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Best Top Luxury & Gourmet Restaurants
in Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon 2017


Updated 22/08/2017

LA VILLA (*****): The best French restaurant by Tripadvisor, which is a challenge in a gastronomic city where fine dining restaurants are plentiful, this prosperous pool-villa in the heart of high-end District 2 saves the gourmet the cost of a plane ticket to Paris. A 15 minutes la villa best french restaurants in saigon ho chi minh city hcmc vietnamtaxi drive from the touristic District 1 makes you feel like in France, indeed.

Thierry Mounon's international experience in five-star restaurants, from Avignon to Bora Bora, then from Mui Ne to Saigon, could have produced one more technical chef, marketing a fusion or neo-French cuisine in one of those trendy lounge-restaurants flourishing in New York, Barcelona, London or Sidney. By humility or cleverness, he preferred to keep on with tradition: transforming himself into the ambassador of “French Cuisine Bourgeoise” in Saigon.

From the so classic and authentically romantic dining room, featuring heavy curtains, prosperous furniture, and one of the finest cutlery in town, till the specialties available a la carte or by the amazingly affordable lunch menu “De la Petite Villa” (USD 33), we were so excited to invite our Vietnamese host to virtually cross the oceans and the mountains, sitting like in a posh, deliciously old-school “auberge” in Lyon, Roanne, Avignon or one of those sleepy cities from our French provinces were eating well is part of the culture. If many restaurants in Saigon serve a premium cuisine, no one can beat the authenticity provided by La Villa. No marketing, no trick was used  to produce this divine and refined impression: Chef Thierry just forgot he is a chef, and rather behaves like a host. Assisted by Tina, his charming wife, acting like a most attentive “Maîtresse de Maison”.

His cuisine is generous, mixing skill and heart, and making much impression from the very beginning of the dinner which started, of course, with a glass of refreshing “Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, Brut Réserve” (USD 19 by the glass), presented in style with refined canapés. Produced in Chouilly co-operative vineyard, this best seller Champagne nicely paired our “Beef Consommé with Madeira & Japanese Scallops”. A  light and elegant “amuse-bouche”, it prepared our palate to the best yet to come. 

The starter couldn’t be anything but Foie Gras: our guest was Vietnamese, and the first question she asked was: “-Is there goose liver on the menu? ”.  We got it pan-fried, in Escoffier's tradition: with fig poached in Muscat wine, and salted honey caramel (USD 25). Bernard Loiseau cooked it almost the same way at La Côte d’Or, in Saulieu: simple and elegant. It was sweetly paired with “Moscato d’Asti, Cascinetta Vietti, Piemonte, 2012” (USD 14 / glass). Very aromatic.

The sea was aristocratically represented by a freshly imported “French Lobster from Brittany”: exquisitely, carefully, lovingly roasted by Thierry with olive oil, orange, and anis butter. We like lobster with aniseed or a pinch of vanilla. This is a luxurious delicacy for Vietnamese; but such an amazing dish is well worth USD 76. Great dish pairs with great wine: we had it with “Chablis, Joseph Drouhin, Réserve de Vaudon, 2014” (USD 75, by bottle only), a favorite Burgundy in France and around the world, it comes from family vineyards situated in the Valley of Vauvillien, not far from the Grand Crus.

Unexpected in Asia, but a tradition in France on a multi-dishes banquet, we got an “Interlude”: actually, a refreshing “Trou Normand” (Green Apple Sorbet with Calvados”) timely set to stabilize both our palate and stomach in the middle of the dinner.

Ready for the meat, we experienced a super tender and juicy “New Zealand Venison” (from the recommended Discovery Menu at 95 USD per person), which came presented in two thick, medium rare pieces of tenderloin, accompanied with a well-balanced green pepper sauce, and mashed potatoes. One of the best meat which we had in Saigon, it had this so-French “je ne sais quoi”, and tasted different from  what we got from further fantastic steakhouses like El Gaucho. Paired with an exceptional “Chateauneuf du Pape, Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe, 2012” (included only in wine pairing menu during our visit), one of French gourmets’ favorite wines, this was so reminiscent of the rich Sunday lunch best cuts from the butcher, cooked by our mother after the mass. Traveling back in time is one more bonus at La Villa.

One of the best staff in town, mainly feminine the evening of our visit, pampered us between each dish, inquiring about our opinion on the cuisine and wines. The restaurant was full, like always, but Tina and her team didn’t seem much impressed, always ready to give ad hoc suggestions with that authentic kindness characteristic of La Villa. Few restaurants in France could employ so many staff nowadays, and this is sometimes little painful to see that it takes a ten hours flight to find in Saigon what you hardly find nowadays in Paris for a much higher bill.

We have been presented a nice selection of the best French farm cheese, traditionally by the trolley. For USD 21, we could enjoy whatever we liked: Livarot, Camembert… Or a rare “Fourme d’Ambert Espuma”, alternating just for the pleasure one glass of balanced, with elegant tones “Bordeaux Sauvignon, Jean Guillot, 2013” (only on wine pairing menu) and fragrant “Sauterne, Mouton Cadet, 2011”  (USD 18 / glass).

We ended sweetly this … let’s call it a banquet, with a yummy “Fruit Gratin” (USD 11) (it takes 15 minutes to prepare it), and a glass of “Porto Ramos Pinto” (USD 18 / glass).

Saigon has more than 2500 restaurants. We would surely like to come back to ten of them: La Villa is on the top. It has its regular patrons, and surprisingly lots of them are locals. We have also seen a couple of tables occupied by honeymooners. Tina takes great care of them all year long, and Valentine Day is always celebrated  lovingly in this embassy of the French good taste.

Warmly recommended.

