the season, including breakfast and WiFi.

CAE VILLA: 226/7 Soi Hua Hin 88, Petchakasem Road, Hua Hin, Prachuabkirikhan
PHONE: +66 32 - 908383, +66 8 82364880      FACSIMILE: +66 32 - 908383

PUTAHRACSA (****L): Here comes the kind hotel we like: a quiet beach resort, close to the places where the action goes (Night Market, Fishermen piers and downtown Hua Hin), affordable in its deluxe category, and with a relaxing holiday atmosphere. After just a few years of putahracsa hua hinoperation, Putahracsa is already an institution: not only the hotel, but also its F&B resources (restaurants and pastry shops) attract Thai holiday-makers and lots of Western tourists.

Putahracsa is very boutique. It has two sections. The beach side, featuring lots of privacy, ranks in the five star category with its splendid villas. The 80 sq. m 2 storey Sansky Villas surround an intimate pool with adjacent barbecue area: guests can choose to relax either in their own private patio bed with a rotating television wall, either on the rooftop lounge. The Oceanbed Villas come with the rejuvenating feel of the ocean. Actually classy, with their own horizon ozone pool, they offer one of the highest end categories of accommodation in Hua Hin; the most luxurious Ocean Bed Villa is the La Canna Beachfront Pool Villa: 140 sq. m of affluence, located directly on the beach, with a spacious private pool of 3.5 by 13.5 meters!

The second section of the hotel, called “Resort”, is very interesting. It caters guests with the same high standard of services; thus, it is more family oriented, and in the four star category. It offers great value for money accommodation. We stayed in one of the 36  SilkSand Rooms: it covered 44 sq. m, but looked larger as we booked at the garden floor, with a direct access from our terrace to the large and lovely main swimming pool, with plenty of place to swim and a jacuzzi. This much affordable category of room is a favourite for Westerners; Thai tend to prefer the villas. We liked the concept: boutique and comfy, with whatever you might be expecting from a luxury hotel: smooth king-size bed, 27'' LCD Sat TV with multi--language channels, plus a DVD Player with personal Music System and complimentary WiFi. The design of the room is simple and tasty: it made us feel like at ease during the whole stay. One of the most relaxing we had in Hua Hin.

Putahracsa offers an exceptional quality of F&B. Starting from the rich breakfast at Sala Monsoon, with a yummy Thai corner-buffet and a splendid selection of western dishes featuring fine breads and cakes prepared by the French pastry chef. His fresh bakery can be purchased from a shop next door: it is just as good as in Paris, and we recommend the exquisite Chocolate Eclair! The Oceanside Restaurant is “the place” in Hua Hin. A must-be-experienced, regularly visited by prestigious neighbours (the Royal Family), it is located directly on the beach-front. Ideally romantic for a sunset candlelight dinner, it specializes in Thai seafood and BBQ. The bill is more than reasonable... we are in Thailand!

The small and authentic Day SPA practices a balance of traditional theories and modern techniques to create treatments that unify the mind, body and soul. We experienced it after a long and quite exhausting afternoon walk in the sunny and warm streets of Hua Hin, and we had a feeling of deep calm and relaxation just a few minutes after letting our body pampered by our masseuse.

The hotel features many bonuses: like its Library (a pleasant hospitality room for relaxing, reading or using the cyber-desks fitted with state-of-the-art laptop computers), and a all day long “tuk-tuk” shuttle. In a city where taxis are two or three time more expensive compared with Bangkok, we found the idea of this complimentary and not scheduled transportation a brilliant and smart idea in a brilliant and smart resort where we would love to return again and again. All this being said, it would be needless to precise that Putahracsa is permanently ranked by Tripadvisor atop the best hotels in Hua Hin.

Putahracsa is part of the prestigious Unique Collection of Hotels & Resorts.

PUTAHRACSA: 22/65 Nahb Kaehat Rd.
Hua Hin Prachuaub Kirikhan 77110
PHONE: +66 (0)32 531-470       FACSIMILE: +66 (0)32 531-488     

G HUA HIN RESORT & MALL (*** Superior): Spacious, cool, immaculately clean and well located, this brand new urban resort makes classy four star available to everybody, and particularly to families (with rates starting from EUR 70 per night).

The 79 well lit deluxe rooms and suites, in a whiter shade of pale, have got a comfortable terrace with a double sofa, and a view on the g hua hin best value hotels in hua hin luxury categorysplendid swimming pool. We have been impressed by the five star comfort of the super-king size beds with top quality cotton sheets and pillows, a practical writing desk, plus lots of space for luggage and wardrobe. The trendy bathrooms open to bedroom, and display a pleasant tropical rain shower. We liked the complimentary, really high speed WiFi (10 Mbps, which is not so common in Thailand), and the daily refilled minibar where soft drinks and water are available free-of-charge. Tea and coffee facilities are also included in the room rate. The young and friendly staff operating in the airy modern “sala-lobby” made us feel at home right upon checking-in, and there was always enough receptionists to take care of us without queuing. Even check-out was stressless. This reflects fairly well the easy-going philosophy which makes Hua Hin so unique and relaxing compared with the bustling, tourists spoiled Pattaya or Phuket.

