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Best Luxury Shopping in Bangkok & Thailand 2023
(Hua Hin & Phuket Island)



Luxury Shopping in Bangkok & Thailand 2023: jewellery and precious gifts, world class tailor shops (Bangkok, Hua Hin, Phuket) & most prestigious shopping malls



Thailand is a leading destination to purchase precious gifts, and more particularly jewellery, at actually attractive price. Though gold, silver and diamonds are not cheaper compared with Western Countries, the cost of manufacture can be divided by three or four. Designs can cater all tastes, and individual requests are always welcome for a tailored-made jewel which will make you so unique! We never visited Thailand without purchasing at least a small silver ring or a semi-precious stone (Thailand is a leading producer of sapphires and the world's largest cutter of coloured stones) from the tempting shops which you can find everywhere in Bangkok and the rest of the country. Of course, you need to learn carefully from Internet forums and blogs before spending few or lot of your budget in a lovely jewel. Never trust tuk-tuk, taxi drivers, “experts” met in the street, nor the friendly concierge of the most prestigious five star hotel... Also note that Thai silver jewellery from the hill-tribes of Northern Thailand is usually replica, and that the most lovely pearls from Phuket are purchased by prestigious jewellers around the world: those remaining in Thailand tend to be low quality, when not fake.

Last but not least, if you are collecting watches, you will love Thailand: besides the fake Rolex sold out to low class tourists in Patpong, you will find amazing shops displaying precious Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain and Panerai watches, including rare vintage models. There is a concentration of those boutiques in the leading shopping malls like Siam Paragon and, for vintage watches, Mahboonkrong-MBK Center.


AUDEMARS PIGUET: Operated by Cortina Watch in the plush Bangkok Central Embassy shopping mall, this new, elegant boutique shows its prestigious collections in a zen-like blond wood, slate grey design.

Classic models, as well as unique creations and limited edition masterpieces of horology, are displayed in one of the most elegant Audemars best prestigious luxury jewellery in bangkok thailand watch audemars piguetPiguet boutiques in South East Asia. The elite of Thailand, including members of the Royal Family, considers this Swiss manufacture of precious watches,  founded in 1875 and producing movements for Tiffany & Co and Cartier, as one of the "big three" Swiss watchmakers (with Patek Philippe, & Vacheron Constantin) meriting the attention and the investment.

From the 26,000 timepieces produced each year in Le Brassus manufacture, thousands of wristwatches are purchased in South East Asia. Notably the ultra-thin chronograph models, Calibre 2003, designed with the thinnest automatic movement. All models are available in the Bangkok boutique: including Selfwinding, Tourbillon, Tourbillon Chronograph, Dual Time, Chronograph, Perpetual Calendar, Equation of Time, Leo Messi or ultra sophisticated Grande Complication. Royal Oak Offshore and Millenary are a favourites for the young generation in Asia. Jules Audemars and Tradition are ideal for investors and collectors. 

A highly qualified watchmaker is always available to answer questions and carry out adjustments in the heart of the boutique.

Open Monday – Sunday, 10:00– 20:00.

AUDEMARS PIGUET: G01-13, Ground Floor, Central Embassy Shopping Center
1031 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
PHONE: +662 160-5838   FACSIMILE: +662 160-5839


PATEK PHILIPPE & Co: From Queen Victoria till Nicolas Sarkozy, connoisseurs and admirers of fine watchmaking acquired at leastpatek philippe bangkok shop distributor erawan one model (usually Calatrava) manufactured by this prestigious brand distributed in Thailand by Cortina Watch.

Featuring the most complicated mechanical movements, this Swiss ultra-luxury watchmaker is considered by many experts and aficionados to be, 
since 1852, one of the most prestigious mainstream brands along with Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin. Out of the 40 – 50,000 models produced every year, lots are purchased by Thai tycoons. Knowing that the most expensive wristwatch ever auctioned was a Patek Philippe yellow gold, perpetual calendar and moonphase produced in 1943 and sold US$5.50 million in May 2010, this sounds definitely like a great investment!

Patek Philippe flagship model is the Calatrava: a line of discreet though amazingly elegant dress watches introduced in 1932. The contemporary Calatrava 5119 and the new collections at Baselworld 2014 are available in the Erawan Cortina Watch Espace, together with other legendary brands like Breguet, Omega, Chopard, and IWC.

Open Monday – Sunday, 10:00– 20:00.

PATEK PHILIPPE & Co: 1st Floor, Erawan Bangkok,
494 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan,
Bangkok 10330
PHONE: +662 250-7999      FACSIMILE: +662 250-7799


VACHERON CONSTANTIN: Manufacturer of the most expensive diamond wristwatch in the world (model Kallista, worth US$9 millions appreciates in value US$ 4,000 each day!), this Swiss brand caters the rich and famous. Napoleon Bonaparte, Duke of Windsor, vacheron constantin watch pendulum gaysorn siam paragon bangkok thailandHarry Truman and Lady Diana proudly owned a Vacheron Constantin. Josephine Bonaparte invented the wristwatch in 1809, when she asked the oldest watch manufacturer in the world to provide her with a pocket watch attached to a bracelet: so she could wear it on her arm! Historic leaders are imitated nowadays by the most successful Asian entrepreneurs, purchasing this exclusive treasure in the ritzy Pendulum Boutiques at Siam Paragon and Gaysorn Plaza.

François Constantin and Jacques-Barthélémy Vacheron heritage has been well preserved since 1755 by a new generation of watchmakers, manufacturing in Geneva and Vallée de Joux the most complicated movements for the thinnest wristwatch available on the market. Doing the impossible, Vacheron issues since 1955 the world's slimmest mechanical movement at 1.64 millimetres. Introduced in 1996, the Skeleton Minute Repeater, which chimes the hours, quarters and minutes at the press of a button, is 3.28 millimetres (.13 of an inch) thick, the thinnest of its kind made today.

You won't find the Kallista in the Bangkok shop (it can be ordered months -if not years- in advance), but discreetly elegant “Patrimony” and “Traditionnelle” models. The tough “Overseas” will please sportsmen and yachtsmen. Our favourite are the signature “Malte” and “Quai de  L'Ile”, fitting a real gentleman's wrist.

Open Monday - Sunday, 11:00 - 19:30.