Open Monday – Saturday 11:45 to 16:00; dinner 18:30 to late (last order is 21:30)

LA VILLA:  14 Ngo Quang Huy, Thao Dien Ward, (Opposite to An Phu Supermarket), District 2,  Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam
PHONE: +84 8 3898 2082,   +84 9 0771 9879


CÔTE D'AZUR (*****):
Classic, classy, romantic and... so French! Don't be fooled by the odd, yet central and picturesque location of this bistro-chic. District 1 has plenty of more visible restaurants, strategically situated in the triangle of gold around Vincom and the five cote d'azur best gastronomic restaurant in saigon vietnamstars hotels. But Côte D'Azur tucks away from the crowd, in a tiny lane which only the intrepid foodie can find. Seating in the neutral yet pleasant, canteen-like dining room at the ground floor, or in the romantic first-floor room, comes like a reward.

Ready for experiencing a top 5 best French restaurant in Saigon!

We loved everything at Côte d'Azur. This is one of those restaurants in which you step in, and say: “-We shall come back!”. The ambiance is exquisite, with discreet and smart patrons. The table is elegant, with flowers, nice china crockery, flat silver, and crystal glasses. The staff meets the best of France and Vietnam. Anticipating and naturally kind, Kathy, “maîtresse de maison” and wine steward, is a synthesis of elegance and efficiency. She has that soft voice which puts you in appetite.

Chef Le Nhat Dong is a reference in Saigon. The owner of the restaurant, he is an enthusiastic gastronome, so excited to share his passion with his guests. Just like a small elite of Vietnamese chefs, followers of Escoffier, he knows the French “terroir” better than anybody. Using for his recipes the best imported French ingredients (and finest wines), mixed with prime quality local products. A long experience at Le Bordeaux (another reference in Saigon), a dozen of years at Côte D'Azur, some teaching by world famous chefs like two-Michelin-star Philippe Etchebest, made Le Nhat Dong an icon of French gastronomy in Vietnam.

Our lunch started with a “Canadian Oyster”, fresh lime, salmon caviar, mignonette... and grated cheese! Our Vietnamese companion poured it over the shell, which seems to be a surprising Asian way to enjoy this naturally fishy and refreshing shell. Its aphrodisiac virtues do a lot for its popularity. It came with the best bread ever, served warm with salted butter. Paired with one flute of Freixenet Cava: the number one Spanish sparkling wine.

Another favorite, both in France and Vietnam: the “Foie Gras Terrine”. What a perfect texture! Incorporating Sauterne and Calvados, this chilled duck liver (imported from Maison Rougié, France), was served with an interesting Chilly Jam. A master in "foie gras", indeed, the chef also knows how to elegantly display it on the plate. The French way. Very Michelin. A great dish, with poppy seeds bread and one glass of Sauterne “Château du Levant, 2012”. A classic sweet wine, with plenty of honeyed flavors and stone fruit.

Back to Vietnam, with a crunchy, palatable “Black Tiger Prawn” from Nha Trang. Chef Le Nhat Dong second specialty after "foie gras" and before meat, seafood is a best seller at Côte d'Azur. Perfect: iodized, fishy, with seafood bouillon poaching, zucchini, bacon, sweet pepper and natural jus. Kathy managed an ad hoc pairing, with South African “Culemborg Chenin Blanc, 2016”, light, fruity, very reminiscent of the Loire wine from France. It is, like the Sauterne, available by the glass at a most reasonable price (around USD 5 for Chenin Blanc, and 11USD for Sauterne).

Though, the actually unforgettable wine that brilliant day was “La Salle de Château Poujeaux, Moulis-en-Médoc 2007, Philippe Cuvelier” (around USD 70 by the bottle). Close by location and quality to the legendary Château Latour, this exceptional Cru Bourgeois was the enlightenment of this luminous gastronomic experience. Savory and classic, this Haut-Médoc has it all. This is what we like to call a 3D wine: all the senses are satisfied by such a nectar, which paired the exceptional “Oven Roasted Duck Breast”. Imported from a bio-farm in the Mekong Delta, the game was served medium rare. Juicy, flavorful, with a great texture. A pure delicacy perfumed with a pinch of oriental spices, accompanied with its “foie gras” panned over a mouth-watering crust of spices. An absolute signature dish, with jus of Granny Smith, acacia honey (what a pairing with the duck liver!), golden raisins, and a full blend rhubarb from Dalat.

This Epicurean experience, brilliant and pleasant, with a regular visit of the chef to the tables, inquiring about his guests' impressions and special requirements, concluded in style with a “Bitter Sweet Chocolate Cake”. Demonstrating that the local cocoa tastes as powerful as premium French Valrhona, with a raspberry (from Dalat also), and a classy sabayon steeped in Armagnac, vanilla ice-cream.

The average bill, with wine by the glass, is USD 100 – 150 / person “a la carte”, with a very attractive “Business Lunch” (approximately USD 15 the day of our visit, in May 2017).

We shall keep a close eye on this exceptional table, as it might probably be transferred to another address in the near future. Maybe in a restored colonial building, to give this authentic French restaurant an upgraded touch of class.

Dress code casual smart.

Open daily, 9 – 1:30 pm and 5 –9:30 pm.

CÔTE D'AZUR: 12T3 Street, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Da Kao, Saigon, Vietnam
PHONE:  +84 8 3911 5473

BISTRO SÔNG VIE (*****): Our gastronomic experience in this awesome restaurant with a terrace along the River Saigon was to die for. From the extravagant à la carte breakfast, till the candlelit dinner, we have experienced a technical perfection by the recently appointed best gourmet restaurants in saigon ho chi minh city villa song bistro song vieSingaporean Chef Jeremy Choo, and much kindness from part of the enthusiastic waiters. The owner of the best Thai restaurant in Singapore, Jeremy is a disciple of Pierre Gagnaire. An expert in French gastronomy, importer of French wine in Singapore, he impressed us by selecting the most appropriate wine, pairing a succulent French cuisine. Making Bistro Song Vi a top five best French restaurants in Saigon. In this part of District 2, only La Villa can compete, indeed.