The first floor of the harmoniously designed building displays the most wanted rooms: tailored made for families and honey-mooners, they all have a private Jacuzzi-pool. The top floor rooms in the central building have a breathtaking ocean view. Though the G Hua Hin Resort & Mall was almost full house during our stay, plenty of sun-beds where not occupied, and the atmosphere was very relaxing all around. The pleasant breeze which illustrates Hua Hin fair climate didn't made us feel like in a urban resort at all: the ocean is 150 meters away only -though guests need to cross the road to get to the clean beach- and sea sports can be enjoyed  easily. We found very practical the presence of a mall with a decent supermarket in the hotel compound, and the proximity of the best shopping plaza in town: the “New Market”, featuring dozens of handicraft, fashion and electronic shops, banks, and the largest Tesco hypermarket in Hua Hin. The Old Market, where the night life concentrates, is a 15 minutes walk, or 2 minutes taxi ride.

Though not a convention hotel, the resort has got fine meeting and banquet capacities.

Security comes as a bonus: though Hua Hin remains definitely one of the safest resorts in the safe Thailand, the G Hua Hin Resort & Mall takes care so much of the guests personal safety. Guards are discretely on duty around the clock, and the lift, breakfast room and cosy fitness room cannot be accessed without a key-card. Last but not least, the resort has been erected 50 meters from the Bangkok Hospital: the best private clinic in the Prachuab region!

G HUA HIN RESORT & MALL:  250/201, Soi 94 Phetchkasem Rd, Hua Hin, 
Prachuap Khirikhan 77110 Thailand
PHONE: +66 (0) 32 515 199   FACSIMILE: +66 (0) 32 515 110   


SHERATON HUA HIN RESORT & SPA (*****L): A dream machine, with the largest swimming pool in the region (some say in Thailand), entertaining for families and individuals alike, this exciting and top comfortable five star hotel caters those looking for sheraton hua hin cha am resortinternational standards of hospitality.

Should we visit Hua Hin with young children, this would certainly be one of our best choices: there is a kids club, the pool is secured with fences for those booking a Lagoon Access room  (with a private terrace by the pool) and the breakfast, which is actually superb with a must-be-seen selection of fine cuisine, features plenty of delights for the youngsters.

Couples and individuals will certainly prefer to stay in a quiet Garden Terrace (with its private lawn) or Garden View: the latest constitutes a good opportunity to experience the Sheraton Hua Hin at a very reasonable rate. We liked our stay in one of those warm, bright coloured 49 sq. m. rooms, featuring the legendary signature Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed (the Rolls Royce of the hotel beds), 40” LCD TV, WiFi (at a fee), and spacious open bathroom with full-length mirrors, separate oversized bathtub, and shower. We felt like in a chain hotel by the comfort, though the modern Thai interior design made us feel like in South East Asia, indeed.

Lagoon View Rooms on the second floor offer views of the tropical garden or lagoon-style swimming pool from the room. Garden Terrace and Lagoon Access Rooms on the first floor provide direct access to the private garden or the pool. Located closest to the ocean and overlooking the Gulf of Siam, the 12 Suites are 98 sq. m. and feature a larger, 42” LED TV, plus DVD player, walk-in closet with silk bathrobes, and Shine for Sheraton bathroom amenities.

Exclusive Sheraton Club benefits are extended to guests of the Sheraton Club Rooms, consisting of 22 Lagoon Access rooms and 12 Suites: featuring sit down check-in/out, currency exchange, daily English newspaper, complimentary in-room Internet access, local telephone calls, laundry and pressing services (two pieces per person per day), etc. The Sheraton Club Lounge serves special breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails.

We worked-out each evening in the lovely fitness club, with state-of-the-art equipment and a large steam-bath. The  Aspadeva Spa, spacious and luxurious, with 12 individual and couple rooms, provides a large variety of massages and treatments, including hydrotherapy. It is  adjacent to the Aspadeva Hair & Beauty Salon.

The main attraction of the hotel remains the unique lagoon-style swimming pool. With 560-metre circumference and 4,000 sq. m. in size, it winds around the resort’s tropical landscape from lobby to seafront, and provides easy access with a short walk from every guest room. Illuminated by night, or observed from the beach, it would impressed the spoildest traveller ever. The beach itself is OK. Some won't swim; other will (we did). The resort is actually located in Cha-Am; Hua Hin city centre is far away enough to allow a conveniently clean water. There is no strong currents; just some jelly fishes on duty during the hot season.