VACHERON CONSTANTIN:  Pendulum Boutique, Siam Paragon
Unit M 25, Main Level, 991 Rama 1 Road,
Patumwan, Lumpini, Bangkok 10330
PHONE: +662 610-9423    FACSIMILE:  +662 610-9424


TAILORS (Bangkok, Hua Hin, Phuket): 

Like Hong Kong, Thailand is reputed for its custom tailors. With a bonus: this is the country of silk, and hand-made apparels in this material are available for one tenth of the Western price. 

More and more tourists, but also businessmen, diplomats and even statesmen are ordering top notch clothes from Thailand. Quality and service improved so much with time -and competition!- that this is not a secret anymore: even the US presidents do not hesitate to visit the best shops (like George Bush Sr and Jr, faithful clients of the top notch Gulati's family boutique), or to schedule a yearly Thai tailors' team visit to the White House (like Barack Obama, ordering his official US$ 10,000 suits to Martin Greenfield, the legendary "presidents' tailor" in Brooklyn, and his more casual US$ 300 jackets and US$ 60 shirts from the excellent Savile Row Fashion House in Bangkok). Shops like Ambassador & Smart Fashion have been operated by more than three generations of expert tailors!

Shops are hiring external tailors. Therefore, wherever you go, consider the shopkeeper, even the most professional one... as a shopkeeper. Tell him what you are looking for, and how much you would like to pay. Bargaining is part of the deal; but do not require a dirty cheap rate, as you would receive dirty cheap quality clothes as well ! Serious shopkeepers will do their best to make you understand where is your interest.  They will also explain you that if it takes only 2 - 3 days to cut a shirt, you will have to wait at least one week before wearing a classy, carefully designed suit (which can also be shipped free-of-charge to your country).  US$ 100 next day delivered suits are scams. Taxi and "tuk-tuk' drivers offering you a lift to the "best tailor" also. You can rely on our reviews, featuring the most established and best valued shops in Bangkok and Thailand.

  best luxury tailors in bangkok 2022


ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA: Since 1910 one of the biggest global producers of the finest men's clothing waved in the finest fabrics, this family run international company enjoy a high reputation and lots of prestige in Thailand. This is surely one of the few top luxury brands ermenegildo zegna made to measure bespoke luxury tailor singaporeoffering ready-to-wear amazing jackets at less that US$ 3,000, and fantastic suits at US$ 4,000 – 5,000. World famous for its jet-setters' jackets designed by Stefano Pilati, carefully cut in Tessuto Trofeo and Tropical, ideal for travelling in style within South East Asia.

The Bangkok Zegna boutique at Siam Paragon gives its clients an easy and relatively affordable opportunity to enter the world of five star fashion brands “Made to Measure”, proudly delivering unique tailored suits made from the rarest fibers in the world. Like the innovative “ZegnaSilk” fabrics, created from the most precious silk fibers, adding lightweight elegance to summer suiting: the perfect choice for jackets and suits, it features the same unmistakable craftsmanship that has distinguished this brand for over a century.

Through a sartorial tradition that has been elevated to a fine art by Zegna craftsmen, the finishing touches are executed by hand with the utmost care. Linings and accessories are entirely natural, with cotton used for a remarkable breathability: allowing moisture vapor to be transmitted through the material. Horsehair are used for more strength. The staff in the boutique helps the client to choose the buttons, buttonholes and lapels best suited for his very personal character. As a final detail, an exclusive personalized label that bears the customer’s name is sewn on each sleeve unit.

The materials choice is impressive. The permanent “Premium Collection by Zegna” is offered in more than 300 exclusive renowned fabrics: ranging from “High Performance Micronsphere”, “Trofeo”, “Trofeo 600” and the elegant “Ceremonia” to suit special events. Symbol of prestige and very exclusive in facts, “Platinum Collection by Zegna” expresses an unconditional pursuit of sartorial excellence, featuring the very best fabrics from Ermenegildo Zegna’s wool mill: “12 Milmil 12”, “13 Milmil 13” and “14 Milmil 14”.

Like a legend sparked by an act of greatness that spans generations, or a melody that takes form upon encountering the perfect voice, the master tailor skillfully constructs perfection - from the initial consultation to the hand-stitched finishing touches - exclusively for you.

ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA FAR-EAST: Siam Paragon Shopping Centre,  991 Rama I Rd., Pathumwan, 10330 Bangkok 
PHONE: ++66 26109355-7 

CANALI: Led by the third generation of the family, Canali produces since 1934 amazingly elegant clothes in the most precious fabrics. Reputed for its iconic, unstructured Kei jacket, the brand is extremely successful in Bangkok with a trendy shop in high-end Siam Paragon best luxury first class recommended tailors in bangkok thailand canali su misurashopping center.

Canali’s leading -and most expensive- product is the made-to-measure (“Su Misura”). Experience begins with an in-depth consultation with one of a master tailor. This isn’t about ticking boxes or filling in forms, rather it’s a free and unrestricted discussion that’s as unique as each customer’s specific tastes and needs.

Each customer identifies a basic style and cut of garment that best fits their taste and body shape. Then the master tailor will collect the measurements and alteration specifics to ensure that the “Su Misura” suit is made according to the customer’s movements, posture and styling preferences.

Canali currently offers a choice of over 500 fabrics for “Su Misura” garments, including exclusive seasonal selections.
Spring fabrics include classic pure wools, linen and silk blends and ultra fine Super 200s – textiles of rare quality for the true connoisseur. Autumn/Winter fabrics range from comfortable stretch and water resistant wools to pure cashmere and soft blends of angora, camel and mohair. 

The “Su Misura” process allows each customer to personalize their garment. Once fit and fabrics have been chosen, there is a multitude of other elements to consider, from a wide variety of buttons to belt loops and extra pockets. Each “Su Misura” suit is unique and, as a mark of this, comes with a label embroidered with the customer’s name.

Opening hours Mon-Sun 10.30-20.30.

CANALI: Siam Paragon Shopping Center, Main Floor, Room M15A, 991 Rama 1 Rd, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
PHONE +66 2 610 9994

AMBASSADOR & SMART FASHION: Bangkok was not yet a leading capital city of tourism in the 1950's, when this legendary shop already offered premium apparel to the Thai high society. One of the most established custom tailors in South East Asia, with a third best tailors in bangkok tailor luxury tailors sukhumvitgeneration serving clients throughout the entire globe, this is actually one of the best places for fashion coaching: by warmly welcoming Paul, Sam, and their team, gladly assisting you in updating your wardrobe all the time at unbeatable prices.