Jeremy knows all the tricks from the Michelin-star chefs, alternating his inventive dishes with entertaining specialties from the French terroir which starred chefs don't serve anymore in their asepticised restaurants, transformed into culinary laboratories.  Two years spent in the “Académie Culinaire de Toulouse” made him a specialist for “Duck à l'Orange” (a signature dish), and “Pan-Fried Duck Foie Gras”: like melting in the mouth, with Pineapple, and a subtle Piña Colada Sauce, nicely paired with one flute of “De Bortoli DB Sparling Brut, New South Wales, Australia”. A refreshing, “bistro” wine, matching the tropical climate. It has some pleasant acidity, counterbalancing the sweetness of the liver. It also paired well the rich, creamy, aromatic “Seafood Bouillabaisse”, with mussel, clam, oyster, and gambas. Served with “Garlic Croutons”, like in Marseille. 

“Premium Sirloin Steak” is totally unique, with “Valrhona 66% Cocoa” chocolate sauce. Odd? Not at all. Escoffier invented the recipe more than one century ago. Cocoa is a spice, and it matches well some meats like beef, “Coq Au Vin”, or “Rabbit Stew”. It was accompanied with organic vegetables from the cool gardens of Dalat: the most fragrant baby carrots and mushrooms. Have it with one glass of “McGuigan Estate Shiraz 2011, South Australia” (for its note of chocolate, over blackcurrants and further red fruits). Those liking more sophistication and a glamorous note should rather order “Château du Vieux Parc Corbière, 2012, Guy Panis, Languedoc-Roussillon”. Produce of the French terroir, made in oak barrels, this is an elegant, complex wine, with a beautiful balance of red berry fruit and oak on the palate.

We ended this top notch dinner in style, with “Flambéed Norwegian Omelette”, accompanied with the best strawberries in all Asia (from Dalat), and one glass of Cointreau: our favorite French liquor matched so well this classic and classy dessert.

Thumbs up to Chef Jeremy Choo indeed! He is, with his colleague Le Nhat Dong (Côte d'Azur), the most authentic French chef with Asian origin in Saigon. C'est formidable!

We had our dinner in a relatively full restaurant. Patrons are Westerners expats living in D2, young local yuppies, and a lot of smart executive ladies. Gastronomic is much patronized by women in Saigon: they particularly enjoy French cuisine, and know wine better than anybody. We met the same category of gourmets like at Le Corto, a new and select French fine dining table, where we had our dinner the next day.  Quality food for quality people!

Dress code casual.

Open for Breakfast: 6.00am – 10.30am. Lunch / Dinner: 11.30am – 10.00pm

BISTRO SÔNG VIE (hotel Villa Song): 197/2 Nguyen Van Huong Street
Thao Dien Ward, District 2,
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam
PHONE: +84-8-3744 6090, +84-8-3744 6091

YU CHU (*****): Those who can't find time to explore the magic and gastronomic Chinese district of Cholon, a city in the city spreading over D5 and D6, still can enjoy a real Cantonese cuisine in the central and historic D1. During our awesome stay at InterContinental Asiana, there were two things which we could miss: the superb Club Lounge, and Yu Chu: a Top 10 Cantonese restaurants in Saigon.

Most of the Western foodies speaking of “Chinese cuisine” usually refer to specialties from Yue, Guangdong, and Guangzhou Cantonese yu chu intercontinental asiana saigon best chinese cantonese restaurant saigon best dum sumprovinces.Well balanced and not greasy, Cantonese cuisine uses rapid cooking methods, like stir-frying, and steaming / double steaming for Dim Sum, for instance. We could eat dozens of those small bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets (or on small plates, when deep-fried). In Cantonese teahouses, carts with Dim Sum will be served in the restaurant for diners to order from without leaving their seats. At Yu Chu, we rather made our choice from the special menu, featuring a cornucopia of dumplings.

We are in a palace hotel. Some of the offers are therefore five-star also. Dim Sum filled with ultra fresh scallops are a delicacy, with a twist of teriyaki or soy sauce. Cheaper options, filled with steamed squids or shrimp/spinach, is alternatively original and tasty. That was the first time we had been proposed “Steam Duck Dim Sum”: melting in the mouth, and well worth the try. That was one of our favorites, with the exquisite “Pork / Crab Roe Siu Mai”: an open ravioli, “Siu Mai” is generously available on the menu, steamed or deep-fried, super crispy. We concluded our “Dim Sum” degustation with “fried-steamed-fried” “Beijing Potstickers” medium-sized dumplings, usually eaten in two to three bites. Fairly thick wrapped crispy on the outside, while still being soft and encasing the juicy filling inside, “Potstickers” is an interesting alternative to the traditional “Dim Sum”.

Desserts are plentiful. From the classic “Steamed Egg Yolk Buns”: specialty from Sichuan, those whealthy custard buns, locally named “Lai Wong Bao”, come with a particularly sweet filling. Those looking for a lighter, more tropical alternative should order the signature “Mango & Grapefruit Cream”.

We have been positively surprised by the good value for money for our satisfactory gourmet experience in such a fancy place. The “All You Can Eat Dim Sum lunch offer was VND 498,000++/ person including Chinese Kungfu Pu Er Tea iced tea/ hot tea.  Slightly more expensive for dinner, at VND 598,000++/ person.

Dress code casual.

YU CHU (at INTERCONTINENTAL ASIANA SAIGON:): Hai Bà Trưng, Bến Nghé, Hồ Chí Minh, Bến Nghé Quận 1 Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
PHONE: +84 8 3520 9099, 
+84 8 3520 9999                FACSIMILE: +84 8 3520 9955

LE CORTO (*****): Saigon is not a city for established restaurants. Open a new one, if you are a good chef with a note of originality, and if the location close to the premium hotels is strategic, then it just can be a success story from the very beginning. It took the young and le corto best gastronomic restaurant in saigo ho chi minh city vietnamambitious Sakal Phoeung less than one year to develop one of the premium five-star French restaurants in the competitive District 1. His partners designed one of the most elegant, lounge style dining-rooms, while he invested in hiring the best staff to provide a top class service to the new generation of local gourmets: young, rich, open minded and focusing on the best products from the best origins, often more expert in wine than most of the European, Saigon has got a hard to please elite of foodies. They all come to Le Corto.