The hotel prides himself for its selection of gourmet and informal family restaurants, it has a minimart where goods are not much overcharged compared with 7 Eleven, and the  Hua Hin night-market, with its seafood restaurants, is a quick 15-minute drive by the cheap (THB 50) and convenient shuttle service van running 9 times per day.

SHERATON HUA HIN RESORT & SPA: 1573 Petchkasem Road, Thambol
Cha-Am, Cha-Am 76120
PHONE: +66 (3) 270 8000  FACSIMILE: +66 (3) 270 8088


THE PALAYANA (*****L): Designed like a dreamed Thai village, with beautiful traditional villas, lush gardens, and a splendid, clean beach, the former YaiYa Resort has been rebranded in 2016 into "The Palayana". Meaning "escape from chaos" ("chaos" meaning Bangkok, its stress and traffic jam, of course...). The resort has been totally beautified, gaining a well merited fifth star, turning into a top the palayana ex yaiya best resort in cham ham hua hin romance honeymoon luxury travelluxury, modern and trendy property with a top class management. More staff, redesigned rooms, a new chef in the new Basil restaurant.. .but still that impression, after so many stays (the last one dates back from December 2018), that we are not in a hotel but at home: welcomed by delicious hosts, approaching us only when it looks necessary, and leaving us in complete peace the rest of the time. 

Discreetly luxurious, The Palayana targets a sophisticated clientele: maybe little bit less family oriented than before, it gained a lot in distinction and romanticism. This is the ideal place for a honeymoon or, why not, and we did so, to concentrate on your PC: gaining much inspiration working by your rooftop pool (this is The Palayana signature), or in the newly appointed suites located in the main building. Though we always preferred the villas, we loved our recent experience in a suite, with a panoramic sea view. Guests are always so pleasant and discreet. Featuring more Asian clients: younger and wealthier than before. Some active  westerners are replacing the German pensioners which we met in the time of YaiYa. A perfect balance of Asian and Western upper-class guests, ready to pay a little bit more than before for the beauty and the quietness of this superlative resort, where kindness comes like a bonus.  

The Palayana looks like a perfect reflection of the distinguished Hua Hin lifestyle and traditions, with a trendy note of Sathorn or Sukhumvit posh Bangkok districts in the design of the rooms and public areas. The modern lobby has been decorated with characteristic items: the teak wood benches, now painted in black (black and white are the hotel signature colors), is a replica of the characteristic seats at the beautiful, historic Hua Hin Railway station. Do visit it; unless you took the exciting initiative to arrive by train (a 4-hour unforgettable ride from Bangkok).  

All of the twenty-three spacious, 65 sq.m Deluxe Garden/Sea Terrace Rooms and six superb, 110 sq.m Panoramic Sea View Suites have a bright living room, with a spacious sala-style terrace equipped with a daybed: guaranteeing a very comfortable stay, while enjoying the panoramic sea view. We liked the new, amazingly comfy "Hollywood Twin Bed", Bose Sound System, and the Illy "Francis-Francis" coffee machine for a creamy espresso. We noted the Panburi amenities in the lavishly beautified bathroom. The twelve Pool Villas represent the nec plus ultra at The Palayana. Covering a minimum of 157 sq.m of complete intimacy, each villa is private, indeed: with a small garden, and a rooftop «sala» (pavilion) with its own swimming pool! The villas present the advantage of a circular, natural ventilation: we never used the air-conditioner, though the temperature outside was up to 30°. We slept like babies, lulled by the melody of the rich fauna haunting the winding garden and the beach. Few competitors in Cha-Am and Hua Hin offer this well worth the stay bonus. Our one-bedroom villa featured a spacious, fully equipped dressing, separate shower and bath-tub, toilet facilities, automatic coffee machine, tea making facilities and two minibars (one in the room; the second on the rooftop), filled with complimentary soft drinks, chocolate, cakes, and snacks. It was equipped with Large LCD screen Sat TV set, DVD player, and iPod docking station. WiFi comes free of charge: the signal was fine up to our «sala», allowing us a pleasant websurf along the swimming pool. Rates are attractive for a five-star hotel, starting from THB 5,000 for a Deluxe Terrace room, with enticing packages and special offers.

The beach is immaculate, actually well kept, and controlled by security agents: we have never been disturbed by vendors. There is a small, picturesque fisherman village nearby. Visit it at sunset, when the dinghies sail away: this is a beautiful, authentic attraction. 

The  SPA comes with a holistic approach: focusing on the balance of all senses, through healing hands, and other signature treatments using the acclaimed French brand Anne Semonin (a provider to many palace hotels in Paris and around the world).