Nestled in the most prestigious and easy to reach part of Sukhumvit, just 200 meters from Terminal 21 Shopping Mall & Grande Westin Hotel, a 2 minutes walk from Sky Train Station Asoke (exit 1) or Subway Station Sukhumvit (exit 3), the preciously designed, top-luxury showroom makes you feel confident at first sight: a first class venue for first class customers,  this temple of refinement and good taste stocks over 1000 prime quality materials: wool, cashmere, silk, linen, Super 100 and Egyptian / Italian / Swiss / Sea Island cotton shall make your choice as exciting as easy. Not a budget but good value for money store for demanding clients served over the planet,  Ambassador & Smart Fashion is achieving the highest possible standard of personal tailoring: quality is optimum, whatever money you are spending on suits, tuxedos, sports jacket, pants, top coats, overcoats and shirts, along with the dresses and blouses for ladies. Hand-made, carefully sewn, adjusted and checked on your body, procuring the feeling of a second skin, they do reflect the impression that you come back from a hefty shopping trip in London or Milan: because Paul and Sam are importing their best fabrics (easy care, no wrinkles, no fading!) from England and Italy...

A good suit-maker / shirtmaker, whatever your style may be, won't neglect any detail nor special requirements. Do you want your suit / shirt monogrammed? Would you like the last button on your cuff to display a different colour? Do you eventually need extra pocket for your glasses, business cards, iPod, or cell phone? Simply ask, and your desire will be accommodated on the spot. Making your apparel so comfy and so unique.

Ambassador & Smart Fashion is one of those very few tailors in Bangkok who can work actually quickly... and well: though Paul prefers to ask his clients a little patience, waiting few days to get their order ready, those on a particular hurry can have it ready for fitting in as little as a few hours, indeed!

Note well that Paul and his team always refused to use a stock pattern to make suits; creating instead a unique pattern for each individual, specifically designed for his/her body type and style choices. This is maybe one of the reasons why clients always return to Ambassador & Smart Fashion, one of the most awarded custom tailors in South East Asia. Measurements are kept in records, allowing quick and easy email orders when you need to update your wardrobe without crossing the oceans. Each order is treated individually upon reception, and it takes less than a couple of weeks to get it delivered to your home.

The best tailors traditionally tour around the world to visit their clients: Ambassador & Smart Fashion representatives visit Europe,  Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries on a regular basis (at least once or twice per year) to comply with what we would consider as one of the most remarkable level of customer service in Thailand.

Complimentary pick up service is provided around Bangkok without any obligations.

Warmly recommended by Tripadvisor, you can get updated about this great shop in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

AMBASSADOR & SMART FASHION: 28/1 Sukhumvit Soi 19, Bangkok 10110
PHONE:  +662 253 2993  
FACSIMILE: +662 255 4518  
CELLULAR / WHATSAPP: +669 8793 5696    


TAILOR PRO:  This is a well known shopper's tip: tailors established in luxury hotels are among the best in Bangkok, as hoteliers don't best first class luxury top notch tailors in bangkok thailandwant to spoil their reputation with amateurs. Stepping inside Tailor Pro intimate shop, in the posh Sukhumvit area, is a safe and wise initiative: the brand operates since the 1960s. Oldest tailoring establishment in Thailand, it grown and expanded over the years to become one of the finest and most established tailors in the Kingdom. Tailor Pro emphasizes on building long time relationships with customers: maintaining records and measurements for a period of up to 15 years. Extremely convenient for those who, satisfied with their first experience, envisage further orders by fax or email. 

This distinguished tailoring brand caters for both the domestic and foreign markets: developing a large customer base from USA, Japan, Asia and Middle East. It provides a wide range of fine products for gents and ladies, followed by facilities such as mail order service, alteration services, delivery services and pickup services. 

A well crafted jacket at Tailor Pro is an interfacing made of prime quality camel hair, horsehair and flannel. The lining is fused German, and the Melton is a combination of felt and Irish cotton. The buttons are cross-stitched and chosen with great care. Those used on the finest fabrics are made of pure horn and have a diameter of 19 mm for the front buttoning and 9 mm on the sleeves: the four buttonholes on the sleeves are real and may be opened if so wished. Assortment of Materials and design keep customers coming back. Fabrics range from 100% cotton and linens to pure cashmere, alpaca wool, and real kid mohair for suits. Pure Egyptian and Swiss cottons and pinpoint oxford for shirts; and 100% pure Italian cashmere for overcoats. Not to mention pure Thai silk and silk blends. In the world of fashions, one can safely say, time moves quickly. This is the reason why the director attends the many fashion exhibitions in Europe and the USA to keep the firm posted on recent market trends. In doing so, either it is a stylish Versace cut or a trendy Armani model, nothing is impossible for well-experienced tailors. 

Price range THB 2,500 – 15,000. Major credit cards accepted. 

Open daily, 9:30am until 9:00pm. 

We recommend this tailor, stressing on superior quality, guaranteed workmanship at reasonable price. 

TAILOR PRO: Sukhumvit soi 16, shop-house #176/23, in front of Somerset Lake Point hotel, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 
PHONE: + 66 086 889 1001    CELLULAR:  + 66 085 844 1307 and + 66 081 599 2370  

BRIONI:  Whether their motive is to look expensive to others or just the inward confirmation that they can afford such a piece of clothing, those who like to show their social status will love to shop in Brioni’s new boutique at Gaysorn Plaza. brioni_best_first_class_luxury_custom_tailors_singapore Sprawled over 1,000 square feet of prime retail space, Bangkok’s latest sartorial destination is one of the largest Brioni boutique in the region, after Singapore. The new concept store was designed in Milan’s fashion district at Via Gesù, and has been replicated across future Brioni boutiques around the world.

Developed by Creative Director Brendan Mullane in collaboration with Studio Park Associati of Milan, sprawling over 100 sq.m2 of prime retail space, the new store concept teams the masculine character of a gentleman’s club with the elegance of a private “Dressing Room”. Conveying a traditional character with a contemporary twist, making use of premium materials, the interior is organized into separate selling areas spanning formal-wear and leisure-wear.