French with Cambodian origins, living in South East Asia since 2000, Chef Sakal is as atypical as his cuisine. He learned from Michelin star chefs at “Le Bateau Ivre”, “Château de Candie”, joined the difficult and very academic luxury hotel industry at “Sofitel Phokeetra Phnom Penh” and “Sofitel Plaza Saigon”. From his mentors, he inherited skill and tradition (he is the President of Escoffier Vietnam and a member of L’Académie Culinaire de France), and let his imagination do the rest. And the rest is just splendid!

Chef Sakal is always ready to talk to his guests, and spend some time with them chatting at the bar before diner. We have seen Daniel Boulud in New York or Paul Bocuse in Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or doing the same. His staff has been well trained, and can do the job until he goes back to the kitchen. He knows that Veronika, the divine and experienced Russian “maîtresse de maison” (this is how we call a luxury restaurant manager in France, when she is a lady), will take great care of the VIP guests (which means 100% of the patrons) assisted by a remarkable staff (mostly feminine, like in many restaurants in Vietnam).

Our dinner started in style with
Caviar Le  Duc over Minced Crab: a fishy and richly iodized amuse-bouche. We love caviar, and are lucky enough to experience the best brands from the best origins. Sounding like French, Le Duc actually doesn’t refer to caviar from Gironde or Sologne, but to a new local production by Le Anh Duc’s sturgeon farm, at the Da Mi hydroelectric reservoir lake, in Tanh Linh District, Vietnam's central southern province of Binh Thuan. This was exciting to experience one of the first 100% Vietnamese harvests, indeed. The savor is rich, not too salted. Better that Russian caviar, though a little bit less textured, it is far superior to the Chinese production which we experienced in some Michelin star restaurants. At about $5,000 a kilo for Beluga, Le Duc also produces super rare Albino caviar which can sell for up to $100,000 per kilogram! 

Keeping with fish and refinement, we ordered a so fresh “Raw Scallops, Marinated Salmon Steak, Avocado Purée Trio, Wasabi sauce”. This is a season dish, a la carte in June / July, with a strong Japanese influence. It was ideally paired by Veronika, an expert in wine, with “De Bortoli, Riverina” (USD 7 / glass), a young  generic Chardonnay from a small vineyard establish in the 1920s in Bilbul, North-South Wales, Australia. Signature fish dishes feature “Grilled Squid and Prawns with Herbs and Salsa”, or “Oven Seared Catch of the Day, Sautéed Vegetables”. Most of those seafood dishes are fairly priced, at around USD 10 till 15.

Goose / Duck liver is a must in a gourmet restaurant in Saigon. Sakal is reaching perfection with one of his best specialties: “Pan Fried Foie Gras Lasagna, Wild Mushrooms, Black Truffles Foam” (USD 18). Playing with aromas and textures, he achieved an Oscar worthy recipe inspired by Escoffier. The wine, inspired by Veronika, was a “Côtes-du-Rhône, Oraison” (USD 38 / bottle). Soft, balanced, with a pleasant finish, served directly from the cellar at 12°, this is an ideal pairing with the truffle strong essence. Moreover, it brings a light, refreshing note, always welcome under a tropical climate. Another inspiring signature main dish, which we shall straightly order next time: the so-French “Veal Sweetbreads with Mushrooms and Crushed Potatoes”. At only USD 22, we are in the standard price in a small bistro in Paris. Another fairly priced bistro fare:  we would warmly recommend Sakal’s tender and juicy “Black Angus Beef Fillet with Black Pepper” (USD 22). We cleaned our plate with one piece of the delicious freshly baked bread presented by the waitress with each dish. We finished our glass of Côte-du-Rhone with our grilled beef; alternatively if could be nicely paired with “Banfi Col Di Sasso”, from Tuscany, Italy (USD 23 / glass).

Our dessert was “Iced Nougat, Red Fruits Sauce”, perfectly aromatic and actually yummy. You can also taste the surprising “Liquorice Crème Brûlée, with Coffee Ice Cream”. Most sweets cost USD 9.

This promising gastronomic restaurant proposes a money saving set lunch at USD 8 (2 courses) and USD 11 (3 courses), including tea or coffee.

Open for lunch 11am - 2:30pm. Dinner 5pm - 11pm.

LE CORTO:  5D Nguyen Sieu, Ben Nghe ward, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam
PHONE: +84 8 38220671

OPERA (*****): A top ten best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, located in the ritzy Park Hyatt Saigon, this contemporary trattoria with a touch of elegance opens to the street with a pleasant terrace where reservation is imperative: who wouldn’t dream of a relaxing lunch or dinner al fresco with a view of the colonial Opera House?

The new Chef de Cuisine Matteo Fracalossi, with 20 years of experience, improved his passion for cooking at Villa Crespi, trained by best gastronomic restaurants in saigon ho chi minh vietnam park hyatt saigontwo-Michelin-star chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo. He then worked in the best restaurants around the world before he joined the ark Hyatt Saigon. Though his cuisine, prepared in the large open-kitchen, tends to be influenced by a cool Northern Italian influence, he is also an expert on pasta from Central Italy and authentic Neapolitan pizza, made fresh from a wood-fired oven.

We ordered the “Business Lunch Set Menu”, available from Monday to Friday, 11:30am till 2:30pm. For approximately USD 20, which is great value for a five-star hotel, we had three courses, with a selection of 4 -  5 dishes per course. We started with Fried Eggplant Roll, Chilled Tomato Sauce and Basil Pesto. Light and perfumed, ideally accompanied with lukewarm, mouth-watering focaccia bread sipped in artisanal ultra-virgin olive oil. As a main, we were so happy to see that the chef included one of our favorite pizzas, with Prosciutto Ham, Funghi (mushrooms) and Mozzarella on a dispendious toping. The tomato sauce was 100% home-made, and the paste was crispy and slightly burned as we like. The portion would have been enough to feed two gourmets. This pizza costed about USD10 on the extensive a la carte.  A small, good pizzeria in Saigon would charge more or less the same price.