Gastronomy is part of the Thai culture. Stay at least one evening in the resort, just to enjoy the Basil and rooftop Thaipas restaurants. Not much more expensive compared with the Hua Hin "Night Market" open-air restaurants, both offer a pleasant gourmet experience. Fresh fish and vegetables, aromatic herbs and spices are used to produce a yummy local cuisine. We particularly enjoyed a signature dish, "Crabby Rice", with a lot of local crab-meat. Excellent with a well-chilled glass of local Singha beer, for a bill not exceeding THB 600 (around USD 15). Pizza are good and fairly priced (one Margherita and one glass of beer cost around USD 12). Average bill, if you like seafood and steaks, is about THB 1,500 (USD 33). Basil is a dreamed place to enjoy the totally revamped breakfast. We recommend you to book in advance a table close to the beach, for an experience al fresco; or in the air-conditioned pavillion recently built to provide more comfort to the new wave of clients, only staying in five star hotels.

The Pool Bar serves signature cocktails in Palayana style buckets. A nice place, but we still prefer Brisa, one of the most unique private beach bar in Cha-Am and Hua Hin. It serves nice "tapas" and BBQ seafood dinner buffets. We noted that it has private gazebo available for romantic dinners (this is an ideal wedding and honeymoon resort), listening to lounge or jazz performance. Both bars close too early (around 11pm);  but 90% of the guests actually come for relaxation, or prefer to enjoy the capturing intimacy of their villas. Those coming for "sanuk" will like the easy going night-life in central Hua Hin: a short 15 minutes drive from the well located Palayana. There is a complimentary shuttle van, and a public taxi costs approximately THB 200 one way (when booked with Grab). 

A property with a rare sense of hospitality and a soul, The Palayana is one of those exceptional resorts making Hua Hin a special, intensively lovable destination. It has a new sister hotel, located in the Khao Takiab southern part of the city: The Yana Villas. 
THE PALAYANA: 1390/19 Petchkasem Road (Sai Tai), Cha-am, Petchburi 76120 
PHONE: +66 0 32 406 111 - 6   FACSIMILE: +66 32 406 117 - 18 

DUSIT THANI HUA HIN (*****): Actually located in Cha-Am, not  far away from Hua Hin city center (20 minutes by car), this superb palace hotel occupies a splendid position along a sandy beach. Its faithful high-so clientele mixes Western travellers with a lot of dusit thani best five star luxury hotel with private club lounge vip in hua hin cha am thailandAsian guests (Japanese, Singaporean; but also quite a lot of Sino-Thai who love to spend the week end and public holidays in this little Paradise located a two hour drive from Bangkok).

Commanding an unspoiled beach-front location, the spectacular Dusit Thani Hua Hin combines ritzy comfort with a romantic traditional style. An ornamental lake, lily pond and tropical gardens flank the two large swimming pools. The architectural theme and decor resembles a Mediterranean villa retreat with subtle touches of Thai craftsmanship and hospitality.  

The 296 well-appointed, classic and classy rooms, are top comfortable.  Most of them offer a dramatic sea or pool view. The Dusit group  distinguishes itself from its competitors thanks to its excellent -almost unbeatable- executive rooms and lounges. We booked in a "Dusit Club Room": tastefully furnished, reflecting classical style skillfully infused with contemporary Thai elegance, they display additional room features: like LCD TV, DVD player, and a modern bathroom suite with rain shower. They all have a large terrace with a panoramic sea, pound and poolside view. Staying in a "Dusit Club Room" gives access to the chic and intimate, richly refurbished "Dusit Club Lounge", which is actually unique in Hua Hin: we spent much time relaxing, reading and working in this really exclusive lounge which makes all the difference in term of top level service between the Dusit Hua Hin and its competitors. It has plenty of benefits like complimentary WiFi (also available in the Club rooms), selection of daily international and local newspapers or magazines, daily selection of light refreshments and snacks, high tea with delicious pastries, and pre-dinner cocktails (including house wines, beers, spirits and mixers). Complimentary full buffet breakfast (served separately at Ban Benjarong, for Club guests only), and plenty of other advantages are consented to those who pay a little bit more for a "Dusit Club Room" or suite. Many guests, like us, just choose the Dusit Thani for this special VIP service. If luxury is actually your style, we would recommend to book a "Lanai Suite":  lovingly furnished, they cover 84 square meters. Placed on the ground level,  with an extended terrace area, there display panoramic views of the beach-front and Gulf of Siam. We inspected the 170 square meters "Presidential Suite". Booked all year round by statesmen attending the ASEAN conferences in the impressive Royal Dusit Hall, CEOs and lot of celebrities: is is considered as the most luxurious five star hotel suite in Hua Hin.

The restaurants are among the best in Cha Am (we recommend Ban Benjarong, for Royal Thai Cuisine: very gourmet, with a remarkable service). The Rim Talay, right on the beach front, is romantic and actually superb for seafood: we had a splendid dinner there, and found their "Seafood basket" rich and refined, with yummy grilled lock lobster and baby squids.  The "Theme Dinners" are wonderful, and the prices astonishingly reasonable for a five star hotel. Like many hotels, The Dusit Thani Hua Hin feels obliged to keep with low restaurants bills to capture the clients after dark; the "Night Market" and Hua Hin restaurants are so cheap... 