Custom-tailoring is supremely managed in an exclusive VIP room, with an area dedicated to the “Su Misura” service; a refined five star lounge dedicated to the art of bespoke tailoring, furnished with a large closet that opens out to demonstrate the fabrics and finishings used to personalize the garments. Brioni’s made-to-measure jackets and suits have nurtured a cult-following amongst the world's most dapper men: a roll call of which includes icons like Daniel Craig (007 is dressed to kill in a Brioni Vanquish II suit), Al Pacino, Cary Grant, lots of bankers and leading statesmen. Though the fantastic cutting process remains a secret, it has been reported that a Vanquish II suit counts not less than 7,000 stitches, being handled by the tailors team an average of 300 times! Which would justify the price paid by the “elite of the elite” for the most expensive suit in the world, made from rare fibers such as vicuna, pashmina and qiviuk (eight times warmer than wool and finer than cashmere, qiviut is hypoallergenic and will not shrink. ). Price tag is as high as $43,000! Brioni will produce only 150 pieces of this special-edition.

Located in the very top of the luxury hierarchy, Brioni targets the wealthiest 1% to 2% of consumers world-wide.  We are not part of it... but still can afford Brioni's beautiful accessories: actually affordable, footwear and small leather goods are displayed in exclusive showcases made of travertine, bronzed glass and brass. A great, highly distinguished present for your friends... or why not, for yourself?

BRIONI: Gaysorn Plaza, G. Fl, 999 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan 10330
PHONE:  +66 265 61115


SAVILE ROW FASHION HOUSE: This award-winning custom tailor, with over 40 years experience, has been servicing clients from around the world (including President Obama!) for 3 generations. Providing top notch quality clothing at very reasonable prices, Savile Row built up its local and international fame from its timeless style and peerless reputation. What also makes the best tailor in bangkok and thailand savile row wears president obamadifference between Savile Row and many other tailors advertised in Thailand magazines and guides for tourists, is a uniquely high standard of service, choice and unmatched delivery conditions to any destination worldwide. 

The very central shop, located in Sukhumvit, inside Rose Hotel, close to the best international hotels (JW Marriott, Sheraton Grande, InterContinental...), offers premium and customized men's clothing: such as custom suits, shirts, sport jackets, and pants tailored by professional custom tailors. Note that Savile row also distinguishes in offering customized ladies suits, dresses, skirts, blouses...: all specially tailored to perfection. From the comfort of your home, you can have Savile Row as your personal custom tailors: designing your clothing through their merchant website, with no need to travel overseas. With a constant eye on quality and service, this company is actually conscientious regarding pricing: charging absolutely no extra charges for "Big and Tall". For "Word of the Week" special promotions, simply visit Savile Row on Facebook. 

Styles include classic single-breasted suits, double-breasted blazers, chic three-button single-breasted jackets for men, double-breasted long jackets and single-breasted short jackets for women. Cuts can be from international fashion houses, or custom designed in-house, guided with both your references and preferences. Shirt styles range from the classic Italian forward points and English Broad collars, to button downs, spread or cut away collars and open neck (Hawaiian) collars with long or short sleeves and classic barrel cuffs or French cuffs. Options like pockets, cuffs, placate fronts, pleated back and monogramming are fully customizable. 

Savile Row fabrics range from 100% cottons and linens, to pure Cashmere and Merino wool. They can also can use real kid Mohair for suits, and pure Egyptian cottons and Oxford for shirts. Overcoats can be sewn from 100% pure Italian cashmere. Of course this is also the place for pure Thai silk. 

Whether you are looking for suits, shirts, blazers, trousers, or even top coats, you can be fitted in custom tailor elegance at incredibly low prices (with many offers like “Buy 1 suit for EUR 100 , and get one suit free”). Choose your preferred fabric, colors, design and style. Discuss your requirements with their professional fashion advisor, be your own designer, or even bring in your favorite garment or a picture out of a magazine and have the style or model copied. Savile Row prides itself of its new like for high end customer, with awsome suits made from the most exclusive wools starting at USD 350. 

Savile Row has any command ready within 18 hours, and delivers to your hotel free of charge.  Worldwide mail order and major credit cards accepted. 

An excellent and well known address! 

SAVILE ROW FASHION HOUSE:  Sukhumvit soi 16, shop-house #176/23, inside Rose Hotel, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 
PHONE: + 66 086 889 1001    CELLULAR:  + 66 085 844 1307 and + 66 081 599 2370            

TAILOR PRO LEATHER:  Discerning users are more and more skipping brands, even the most famous ones, to acquire premium products. Legendary biker gangs, like the Hell's Angels, showed the way to the nowadays elite wishing to exhibit its difference wearing what tailor pro leather best shop for custom tailored leather jackets bombers bikers for ladies gentlemen bangkok thailandis now an emblem: a custom made weather jacket. You can be rich and rebel at the same time: leaving your Armani suit in your closet for a while, and wearing a casual yet so-chic James Dean, Arthur Fonzarelli or David Beckham style calf jacket as a second skin on your well shaped body!

So nice, so exclusive... so expensive? Indeed yes! Searching Google for custom made leather jackets, you will see by yourself that it might cost US$15,000 – 40,000 to afford such a luxury. Unless you would be wise enough to visit Thailand, our favourite country in South East Asia, where the Tailor Pro Leather Company has been designing and cutting leather garments since more than 40 years. Don't hesitate, and call this elegant boutique for a visit: centrally located in Sukhumvit, it might be so close to your hotel:  you will then see that, like pop and movie stars, sportsmen, and even royalties who have been amongst the first to discover and recommend Tailor Pro Leather many years ago, you can wear and purchase glamorous calf, sheep, goat, lambskin, and why not crocodile skin jackets for only THB 10,000 (US$ 300) - 85000  (US$ 2600) up for special orders.

Fendi or Valentino style, slim jackets for ladies; virile bombers or classy Emporio Armani refined Italian  design for gents can be build quickly, though carefully and lovingly, after measurement. Successful fashion designers from around the world are ordering from Tailor Pro Leather for their best clients, satisfied by the mark of style, luxury, class and distinction of their certified 100% hand-made work: you can be sure that the quality and cut will meet your expectancy. Though we would rather advise to be your very own designer: choosing the material, shape, make, and type of leather, efficiently assisted like a star by a dedicated team of tailors, to have your 100% unique and so-sexy style: this is how you will feel supremely different and noticeable. There is something really special about wearing a top quality leather jacket designed by you, and made by a reputed tailor: you will feel this ecstatic impression on the first try, making you feel like you've owned it for years from the moment you put it on.