We would warmly recommend the “Dessert of the Day” which was one of the best signature cakes available in the “Pastry Boutique Menu”: Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake. Silky white, milk and dark chocolate mousse made from premium cacaos from Vietnam. 

We paired our lunch with a bottle of Chianti Riserva Piccini Collezione Oro 2011 (USD 60 / bottle).  One serving of freshly brewed coffee was included in the set price.

One of the best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City; and certainly one of the best value for money at lunch time. For dinner, expect an average bill of USD 70 per person, excluding wine.

Open for lunch 11:30 am to 2:30 pm Monday to Saturday; 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm Sunday. Dinner daily, 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm

OPERA RESTAURANT (hotel Park Hyatt Saigon):
2 Lam Son Square, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

PHONE: +84 8 3520 2357

SQUARE ONE (*****):  A Top 20 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World by Daily Meal, and One of 82 Hot Tables by Condé Nast Traveler, the atmospheric Square One restaurant at Park Hyatt Saigon also has an attractive Business Lunch Set Menu (about USD 18), served in five different square one park huayy best gastronomic restaurants in saigon ho chi minh vietnamdining areas displaying integrated open-kitchens. The cuisine is described as "international": as we usually don’t like this definition, we would rather describe it as distinguishingly and distinctly specializing in three kinds of cuisines.

Square One is, first of all, a steak house. It competes with well-established restaurants like El Gaucho, located next door, on serving the best imported meat in Vietnam.  The most popular cuts of richly marbled and tender Australian Wagyu, delightfully flavored bites of US Grain Fed Angus, and all-natural grass fed Australian beef with a natural taste and texture are available from the charcoal grill.

A seafood restaurant, it proposes Alaskan Black Cod, King Fish, Norwegian Salomon Steaks and superlative Live Lobsters.

This is, last but not least, a reputed and authentic Vietnamese restaurant. With an abundant and affordable Vietnamese Tasting Platter for two (featuring chef’s selection of the day, at USD 19), Green Papaya And Beef Salad (USD 10), or vegetarian Assorted Spring Rolls (USD 8). Some specialties from the Clay Pot are well worth the visit: like the Saigon Style US Scallops, Bok Choy, Onion, Tamarind Sauce, Coriander, and Sticky Rice (USD 27). Average bill for dinner is about USD 60, excluding wine.

This exquisite restaurant features an outdoor terrace, plus four private dining rooms to cater to guests’ needs for special events. The bar at Square One showcases an extravagant selection of fine wines, fancy Champagne, and refreshing cocktails mixed with tropical fruits. It has one of the largest wine-cellar in Ho Chi Minh City.

Open daily for lunch 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, and dinner 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm.

SQUARE ONE (hotel Park Hyatt Saigon): 2 Lam Son Square, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

PHONE: +84 8 3520 2359

NAMO TUSCAN GRILL (****L): Italy is so close to Saigon now. A few meter from the City Hall and the statue of Uncle Ho, just behind the Rex Hotel, this contemporary yet authentic trattoria brings the savors of Tuscany in the heart of District 1. Chef Ivan Barone best italian restaurant steakhouse saigon ho chi minh city luxury gourmet restaurantsinvited us to “A Journey Through Tuscany”: name of the classic and classy tasting menu (USD 50 per person, served to a minimum of 2), featuring a mouth-watering introduction to some of the best specialties from the leading gastronomic destination in Italy.

The restaurant is definitely on the high-end side. If Western foodies will notice and appreciate the cool display of the room, the refined decoration (we dreamed we could drive away riding the vintage Vespa exhibited next to the entrance) making it “Italiano, ma non troppo”, and the open kitchen, our local companion was rather impressed by the exclusive aspect of what remains for Vietnamese an exclusive venue. Quite comparable to the contemporary restaurants in Milan or Rome, which sacrificed the vaulted walls and stained glasses of the old-style trattorias to modern trend with space and light. A restaurant where you can see the marvels that Chef Ivan lovingly cooks for a savant mixture of Vietnamese and Western patrons.

The appetizer couldn't be more traditional: the “Tuscan Tasting Board” is a great mise-en-bouche featuring Chicken Liver Paté, Cod Fish Croquette, Beans, and Meatballs. Only Soppressata was missing to make it 100% “a la Mamma”. Served with an appealing selection of freshly baked bread. That pleasant first step in Italy has been nicely paired with one of Robert Parker's favorite (89 points!) Tuscan wines, originated from one of the peninsula most prestigious vineyard areas: “Digia Bolgheri D.O.C. 2014, Batzella”. An alchemist mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Cabernet Franc, this well textured, pleasantly refreshing nectar is available by the glass at USD 14. A good surprise for a great pairing.

A hard decision had to be taken with the first course. “Tuscan Ragout Pici”, one of our favorite dishes, or aromatic “Truffle Tagliatelle”? We ordered both and shared two different concepts of the “pasta”: popular vs aristocratic. The ragout might provide more satisfaction to foodies non-initiated yet to the peninsular cuisine...but the tagliatelle can't be missed: with sautéed forest mushroom, and aromatic black truffle, whose natural fragrance has undoubtedly be emphasized by the addition of a subtle note of truffle oil or essence, this dish is as simple as unforgettable. We had it nicely paired with a classic: “Banfi Cum Laude 2012, Castello Banfi”. A “Super Tuscan” cuvée from the golden terroir of the Montalcino Hills, awarded 92points from James Suckling. Boosting aromas of black fruits and gingerbread, with powerful tannins, this is an ad hoc wine with truffles (also fantastic with meat and some cheese). Price by the glass was USD 17. By the bottle, we recommend “Pinot Grigio Friuli IGT 2015, Bandut Colutta” (USD 38). Totalizing 88 points from Wine & Spirit, this is a good choice which could eventually pair the rest of the dinner.