Plenty of activities are available, often included in very attractive packages: golf, cooking class,  plush Dusit signature Devarana SPA (and pool-side massage),  yoga, etc. Stables are located withing the resort, with a polo and cricket riding range. If riding horse is your hobby, you can't find a better address.

This hotel is owned and managed by Dusit International, the most prestigious hotel group in Thailand, with more than 60 years experience in the hospitality field. Just like in the legendary Dusit Thani Bangkok, one of our favourite hotels in Thailand, staff is traditionally friendly and helpful, offering the most genuine and wonderful Thai hospitality. 

DUSIT THANI HUA HIN: 1349 Petchkasem Road, Cha-am, Petchburi 76120    
PHONE:  +66 32 520 009  FACSIMILE: +66 32 520 296 

REST DETAIL HOTEL (****L): Nestled along a lovely beach, in the immediate neighbourhood of the Klai Kangwon Palace (King's summer residence), this is certainly one of most attractive hotels which we have recently visited. It actually comes with all the wow factors.  Its little bit weird name designates perfectly the detail-oriented philosophy and design of this boutique hotel. Good taste and sublimated comfort can be found  everywhere: from the architecturally gorgeous structure of the property, to the smallest, almost hidden little item in the room, the highest level refinement has been sought after almost scientifically.  

The rooms, located in the main building,  and the independent cabanas or pavilions display a supreme comfort, complete relaxation, without any ostentation. We felt the luxury much more that we actually saw it; there is no «bling» at all, and the elegance comes naturally, without any artifact. 

We stayed at one of the 12 «Pool Village» romantic, 65 sq.m cabanas: with the swimming pool at our doorstep, together with double sun lounges built out over a private deck, surrounded by a small tropical garden. We almost never turned on the flat screen TV, nor used the iPod dock: only listening the melody of birds, frogs and gecko tokays, obviously enjoying this luxuriant Paradise. The «Pool Village» is good valued for money, at approximately THB 9,000 per night.  

Little bit cheaper, though equally enjoyable and classy, the «Rest Horizon Rooms» are  located on the third and fourth floors As spacious as the cabanas, they display uninterrupted sea views and total privacy. While tasteful interiors and a deep soak tub are featured indoors, an oversize daybed and a relaxing Jacuzzi await on the terrace. Guests with a family and extended budget can spoil themselves with one of the 485 sq.m «Pavilions». Designed on two levels, with many rooms (4 in the «Grand Rest Pavilion»), oversized living and dining areas and a private pool. 

Breakfast rhymes with the standing and perfection of the Rest Detail Hotel: generous, with plenty of Asian delicacies, lots of fruits, ultra-fresh juices which were liquidized in front of us, and a very pleasant setting with flowers, greenery and fountains.  

This idyllic bliss comes with a first class, amazingly kind staff, a much recommended restaurantThe Rest Scene», featuring Mediterranean, BBQ and of course Thai food), and a SPA: the signature treatment, «Restfully Yours», simulating all five senses with aromatic Tee Tree oils, is amazingly invigorating and removed our jet-lag in 90 minutes only. 

There is a scheduled hotel shuttle bus to and from the close Hua Hin city center. Golfing and excursions can be organized on a simple request. 

REST DETAIL HOTEL: Soi 19/119, 77100 Hua Hin  
PHONE: +66 0 32 547 733   FACSIMILE: +66 0 32 547 722 

HAVEN RESORT (****L):  This exquisite hotels proposes a relaxing vacation within the embrace of a modern natural resort.  Located on the wild, clean and serene Cha-Am Beach, 5 kilometers from the city center of Hua Hin (easily accessible by haven resort best luxury hotels in hua hintaxi or complimentary shuttle bus), this boutique hotels remains a secret destination for some well informed tourists, with quite a large number of Bangkokians rushing on week ends. 

The property is actually smart: comprised of 46 guestrooms, plus 7 private villas. 5 Villas with direct access to an exclusive swimming pool, and the other 2 villas -featuring 2 bedrooms- have their own private pool. Each unit is decorated with lovely local handicrafts and displays a large, private terrace with a view of the lush tropical gardens, or the white sandy beach: expanding as far as the eyes can see. In-room amenities include one or two large-screen Sharp Plasma TV, IDD phone, coffee and tea making facilities. Some rooms have a twin-Jacuzzi. The broadband WiFi comes free of charge. We liked very much the complimentary minibar, which was generously re-filled everyday (sometimes twice a day) with mineral water, sodas and fruit juices. Those travelling with their family -the hotel is actually kids friendly- will like this little bonus. Another aspect of the Haven Resort which we appreciated during our stay: there is a full buffet breakfast on week-ends and, if the number of residents goes down during the week, they just open a «mini-buffet», inviting guests to order anything they like from the kitchen (we loved the mouth watering fried rice with plenty of fresh crab meat!). At no extra cost. We didn't experience the restaurant; but from what we have been told from the clients, it offers a fine Thai and international cuisine at a fair price. 