Because a leather jacket is a must in your closet, and because this is maybe your most unique, fetish like piece of clothes, make sure you purchase it from the best shop: Tailor Pro Leather has is most prestigious and reliable business card which we can handle you in Thailand.

Sukhumvit soi 16, shop-house #176/23, in front of Somerset Lake Point hotel, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 
PHONE: + 66 086 889 1001    CELLULAR:  + 66 085 844 1307 and + 66 081 599 2370

SAVILE ROW WEDDING BOUTIQUE:  Have you ever thought of having your wedding gown custom made: spoiled and dressed like a royal princess or a movie star? Moreover in Thailand? Too expensive? Too far? On the contrary; you would never imagine how many savile row wedding boutique best tailor for wedding dress gowns bangkok thailandcouples are visiting wedding shops in Bangkok nowadays. This fashion phenomenon is quite recent, and the business is booming; though few shops, usually concentrating in Sukhumvit, are actually 100% reliable.

We gladly recommend Savile Row since many years, as this is one of the top 5 best custom tailors in Bangkok; their new wedding boutique is already one of the most successful in Thailand. Featuring a classy selection of handmade wedding related products, produced by top designers and top tailors. Maybe have you been impressed by a glamorous dress seen in a people magazine? Bring the picture along with you or e-mail it, and Miss Arun's staff shall copy it carefully; eventually adapting it with some details and fabrics which you may like. Dresses are 100% hand-made, and any requirement can be fulfilled. Savile Row Wedding Boutique is reputed for its unmatched selection of materials and colours, giving you the freedom to create anything you like. Of course, this is their job, tailors can create a custom style for nobody but you: making you so unique for the most unforgettable day in your life.

How does it work, concretely? First step: express your idea. Second step: conceptualize your project with suggested designs and materials. This can be done via email, little bit time before you come in person for the third and last step, called design stage. This is when Savile Row Wedding Boutique staff makes your ideas tangible, working with you and advising you on the best possible course of action.  Now, how does it cost? This boutique, despite of a high-end concept, can cope with any budget. Prices start from approximately THB 8000 (USD 250 only!) for a simple, though lovely and classy wedding gown, in the least expensive materials. If silk is your style, and if you like sophistication, you might pay up THB 55000 maximum (US$ 1700).  Which is the price of a ready-to-wear wedding dress in New York or London...

We suggest you to check the permanently updated information and clients fantastic feedbacks (with original pictures) in Savile Row Wedding Boutique on Facebook and YouTube.

Sukhumvit soi 16, shop-house #176/23, inside Rose Hotel, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 
PHONE: + 66 086 889 1001    CELLULAR:  + 66 085 844 1307 and + 66 081 599 2370

INTER-MILAN TAILOR & BOUTIQUE: This high-end tailor has been selling custom made suits in Bangkok for three generations. Co-owner Pal comes from a long line of clothiers. Pal grew up in the clothing business: pushing relationships, not sales. His expert team will work with you from start to inter milan best luxury high end tailor bangkok sukhumvitfinish: making sure you are comfortable every step of the way. Garments are guaranteed for life: even if you gain or lose a few pounds, the alterations are on this honest and reputed tailor.

This distinguished tailor-shop philosophy consists in upholding the art of creating top quality custom-made tailoring, combined with highly personalized customer service. Over the last 30 years, Pal and his visiting staff have served customers from countries all around the world. Satisfaction comes not only from crafting fine clothes, but also in maintaining contact with clients who have become close friends through repeated visits. Inter-Milan Tailor & Boutique will always cling to its heritage of quality over price. From the full canvas construction to the quality of the fabrics: proudly producing some of the finest custom made suits Bangkok has to offer. Put your trust in Pal: you will not be disappointed.

The "Diplomatic Visits Worldwide” concept has been launched exclusively to extend Inter-Milan services to every corner of the globe for the customers who can't travel to Thailand. Pal can make personal visits to your city on appointments, with a wide range of fabric samples and styles to choose from. You can also bring in your favorite suit for exact copy, and get it mailed to your address within 6 weeks.

Inter-Milan operates from the heart of Bangkok on Sukhumvit main road (Near Sukhumvit Soi 8). This premise has proven to be extremely beneficial to customers, as it is easily accessible via Bangkok efficient 'Skytrain'(BTS) Nana Station. The landmarks nearby are the Bangkok Bank, which is on the right side of the shop, and On 8 Hotel which is on the left side. 

Open Mon - Sat. : 10 AM - 10 PM -- Sun. : 12 PM - 7 PM.

INTER-MILAN TAILOR & BOUTIQUE: Shop #176 Sukhumvit Road (Before Sukhumvit Soi 8), Khlongtoey, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
CELLULAR: +66 896 654 940  PHONE (SHOP): + 66 (2) 254-2900 


TAILOR 22: Low-cost doesn't mean low quality and poor service at Tailor 22: a new brand by Tailor Pro, one of the most acclaimed and oldest custom tailors in Thailand, it targets a money-conscious though smart clientele, looking for top quality at a portion of the market best low cost cheap luxury first class tailor 22 by tailor pro savile row bangkok.jpgprice. How does it work, and where is the trick? The response is that there is no trick at all: the service is the same, the tailors are those employed by Tailor Pro, but the fabrics usually come from the last end rolls which the shop-keeper wants to finish faster to clear his stock. Do not hesitate, and use this opportunity to fit in nicely designed apparels cut in appealing imported Italian cottons and Super 100s, or smooth British tweeds. Tuxedo, shirts, dresses... everything is possible, as last end rolls don't mean last end choice. Tailor Pro is one of the most active tailors in Bangkok, and its Tailor 22 branch discounted stocks never lacks choice nor quality.

Thus 40 years of knowledge and techniques passed down through generations, with meticulous work in every step of the measurements and attention in individual stitches, it is hard to believe that  Tailor 22 can offer promotions which would give anybody the envy to cross the oceans and rush to Bangkok (though on-line orders are possible to those who already have their measurements in the database after a previous visit to Tailor Pro or its Savile Row branch).