A Tuscan oasis, Namo is also reputed for serving the best steaks in Saigon. This is one of the reasons why we wished to experience that double concept Italian plus steakhouse, and compare it with elder brothers like El Gaucho, which we liked a lot, and where booking a table last minute sounds quite challenging. For a supplement of approximately USD 30 for 2 persons, we got the best T-bone ever! The “Bistecca Fiorentina” weights a minimum of 800 kilograms. Marinated during a minimum of two weeks in Whisky, cooked medium rare, it came pink, juicy, but not bloody, thanks to the marination preserving all the vitamins. Melting in the mouth, procuring orgasm to the red meat lover, this signature dish is such a best seller that Namo holds a “Bistecca Fiorentina Night” every Wednesday, priced at approximately USD 100 for two, including a free flow of Banfi red wines and Sapporo beer. We shall try on our next visit the “Rib Eye Tagliata”, which was another choice on the Tasting Menu. The side dish is important with steak: a Tuscan Mamma couldn't roast the potatoes better that “il maestro” Ivan. We recommend “Farnito 2011, Carpineto” for a fair pairing. With 91 points from Wine & Spirit, this savant “Baby Super Tuscan” wine, made entirely with Cabernet Sauvignon, opens with aromas of toasted oak, scorched earth, underbrush and a balsamic whiff of eucalyptus. This was our preferred wine, at USD 14. Compared with international hotels and restaurants of its category, Namo serves really attractive wine at an honest price.

At that stage, we had already full stomach, and the refreshing homemade Limoncello was the final, light note to our definitely successful -and affordable- journey to Tuscany.

Dress code smart casual. Open daily, 11am - 10:30pm (11:00pm week end and public holidays).

NAMO TUSCAN GRILL: 146-148 Pasteur, District 1,  Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam
PHONE: +84 8 3822 1431

L'USINE DONG KHOI (****L): One of the most visited cafeterias in Saigon, crowded from breakfast until dinner time, this is one of our best addresses in District 1. Opposite Caravelle Hotel, a stone's throw from the Opera House and the legendary Continental Hotel, it l'usine heritage dong khoi best french cafe cafeteria chic trendy artistic saigonhas a fabulous location. Like all the bars and restaurants in the still so nostalgically French “rue Catinat” (renamed Dong Khoi after the independence), it could attract a majority of tourists. Astonishingly, after three consecutive visits, we didn't meet so many of them; but a pleasant, casually elegant, actually fashionable mix of expats and young patrons from the local elite, creating an entertaining ambiance in an entertaining, atypical building with a history.

The principal tenant of an early 20th-century reconstruction of the former Grand Hôtel de France, L'Usine is accessed through labyrinthic corridors and stairs, reflecting the post “Art Nouveau” style developed in Saigon during the French Protectorate. Innovative in the 1920s,  the building still surprises the visitor, with its arcade, in which the Catinat-Ciné film theatre was installed in the 1930s. The unusual mosaic wall may still be seen by customers, as they make their way up to L'Usine.

Separated from the eatery by an original industrial sliding door, the shop sells premium quality Vietnamese products: food, of course, but also clothes, lighting, fragrances, and homeware. From La Petit Epicerie Saigon to Comme des Garçons, or Maison Kitsuné, all items are trendy, integrating the taste of the patrons. The design refers to a factory, with lots of discrete references to French cafés. We loved it at very first sight. This is the place where you would like to work on your PC sipping one cup of not less than 16 selections of super strong coffee (their espresso is the best in town), or bring your local girl friend:  impressed to enjoy a twist of the cosmopolitan Saigon as it used in the 1950s.

Our gastronomic experience at L'Usine is based on one of the most exciting -and sought after- breakfasts in D1. Mixing the clients of the plush Park Hyatt Saigon with Vietnamese entrepreneurs, writers, artists, and fashionista. In!, indeed. This could be the location, the design, the French influence, with a mediocre food and service... On the contrary, this is actually gourmets place.

With most of the dishes served by generous portions for USD 5 till 9,  desserts at approximately USD 5, and espresso at USD 2.5, L'Usine is not pricey. Compared with what you would pay in a leading hotel, the value for money is excellent. We ordered signatures like “Pancakes with Honeycomb Butter, Berry Jam, Maple Syrup & Cream”, rich and yummy. The warmly recommended “Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict”, is 100% authentic: therefore not served on sliced bread, but over toasted English Muffins, as we like. It made us feel like sitting at Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, where we had the last memorable Eggs Benedict prior to our experience at L'Usine. Price wasn't on the same scale at all... Idem with the homemade desserts: we couldn't believe we would find such a perfect Lemon Tart with Meringue more than 10,000 kilometers from France!

Juices are ultra fresh. L'Usine best seller is: “Saigon Heat”. A morning rejuvenating shot, mixing orange, pineapple, watermelon, carrot, and ginger.  We couldn't leave without drinking a pint of a unique beer in Indochina: “Saigon Saison”, by Pasteur Street Brewing Company. With 7.2% ABV, this award-winning brew features Phu Quoc Island black pepper, ginger, and lemongrass. Developing very spicy aromas, and a light wheat flavor pairing well with the dry finish.

We noted well that, like in all the venues managed by the excellent L Concepts group (Namo Tuscan Grill and Namo Artisanal Pizzeria), no MSG, and only freshly-picked veggie and world class ingredients are used.

One of our favorite addresses, unfortunately, earmarked for demolition since already almost a decade (a Chinese real estate company plans to build a bling building,  eventually hosting a tacky hotel like The Reverie), L'Usine is double worth the visit to feel like the successful junction between the cosmopolite Saigon of yesteryear and of today.

Dress code casual.

Open daily 7:30 am – 10:30 pm.

L'USINE DONG KHOI: 151/5 Dong Khoi, District 1, Saigon, HCMC, Vietnam
PHONE: +84 28 6674 9565


Chef Ivan Barone didn't need to insist a lot to convince us to visit his pizzeria. With a targeted location, between Park Hyatt and El Gaucho, it attracts the same five-star guests for an informal yet gourmet experience in a contemporary namo artisanal pizzeria best gastronomic restaurants in saigon hcmc ho chi minh city best pizzeriatwo-storey dining space. Less intimate and chic, but more lively compared with Namo Tuscan Grill, its has the same gastronomic inspiration: providing the best, freshest products and the best recipes.