The Haven Resort is splendid for tanning, swimming, or simply getting rid of stress: the pool is large and beautifully designed, with cascades and greenery all around. The beach extends on more than 50 kilometers, and the water is clean (with some jellyfishes in duty some  days, mostly during the rainy season...).  

The resort is well equipped with a small fitness room and a pleasant SPA. The prestigious Palm Hill Golf Resort and Country Club is located 300 meters from the hotel. 

The kind staff is unobtrusive, and does his best to make you feel like at home. Ideal for honeymoon and family holiday. Fair price policy, with attractive rates and packages. 

HAVEN RESORT: 1449 Chala Samut Rd., Cha-Am, Petchaburi 76120 
PHONE: +66 0 32 523 023-5, 85 440 4994  FACSIMILE: +66 0 32 523 028 


SHERATON HUA HIN PRANBURI VILLAS (*****L): This refined hideaway has been re-branded in 2017 from "Six Senses" to Sheraton. We were amongst the first privileged guests to experience the new "Sheraton-touch" in this high-end product, promoted by its former sheraton hua hin pranburi villa six senses best luxury hotels honeymoon romance seaside pranburi cha am hua hin thailandoperator as a "six-star" hotel. Starting with a good surprise: the resort was full, and we had been kindly upgraded to one of their three best Pool Villas. Close to the sea, with a large garden extending to a pound, and equipped with a steam bath which we used every day for a complete relaxation, after swimming in our private pool and enjoying the Jacuzzi at sunset. This exclusive, romantic touch will please honeymooners at first sight. What we actually liked, is the fact that we could enjoy a complete intimacy. Our neighbors couldn't observe us.

Those real bonuses kept us in the villa during the whole stay; we didn't use the large and nice hotel swimming pool, and forgot that the resort, just like Evason, next door, doesn't have what can be defined as a beach. It stands opposite an elegant seaside “promenade”, but you can't swim in the rocky sea. Alternatively, Sheraton operates a complimentary shuttle bus to one of the nicest beaches in Pranburi. 

Each Pool Villa displays around 250 sq.m. This includes the pool, sun terrace, garden, and the pleasant lounging pavilion where we spend our time reading, or using the high-speed complimentary WiFi. The room features a king-size bed, supremely comfortable like in all the Sheraton which we visited. The brand is renowned worldwide for its exclusive signature beds, linen, and collection of pillows (hypoallergenic available on request). The bathroom is well designed, and equipped with Shine for Sheraton™ bath amenities. We didn't use air-condition a lot, leaving the sliding doors wide open to the garden: which boosted the size of the already large rooms. A villa like ours hosts 2 people at ease. Families will prefer Duplex Pool Villa (373 sq.m) or Pool Villa Suite (376 sq.m), designed for 4 guests.

The restaurant Luna La Pran is a trendy option for fine dining with a sea view. The “Saturday BBQ & Grill” is reputed for its seafood and fresh salad buffet. We would rate the breakfast as one of the best in the Cha-Am, Hua Hin, and Pranburi region. Each morning we used our stylish bicycle (available free of charge from the reception desk), for a two minutes ride along the resort lushly alleys planted with well-kept gardens, parking in front of the Dalah restaurant, surrounded by a lily pond. The buffet is five star, indeed; as always in the high-end Sheraton properties around the world. What makes it so different from the competitors are the small attentions, like the “amuse bouche” brought to our table by the extremely courteous staff, discreetly inquiring our impression on the quality of the dishes, and any special request / suggestion we might have for a better stay. Certainly a clever way to keep the spoiled and demanding guests from Six Senses, this special treatment brings a touch of class to this already classy resort.

Another heritage from Six Senses, the “SPA Villa” provides essential treatments with tailored-made options. The “Massage Pavilion”, located in the SPA, is superlative, with open-air gardens and a private pool.

This is one of the most exclusive hotels by Sheraton, Starwood SPG.

SHERATON HUA HIN PRANBURI VILLAS: 9/22 Moo 5 Paknampran, Amphur Pranburi, Prachuap Khirikhan, Pran Buri 77220
PHONE: +66 32 909 9003

VILLA MAROC PRANBURI (*****L): Sherazade joined the hotel industry, and transferred her 1001 Nights universe to the Kingdom of Thailand: along the immaculate white sand beach of Pranburi, 35 kilometres away from the entertaining and chic city of Hua Hin. Much villa maroc best luxury hotel in hua hin pranburi thailand seasidemore than the overly touristy Samui and Phuket, this region of Thailand is praised by the Royal Family since more than a couple of centuries. King Bhumidol Adulyadej has got his palace in Hua Hin, and the lovely mansion next door to Villa Maroc is a the private property of one of his closest relatives. We are indeed in one of the most sought after environment in South East Asia, with visitors coming  from around the world to enjoy a distinguished, though amazingly casual atmosphere.