The attractive promotions are regularly updated in Tailor 22 website. Just to give you an idea of the available packages: one suit + jacket + pant, with one short and two neckties costs THB 2890 instead of 6000. There is even a extra promotion: those ordering two packages will pay THB 5000 altogether! Very elegant package: one suit (100% imported wool) + shirt + extra pant + 2 neckties go for only THB 4500. Guaranteed cheapest in the country: THB 4300 for 3 pants + 4 shirts. Would you like only shirts? They cut wonderful ones, at THB 2750 for  5 cotton shirts wrinkle free, ideal for business travellers. Even more elegant: 5 pure Italian cotton shirts wrinkle free Italian cotton can be ordered for THB 3750. Not enough pants in your garderobe? You can purchase 5 pieces at THB 3500 altogether (normal price THB 7500). High end, lavish overcoats start from THB 3500 up to THB 7000, depending on the fabrics. Tailor 22 guarantee that all promotions are authentic, including job price and workmanship.

Pick up is complimentary to / from hotels and any private address in Bangkok. Orders can be finished in 24 hours upon request. Delivery and mail service is available.


Open daily, 9:00 to 21:00.

Sukhumvit soi 16, shop-house #176/23, in front of Somerset Lake Point hotel, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 
PHONE: + 66 086 889 1001    CELLULAR:  + 66 085 844 1307 and + 66 081 599 2370

DAMANINO:  Are you an aesthete, looking for classy custom suits with hand-embroidered initials or your full name inside the jacket, handpicked linings, and functional buttonholes on sleeves? Or the smartest hand-cut shirts ever, with hand-turned collars and scuffs (many best luxury savilow row stylish custom tailors in bangkok thailandstyles to choose from), your monogram for a more distinguished look, and generous tails to fit you better and more comfortably? If so, you are walking into the right boutique.

Operating essentially on recommendation, Damanino has nothing to do with those custom tailors tipping taxi and “tuk-tuk” drivers dropping jet-lagged clients for a quick rip-off. Well established since many years in Sukhumvit, just like most of the best fashion shops, dealing with returning clients, Daniel and his kind staff have a precise knowledge of material and style. Unless you come with a sharp idea of what you are looking for, they will help to find the design and fabrics suiting your image and life-style: many clients use the opportunity of their visit to Bangkok to order businessmen's suits, but also more casual attire for their daily comfort in style. The workmanship on the product is fabulous, and the fitting has nothing to envy to the best shops in London or Milan.

The boutique comes well stocked with different fabrics for suiting and shirting. Price may vary quite a lot, depending if you prefer cotton or pure cashmere; nevertheless, the quality remains the same in term of shrinkage (which is a huge problem with many shops in South-East Asia): all fabrics provided by Damanino are pre-shrunk. Although there is always a residual shrinkage of 2 - 3%, Daniel's workshop allows for this shrinkage when custom making shirts and suits.

Measuring and adjusting clothes like a second skin take a visit or two. Expect a quick but not expeditious delivery time: when it takes only 2 - 3 days for a shirt, completing an order for suits, jackets or multiple items actually takes 7 – 10 working days. Long-lasting clothes need time to be carefully and lovingly hand-cut. Of course, those who left Thailand in the meanwhile should not worry: the order will be delivered to their country within a short week. Last but not least, just like the best tailors only, Damanino takes much of its reputation from its after-sales department. A phone call or an e-mail message are enough to duplicate a command, eventually using different colours, shapes or fabrics. As nothing in the world can replace personal contact, "Diplomatic Visits Worldwide" has been launched by Damanino: exclusively to extend its services to every corner of the globe. Most of the countries where clients are based are subject to a yearly visit: tailors are pleased to visit them either at the office, or in the comfort of their home.

Prices are fair and shall be welcome with a smile on your face (we are in Thailand!). You will leave Damanino's shop with the impression that you will never purchase your clothes off the rack anymore (should it be at Hugo Boss, Brioni or Giorgio Armani): Daniel's talented team convinced us forever that there is nothing like custom tailoring.

DAMANINO: 214 soi Sukhumvit 12, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
PHONE:  +66 2 653 3393

UNIQUE TAILOR: This family operated outlet provides since 2002 the quality and services which the most demanding clients ever dreamed of. Little more than a decade of experience, added to a skill inherited from generations of over skilled custom tailors, makes this unique tailors best tailors in bangkok sukhumvit thailandclassy boutique one of the most visited luxury shops in the high-end Sukhumvit district. What changed with Unique Tailor since 2002? A strong presence within social medias: Facebook and Twitter are quick and useful tools to get in touch with one of our favourite tailors in Thailand and check live information about its activities (tailors' tours around the world, special promotions...).

We must say that we like very much the smooth though efficient way Sunny and Sam proceed to produce the finest, most carefully designed and manufactured bespoke clothing for men and women,  in the exact style and fabrics of your choice. So quickly, and at such a reasonable price that you will never buy anymore ‘off the rack’. Forget ready-to-wear, and enjoy these not-so-little premium features which will make you more noticeable than ever: monogram or full name inside your jacket, hand-picked stitching on lapel and matched lining on buttons, functional button holes on sleeves, additional inside pockets... Nobody does it better; even Brioni or Zegna. Shirts are aristocratic, with over twelve hand-cut / hand turned styles of collars to choose from. All come with generous tails and, if you like -and we recommend- classy monograms. It is of course possible to duplicate the fit of one of your favourite shirts, with that special custom tailor's special touch making all the difference between the good and the best.

Custom clothing is Unique Tailor's one and only business. Shopkeepers are acting like warmly welcoming hosts, and don't count time when it comes to discuss new clients' exact style, budget and further special requirement. An exclusive pattern is designed for each customer, regarding his physical traits and his/her needs. The result is unique personalized garment. Also, most of the work process is hand-made and takes little bit more than one week (for suit, jackets and blazers) to fit you like a second skin. Shirts are manufactured more quickly. Of course Unique Tailor is shipping worldwide. Once Sunny and Sam get your measurements, you can order new bespoke from your home any time, thanks to the
easy to use 3 steps purchase system, with secured payment via PayPal.

Last but not least, Unique Tailor has an attractive referral program, allowing satisfied costumers telling others about the shop to make money or get free suits and shirts! Operating an important tailoring factory with expert quality control team, Unique Tailors caters to orders from further tailors around the world via a universal reseller program.

Looking for unique personalized garment matching your personality and social status? Here comes the right address.