Here, the pizza is Neapolitan and not Roman.  Neapolitan pizza is a unique species identifiable by a different dough recipe. It tends to have a thin to medium thin crust made with olive oil, flour, water, yeast, salt. There is no addition of oil, which is the main distinction from Roman dough. It gives the crust less weight, more flavor, and a slightly less crispy, more chewy texture. Cooked in a bricks oven, imported in three parts from Italy and assembled in the open-cuisine where you can see the chef and his team of pizzaioli at work, and even briefly chat with them. There is a bar next to the cuisine, for an aperitif before getting a table available in this always full restaurant.

We like two kinds of pizza. The most simple, and the most sophisticated. We, therefore, started with what is considered the best “Margherita” in town. Topped with basil, tomatoes, and Mozzarella, it can't be more rustic; yet, what a delicacy! Order half portion only, at VND 95,000, and spend another VND 255,000 for a “Crabster”.  This is the high-end version of a pizza. A signature at Namo, it comes with a fishy fresh crab, lobster and shrimp roe aristocratic topping, Mascarpone, seaweed, and a rich tomato sauce. Next visit, we shall definitely order a “Burrata” at VND 290,000, with artisanal Burrata, Mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes. Or a lavish “Truffle & Forest Mushrooms” (VND 360,000), with black truffle, mushrooms medley, and Mozzarella.

Signature pastas are simply exquisite. We couldn't miss “Crab Tagliolini Al Nero” (VND 390,000): fishy handmade squid ink pasta, spicy crab ragout, and tomatoes. Our partner ordered  “Linguine With Spicy Lobster” (with cherry tomatoes from Dalat), at VND 450,000. A marvel!

We suggest pairing it all with and organic “Citto Toscana IGT 2014” (VND 220,000 by the glass). Everything on the menu is guaranteed preservative and MSG free!

Though the Tiramisu and Panna Cotta are distinctive, we think that it would be a pity to skip the “Mojito Pizza”  (VND 190,000).  A curiosity and a real treat, it features rum Mascarpone cream, white chocolate, vanilla ice cream, mint and lime syrup...

Much more than a pizzeria (you have one hundred of them in Saigon), this is a fine dining restaurant, indeed, with its regular patrons, and a real temple of Italian gastronomy in the most gourmand city in Vietnam.

Open Monday-Sunday, 11am - 11pm. Happy hour everyday, 11am - 7pm.

NAMO TRADITIONAL PIZZERIA: 74/6 Hai Bà Trung, District 1,  Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam
PHONE: +84 8 3822 7988

EL GAUCHO (****L):
This is always surprising to see how Asian people are fond of steakhouses. If for French or American enjoying a good sirloin or rib eye steak in a bistro sounds like a pleasant middle-class routine, it comes in Asia with such a chic image. Imported meat is el gaucho best steak house saigon ho chi minh vietnamexpensive, and enjoying it remains a real privilege. El Gaucho is new, but already one of the leading restaurants in Saigon. Things go fast in this developing, refined city: you win (or you lose) fast, depending on the mouth to ear and reviews in the magazines. Once at our hotel, Park Hyatt, opposite the restaurant, we inquired to the concierge, management, and even F&B, asking which was the best steakhouse in District 1. The response was always the same: “-You should try El Gaucho!”.

Don’t dine alone in a steakhouse of that class. Bring a Saigonese friend. There are many chances that he/she already heard of this place, which he/she maybe cannot afford; treating an educated person in such a reputed restaurant shall bring you some bonuses, either in term of business or love… We have seen how Vietnamese can be excessively gourmet. Sometimes more than French or Italian. The reaction of our partner at El Gaucho was like orgasmic.

First of all, the restaurant is trendy. Modern, elegant, comfortable, with great local and international staff.  Waiters are amongst the most enthusiastic which we have seen during our long gastronomic tour of Southeast Asia. The concept “El Gaucho” started so successfully in Thailand (Bangkok), that the Saigon franchise has developed a four levels concept to host more patrons with more comfort. We were quite attracted by the large, little more formal dining room opening to a smoking terrace with a view on the animated Hai Ba Trung street. But David, the young and active owner, suggested that the ground-floor bar would be more animated on a weekday. We sat at the bar, and enjoyed one of the most friendly and remarkable meat dinners in our gourmet life.

What is important to us, and this is what motivated us to experience El Gaucho:  the chef only uses beef from cattle that are handled, fed and treated according to the strict animal welfare guidelines, raised in non-stress environments and at no point exposed to antibiotics or hormones. This is guaranteed and written black on white on the menu. Few steakhouses are providing to their guests such healthy, prime quality beef from the best Australian and American farms. Reaching the highest marble scores and grading, the hand-cut and hand trimmed meat is carefully aged in a cold storage to fully develop the flavor and tenderness for a fantastic melt in our mouth. Note that it is 100% Halal certified.

We ordered our beef by the weight. It goes up to 1000 grams by the portion! Unless you are an ogre, keep with the smallest, 250 grams steaks, and don’t miss the extraordinary side dishes, from the classic French Fries till the gourmand Macaroni and Cheese, Sautéed Onions or wonderful Corn on Cob, nor the to-die-for sauces (we recommend the spicy BBA Sauce and the Wild Mushroom Sauce ). We had a thick, medium rare Black Angus Filet Steak, juicy, tender, with such a rich taste. Our partner was like magnetized by her USDA Prima Rib Eye Steak, melting almost like butter. At approximately USD 40 (plus 10% VAT), that was not cheap on the local standard but great value for money, indeed. The side dishes came in a generous portion at USD 4 till 7 only! The sauces didn’t cost more than USD 4. We were suggested to try just a bit of the homemade Salchicha (a good starter at an affordable USD  8). This spicy sausage, tasting like North African “merguez”, is permanently on sale at El Gaucho butcher’s shop, located opposite to the bar. The price of the all cleaned and trimmed beef, lamb and pork is attractive (the Salchicha costs USD 22 / Kg; USDA Prime Beef goes for USD 77 / Kg, plus 10% VAT). El Gaucho is also reputed for its pastas (try the Spaghetti with Chorizo Bolognese, at USD 15), fish (Grilled Tasmanian Salmon is a signature, at USD 24). We enjoyed the creamy “Provoleta”: grilled Provolone cheese, tomato, with a hint of oregano and olive oil (USD 10). The Caesar Salad, rich on Parmesan, is considered one of the best in Saigon (USD 10).