One of our favourite leisure destinations in Thailand, Pranburi is still unspoiled by mass tourism, with mainly local visitors (Thai and Westerners based in Bangkok), it has so many resources that sunbathing comes on the fifth or tenth position compared with what the region has got to offer. The Hua Hin Hills Vineyard, for instance: a mere 30 minutes drive, backed by the Burma border and its wild jungle home to one of the richest fauna and flora on Earth. Or, spreading the mouth of the river to the gulf of Thailand, Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park: with idyllic beaches and mangrove forest, it is carefully protected and managed by the Pranburi Forest Park. Fishing, swimming, riding bicycle (provided free of charge by the hotel) on quiet and winding roads are the suggested occupations before an authentic and cheap seafood barbecue in the straw huts restaurants along the beach. We gladly experienced a capturing individual tour of this area, lovingly organized by the hotel, featuring a visit to Khao Chong Krajok temple, accessible by 396 stairs, and occupied by a colony of peaceful monkeys. The cascading view over the virgin beaches and islands all around is well worth the journey. We couldn't miss another tour to the famous Phraya Nakhon Cave, famous for its large hole in the ceiling allowing fascinating, almost mystical sunlight over the sacred Kuha Karuhas pavilion, dedicated to King Chulalongkorn (Rama V). That kind of half day excursion, including drinks and a lunch box, costs approximatively THB 2,000 only.  You simply can't miss it if you want to see what the real, amazing Thailand looks like, indeed.

Planted in the middle of this tropical Paradise, Villa Maroc, with its curious, anachronistic and audacious concept, brings plenty of Arabia to South East Asia. When the hotel limousine-van stopped in front of the majestic entrance gate, with a myriad of staff wearing elegant galabiyas escorting us to the tiny reception with its interior garden and fountain, just like in a Marrakech “ryad”, we felt like transported by a cyclone far, so far!, from Bangkok and the rest of Thailand. The only modern noise which we could hear during our stay was the shutter of the cameras: Villa Maroc is reputed the most photogenic hotel in the Kingdom... which we can confirm, and we shall explain you why.

The first resort in Thailand to bring a five star, 100% authentic introduction to North Africa architecture, way of life and gastronomy, Villa Maroc has been generously designed under the supervision of the owner: CEO for Ichitan beverage company. The investment and concept was so audacious that he could have played roulette instead, and lose lots of money; on the contrary, it the business works so well that this small boutique hotel is known all around the Kingdom, and even overseas. Magazines and TVs visit it for shooting so often that this is now one of the most famous sets in Thailand. During our stay, we saw models and photographers working discreetly in the public areas. A cheap and fast trip to Morocco, and a bargain for the media and tourists alike. Most of them are Asian. “Farangs” don't know Pranburi that much, and are certainly looking for a typical Siamese hotel rather than a transposition of Maghreb in Thailand. This is quite a pity, as Villa Maroc is much more than that.

First of all, the beach is amazing, indeed. We like Hua Hin, but must honestly recognize that the water gets more and more polluted by the booming hotel industry. Pranburi, and more precisely the long beach stretching along Villa Maroc, with no high rise building, and cozy small private villas occupied only during the week end, gave us the impression of staying in a small island. Which pleased even more than the supreme luxury of the hotel, combining Thai beach side living and warm hospitality with luxurious furnishings from North Africa. 

The buildings have all been created in the dramatic Moroccan style with dazzling colours and attention to detail. The two-storey “Ryads” display an unmatched comfort. Each building is different, participating to the picturesque image of the hotel. We have inspected each building: unique in design, size and display of the rooms, they all feature five star accommodation. Some villas have got a private pool: which is nice for families or honeymooner. We have been most particularly attracted by two categories of accommodation. First of all the most affordable, thus actually lavish Pool Court, built around a lushly landscaped open courtyard, in which we usually book each time we stay at Villa maroc, occupying the first floor (appartment #02) of the Grunful (Clove) “ryad”. Not that large but so well designed, the design of this room givesthe impression that you stay in a private villa. What we noticed first was the sea-view from our kind-size bed: we never closed our windows, getting waked up by the rising sun over the ocean. Well worth the trip! We had a direct access upstairs to a panoramic terrace with sofas and a large tub for a sensual relaxation al fresco. Downstairs was a small pool surrounded by coconut trees, which was like private: as in three days we shared it with nobody... though the hotel was full, like always (advanced booking is imperative if you wish to experience this little Paradise). One step away from the pool was the beach, looking like also privatized just for ourselves! Our bathroom was equipped with a large and deep Jacuzzi decorated with deep blue mosaic, carved copper sinks, and a really pleasant open-air shower. The Plasma TV with DVD player has been integrated into a Berber box carved in precious wood: pushing a button extracts or dissimulates the TV in seconds, so that this modern item could not interfere with the authentic design of the room. We also like very much the iPod Touch, filled with music, which we could use during our stay: it is available on request, free of charge, like high-speed Internet connection and the minibar refilled each morning with soda, water and juice. There is also a Cube coffee machine from the latest generation. The ryads and the public areas are equipped with Bose high fidelity speakers. The whole concept is indeed tailored made for jet-setters.