UNIQUE TAILOR: 477 Corner Soi 25, Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok 10110
PHONE:  +66 911 090 413,  +66 877 112 096      FACSIMILE: +66 2 661 6936

STEP ONE BY TONY: This well established, elegant boutique uncompromisingly caters fancy globe-trotters since many years. It takes much of its reputation from Tony Wynnseree's solicitude. He and his anticipating staff patiently consider the client's requests: step one tony best luxury tailors in thailand bangkok asiaproviding him (or her) with customized guidance in selecting the most appropriate fit and fabric according to personal taste and budget (often at unbeaten price), as well as providing abiding suits, shirts and dresses which he can wear for a decade before ordering back. Long-time customers often visit Thailand only once in their life; renewing their apparels by e-mail, or taking the opportunity of Tony's overseas tours (particularly to Europe and Japan which are fast growing markets for Step One) to get appointments for impeccable measurements, which sometimes needs some updates according to the human body evolution.

The tailoring process includes meticulous hand-cut work by Step One expertly trained tailors, producing each garment to its highest quality: using only the finest interfacing, linings, and trimmings to assure superior construction and durability.

confirm the outlasting quality of clothes by Step One, and emphasize on the distinguished selection of prestigious fabrics, attractive colours and patterns, considered by many as one of the largest in Bangkok. Tony's clients feel like they are wearing a second skin, which is important in terms of comfort; they also take pride in getting socially noticeable in suits and shirts which might have been tailored by Ermenegildo Zegna, Giorgio Armani, Canali or the most expensive Savile Row tailors in London, but effectively had been cut for a ridiculous portion of the price by a one of top 10 best tailors in Bangkok!

Step One makes you forget the stressful shopping experience of searching for the precise clothes at the right place and for the right price. Because of their fast pace expertise, this allows the customers to enjoy the amazing city of bangkok as well!

Tony's and staff are well known for their ability in communicating with their existing and potential clients. They are active on social media networks such as Facebook for a permanent and individual assistance to the clients worlwide. Nothing can be easier than ordering on-line: Step One keeps all his clients records. It is also possible to check your measurement from the shop's homepage.

The boutique,
located 200 meters from the Central Post Office, surrounded by the best hotels (Mandarin Oriental, Royal Orchid Sheraton, Shangri-La), is easily accessible by public riverboat, metro (BTS Saphan Taksin) and taxi. Pick-up service is available from your hotel to the shop.

Open Monday until Friday 10:0 AM – 7:00 PM. Saturday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Sunday is closed.

STEP ONE BY TONY: 1086/18 Charoen Krung Road - Bangkok 10500, Thailand
PHONE: +66-2 234 7949     FACSIMILE: +66-2 237 4889



MIKE & Co.:
 Bangkok high-society (including the royal family) lives part-time in Hua Hin: an elegant seaside resort for elegant people. Astonishingly, it has only one important, recommendable tailor shop for such demanding clients.  A couple of kilometres North from the best tailors in thailand largest luxury recommended tailor shops hua hin mike and co tailorsNight Market tourist area -where so-called tailors stand in front of their shop, getting on your nerves when you walk past!- the Mike & Co. campus is the largest tailor center in the sunny and breezy Prachuap region.

Located in the picturesque Rashnee Thai Silk Village, amidst lush Siamese gardens, in a serene atmosphere characterizing luxury shops, Mike & Co. offers the highest, most traditional service and quality which you might expect from a top class South-East Asian custom tailor. A tropical Savile Row with a traditional Old-English style motif, the spacious showroom of 400 square meters is well allocated with a commanding reception area and adequate private comfortable fitting rooms. Receiving the personal attention from skillful designers and professional tailors, clients are promptly assisted in discussing what type of 100% hand-made "Su Misura" suit are they looking for, and for which use. A coached selection of the most suitable type of style  precedes the most important stage of the process, both in term of look and budget: choosing the fabric and colour. Famous clients  -featuring football star David Beckham, the President of Finland, top model Kate Moss and lots of celebrities, VIP and businessmen from foreign countries and Thailand alike- never hesitate: pointing straightly on the highest grade wool, linen, silk, cotton and cashmere fabrics, imported from Italy, England and Germany in order to create the finest garments that posses the unique richness of style and good taste to meet the utmost costumer's satisfaction.

These world class people are aware of the importance of creating the right image to boost the most successful and glamorous impression. Dressing for success, they are proud to wear a suit that is handcrafted with the finest quality material from inside out. Besides the luxurious look that upholds their distinct personalities, these astute customers understand the importance of choosing the right method of patterning and tailoring. Mike Thakuri and his 50 highly experienced tailors (surely the largest team in the country!) unite to manage individually the same VIP treatment to each client: communication, dedication, service and skill make his shop one of our most recommended addresses in Thailand since 1999. Those looking a closely monitored  tailoring process, resulting in impeccable style and quality, won't regret their visit to Mike & Co., whose reputation has brought many customers back again and again since more than 20 years.

To serve you better, anytime and everywhere, Mike & Co. established a new “Diplomatic Visits Worldwide” concept: extending its services to every corner of the globe for the customers who can't travel to Thailand. Representatives can make personal visits to your city, on appointment, with a wide range of fabric samples & styles to choose from. You can also bring in your favourite suit for exact cop and get it mailed to you address within 3 to 6 weeks.

Mike & Co. is now active in Facebook. It offers a complimentary shuttle service, lifting customers from their accommodations to the shop. Prices are attractively moderate, and major credit cards are accepted for easy on-line payment.

Open 9:00 – 21:00.

MIKE & Co.: 18/1 Naebkhehars Rd., Hua-Hin, Prachapkhirikhan 77110, Thailand
PHONE: +66 032 531155 , 531156                    FACSIMILE: +66 032 531155
MOBILE: +66 089 410 0888




EXCLUSIVE TAILOR: Exclusively for people with taste”: a nice motto for an extravagant shop boosting elegance all around Phuket, where so many wealthy foreigners have established their second home, and where tourism brings the opportunity to get dressed luxuriously exclusive tailor best custom tailor patong beach phuket thailandat a modest expense. Exclusive Tailor is the place for those looking for a personalized service, courteous information provided by staff members readily available to help without seeming too pushy, not to mention a fantastic selection of top notch fabrics for the smartest suits, coats, tuxedos, shirts and dresses you have ever dreamed of.