We have been quite impressed by the wine list. Updated with the best brands from Argentina, Chile, Spain, Australia and the USA, it features a more than decent Argentinean Malbec at USD 8 by the glass, nicely pairing our meat.

Impossible to leave El Gaucho without tasting the Hot Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream, or the so divine Argentinean Dulce De Leche in Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream. Most of the desserts cost less than 9 USD. If you are smiling and friendly, the staff might offer you a glass of signature iced Vodka Caramel, pairing so well the Dulce de Leche.

The best compliment about El Gaucho was pronounced by our partner: “-We shall come back?”. For sure: should it be in Saigon, Hanoi, and Bangkok, impossible to visit only once such a successful, warmly recommended restaurant.

Opening hours: Daily from 11 am until late.

EL GAUCHO: 74/1 Hai Ba Trung, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam
PHONE: +84 8 38 272 090 

THE HUE HOUSE (****): Excellent Vietnamese restaurants are plethoric in Saigon. From street food till fancy hotels dining rooms, enjoying one of the best cuisines in Asia, for all budgets, is so easy that we preferred not to review it. Let's make some exception with this the hue house secret restreats secret tables best hue cuisine romantic rooftop luxury restaurant saigon ho chi minh cityhidden restaurant, with the oddest location ever: at the top of a soulless office building, in the very central District 1. Despite our GPS, it took us a few minutes, inquiring with security agents poorly trained in English, to be directed to a dull lobby without any visible mention of The Hué House. That was a few weeks after its opening, and things might have changed in the meanwhile. Thus, that kind of a treasure hunt was an entertaining introduction one of the most pleasant and romantic, totally unexpected dining rooms in D1.

Though Saigon has plentiful of café-terraces, it doesn't have many rooftop restaurants like this. Dominating the whole city from the tenth floor, it has a panorama on all the colonial landmarks and modern landmarks. Virtually all the tables come with a view, and a pleasant breeze. Even when the temperature is as canicular as it was the evening of our visit for the best dinner al fresco ever enjoyed in Ho Chi Minh City.

Now, for those saying, “- We like Vietnamese cuisine”, we would amend that the use of singular is incorrect. There are different cuisines in Vietnam. To roughly summarize, specialties from Saigon are rather sweet and blend. Not as spicy and aromatic as in Hué. A rich gastronomic heritage makes this city, and the whole region, a reference well over the borders of Vietnam. Those visiting a top ranked Vietnamese restaurant in Paris, New York or Sidney will surely enjoy Hué cuisine.

Central Vietnam used to be an Empire. Its cuisine is a reflection of this period: served to the rulers in relatively small portions shared between the guests, as it is still nowadays, including at the traditional Hué House, it is prominently vegetarian. Spicy, it must be displayed on the plate, according to the shapes and colors, to look like a work of art. A feast for the eyes as well as the palate, accompanied with sophisticated sauces absolutely specific to the dish.

Welcomed like feudal by the young and smiling staff, we immediately felt like at ease. Elegant and cool, the service pairs the standing of the terrace, designed like a secret garden with the structure of a wooden house. There is a central bar / open kitchen, emanating the mouth watering smells of spiced wok titillating our nose... and appetite.

That was a good surprise: the illustrated menu addressing the neophyte offers a large choice of definitely affordable dishes. Not much more expensive compared with those simple, yet delicious, small eateries serving Hué cuisine around Bên Tanh Market. Our Vietnamese guest considered that the quality of the super fresh ingredients was noticeably superior at The Hué House. Hard to say from a foreigner, recently initiated to the local gastronomy. What we would say, to keep on with a comparison, is that this rooftop terrace is definitely unbeaten in term of exclusive atmosphere.

A traditional Hué dinner should start with a hearty bowl of “Bun Bo Hué”, the city's signature noodle dish combining tender beef, vermicelli, and lemongrass.

The crispy “Banh Khoai”, fried pancake stuffed with pork belly and shrimps is one of our favorite appetizers, with the universally famous “Nem Lui”; finely minced ground beef and pork, plus shredded pork skin and fat, garlic, sugar and fish sauce, formed into sausages around stalks of lemongrass, grilled over charcoal and set in front of diners. We indeed like crisp, ordering also “Banh Beo”: steamed rice cakes, about the size of a two Euros coin, that comes five pieces to an order, topped with pork cracklings, sun-dried shrimps, aromatic herbs, and shallots, served with “Nuoc Mam Pha” fermented fish sauce (reputed highly aphrodisiac...).

Our favorite is “Com Hen”: a large portion of stir-fried clams with peanuts, crisp pork cracklings, bean sprouts, deep fried shallots and fresh herbs. From our experience, The Hué House serves the best “Com Hen” in Saigon. Moreover, the portion was generous compared with the other dishes. 

We liked the soft texture of the “Banh Loc Tran” tapioca flour-based dough, stuffed with shrimps and pork. Another interesting texture: “Bun Thit Nuong”, grilled meat vermicelli with pig’s shoulder, lemongrass, white sesame, lemon, garlic, and scallion.

In the past, lotus was a rare ingredient in Hue, only served for the king. We, therefore, recommend it to conclude this delicious dinner in style, with “Che Hat Sen”  lotus seeds sweet soup, a particularly refreshing dessert in the hot season.

This is a secret address from the exclusive Secret Tables catalog.

Dress code casual.

Open daily 10 am – 10 pm.

THE HUE HOUSE: Rooftop Master Building (10th floor) 41 - 43 Tran Cao Van street, Ward 6, District 3 Saigon 70000 , Vietnam


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