The second category of ryads which made us much impression, and in which we shall straightly book when we come back on a family trip, are the four lavish Pool Villas. Accommodating up to 3 persons, each individually furnished villa has its own infinity pool and direct access to the beach via a private tropical garden. The villa features its own, private SPA! The panorama from the bedroom, on the second storey, and from the roof-top, is worth the trip! Private BBQs can be organized on this terrace, transformed into a private "sala"- dinning room... 

We stayed six times already at Villa Maroc since 2013 (our last visit inspiring this review dates back from November 2019), and never felt bored. The resort has a well equipped fitness room with up-to-date equipment, a well stocked library, and a ritzy, amazingly authentic Sherazade Moorish Bath and SPA. Definitely unique in South East Asia, this large hammam operates for hotels guests only, from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm, and for massage (by appointment). Do like us: experience the one-and-a-half hour "Moroccan Dreaming" aromatic oil massage and scrub in the smoothing steam of the hammam, in the sweet hands of a delicate and efficient masseuse (book with Pam: she is as charming as professional). What an experience... for less than USD 100 per couple! The gates to the SPA, like some other doors in the ryads and public areas, is an original antique imported from Morocco. The hotel provides bicycle, complimentary: this makes the picturesque Taaho Ko Sa Forest Park and its small local seafood restaurants a five minutes healthy and pleasant ride along the beach.

Further exciting excursions by cheap, local taxi -which you can book from the hotel- are possible. Besides the already mentioned Hua Hin vineyard, you can't miss the Kaeng Krachan National Park: featuring a fantastic 11-tiered waterfall surrounded by dark, pristine forest, it is home to an interesting variety of birds and butterflies. Wild animals and rare birds spotting is amazing. It is located a 45 minutes drive from the Villa Maroc. It will take you the same time to go and play golf in Hua Hin, say “Hi!” to Kao Thakiap monkeys, or visit Sam Roi Yot National Park.

With the appointment in 2015 of a friendly and hyper-efficient general manager, imported from the top-class Peninsula Hotel Bangkok, gastronomy, winner of the prestigious "Thailand Boutique Awards", gastronomy is now part of the programme at Casablanca Restaurant! Khun Wamin considers each guest as a VIP, and liked to share his epicurianism with us during our visit. He hired a great chef, Khun Noppadol, who spoiled us with mouth watering, lovingly served Thai specialties: we won't forget Noppadol's Pad Thai Noodles, in a crispy net... The best we ever ate. Indeed! We warmly recommend the set menu featuring, during our visit, Red curry with crispy duck, Thai coconut milk soup with prawns and lemon grass (served in a coconut... and supremely delicious), Linguine Tom Yum Goong (just unique!), Stir fried mixed mushrooms which would bring one Michelin Star to any restaurant in Paris or New York, Steamed rice berry, and a yummy set of traditional Thai sweets: Steamed egg custard in baby pumpkin, Sticky rice with candied coconut and Crème Brulée. Such a banquet costs approximately THB 1,500 - 2,000, depending if you drink one glass of Singha beer "on the rocks" (recommended with spicy food), or white wine (overtaxed in Thailand, as always...; though Villa Maroc has decent and  affordable house wines by the glass). Adventurous gourmets could alternatively try North African cuisine: with Moroccan set with Mezze plate, Harira soup, Chicken Tagine and Mulharabia (approximately THB 1,500 for 2 persons).

The cool open-air Shisha Bar and lounge had been tailored made for those who liked to smoke water-pipe... until a recent law suddenly prohibited this inoffensive activity in the Kingdom... Prestigious Cuban "puros" available at a reasonable price.  A heavy Cohiba Siglo VI enjoyed by the terrace, with a "Thaijito" as good as in The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok acclaimed Bamboo Bar, came like a bonus in one of the best top-class hotels which we gladly experienced in 2019.

Note that Villa Maroc offers prestigious wedding packages.

VILLA MAROC: 165/3 Moo 3 Paknampran
Pranburi, Prachuap Khirikhan, 77220, Thailand
PHONE: +66 32 630 771     FACSIMILE: +66 32 630 791



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