Since 1988, Nitu and Johnny treat their clients as private guests in his trendy Patong shop,
located only a short stroll to the beach, the bustling shopping and nightlife areas. They and their staff spontaneously provide a welcoming intimacy, which we would describe as a relaxed tropical correlation of a high-end London, Paris or Milan tailor shop. Dealing with international tastes, recognized materials and equipment, to create original, eye-catching clothes completely fitting the most demanding gentlemen... not to forget ladies. Exclusive tailors not only caters to dashing gents, but to refine, classy ladies as well. Their refined garments would be a perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Further specialities are the coats and overcoats, in which you will survive elegantly the freezing winter. Made from wool or cashmere, they are carefully designed to fight the cold with style and grace. Shirts are best sellers at Exclusive Tailor: cut in conformity with the old-fashioned British techniques, or more casually, using the Italian coolest and most fashionable designs and fabrics, they last as long as the classy suits exhibited in the shop-window. Nitu and Johnny assured us that they guarantee 100% durability and longevity of every piece cut and designed by their staff. The top ratings of this highly recommended tailor on Tripadvisor, which awarded him a Certificate of Excellence in 2013, shows much more than any promise how much their shop is reliable, indeed. Nitu and Johnny also work in close collaboration with one of Europe’s top travel agencies, which often recommend their services to clients arriving in Phuket.

Exclusive Tailor is also reputed for on-line orders (clients can use a 
measurement tool to make sure the shirt or suit will fit well). They even travel specially to take care of their European clients twice per year, in May and September. Do not hesitate and ask for an appointment if you are not lucky enough to visit this trendy shop ideally settled in one of Thailand most attractive resorts.

For an exhilarating exhibition of their work, you can visit Exclusive Tailor Phuket on Facebook. and follow their updated news on Twitter.

Open daily, Monday till Saturday, 11:00 – 23:00. Sunday, 17:00-23:00.

EXCLUSIVE TAILOR: 54/6 Bang La Rd, Patong Beach, Phuket
PHONE: +66 76 340823   CELLULAR: 
+66 819700 493



SIAM PARAGON: Since 2005, this top luxury shopping mall covering 300,000 sq.m is one of the largest shopping centres in South East Asia. Featuring hundreds of top notch stores, fast food but also gourmet restaurants. The lavish Paragon Department Store comprises siam paragon best luxury shops and malls in bangkok south east asia50,000 sq.m. Another 40,000 sq.m dedicate to retail shops selling luxury brands: such as Hermès, Chanel, Burberry, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Ermenegildo Zegna, Balenciaga, Kenzo, Chloé, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bally, Fendi, Zara, MNG, Versace, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, Prada,  Swarovski, Coach, Jim Thompson, Tod's, Kenzo, Canali, Escada, Emilio Pucci, Bvlgari, Paul Smith, Mulberry and many other upmarket brands.

Its clientele, mixing upper-class tourists and Thai yuppies, doesn't mind the heavy local tax making the prestigious Western brands up to 100% more expensive compared with Rome, New York or Paris. The fantastic cars displayed in the Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Lotus, Bentley, Porsche, Jaguar, Maserati, and BMW showrooms cost twice or thrice more compared with Europe!

Dream extends to the multiplex movie theatre (it has the largest screen and seating capacity in Asia) and the Siam Ocean World: aquarium (the biggest aquarium in South-East Asia) and the prestigious opera concert hall.

Open daily: 10 am - 10 pm.

SIAM PARAGON: Rama 1 Rd, Pathumwan, 991, Bangkok 10330
PHONE: +66 2 610 8000

GAYSORN PLAZA: Opposite Central World, this human-sized  20,000 sq.m mall is totally dedicated to luxury. One hundred top notch shops occupy five floors. Refined and quiet, mostly visited by the Sino-Thai elite and Japanese tourists, it is amazingly well deserved by gaysorn plaza best luxury shops and malls in bangkok south east asiapublic transportation with a direct skybridge link to BTS Skytrain Chit Lom Station.

Shops at Gaysorn Plaza feature illustrious brands like Louis Vuitton, Celine,  Brioni, Ermenegildo Zegna, Emporio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Montblanc,  Dior, Bally, Daks, Emilio Pucci, Fratelli Rossetti, Hugo Boss, Roger Dupuis, Leica, La Prairie,  Disaya, Vacheron Constantin, Omega, Panerai, and Davidoff. Attracting the rich and famous, Gaysorn Plaza is also reputed for its trendy coffee shops, restaurants and bars. We like to purchase our bakery from the Mandarin Oriental Shop (managed by the most legendary hotel in Bangkok), offers freshly baked products including artisanal breads, cakes, Danish pastries, croissants, cookies, gourmet chocolate, macaroons and signature Baumkuchen. Don't leave Gaysorn Plaza without a quick lunch at Xinn-Tien Di. One of the best gourmet restaurants downtown, this is an excellent place for contemporary Hong Kong-style Cantonese cuisine offering a wide range of savoury Chinese specialities. Famous for its roast Peking duck with Chef’s secret sauce, almost as delicious as in Siang Ping Loh, and  palatable dim sum menus. The restaurant also offers a good selection of abalone, crab and lobster.

Open daily: 10 am - 8 pm.

GAYSORN PLAZA: 999 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
PHONE: +662 656 1149

CENTRAL WORLD: A middle-class alternative to the neighbouring Siam Paragon, the sixth largest shopping complex in the world remains the most visited plaza in Bangkok since 1990. 50% of the surface this cyclopean 1,024,000 sq. m. building hosts 500 shops, plus the central world best luxury shops and malls in bangkok south east asiasix stories branch of Isetan Japanese department store, the seven stories Zen Mega Store (Asia's first lifestyle trend megastore), and the upscale SF World Cinema complex located on the seventh floor, featuring 15 screens and “First Class” 800 seats.

Central World has been recently refurbished, attracting new tenants like H&M, which inaugurated  its second largest store in the world. There is also the the best “Japan Zone” in South East Asia, located in Isetan seventh floor.

Apparel, accessory and cosmetic stores feature popular brands like Esprit, Guess, Zara, Samsonite, Swarovski, Jim Thompson, Kookai, Marks & Spencer, Nike, Calvin Klein, Pull and Bear, The Body Shop, Boots, Watsons, Aveda, etc.

There are many fast-food restaurants under one roof, including The Pizza Company, KFC, Pepper Lunch, The Manhattan Fish Market, MOS Burger, Jackie O, Mc Donald's, Pizza Hut, Starbucks Coffee, Oliviers & Co., etc.

Open daily: 10 am - 10 pm.

CENTRAL WORLD: 999/9 Rama I Rd, Pathumwan, 10330 Bangkok
PHONE: +662 264 5555    CALL CENTER: +662 635 1111


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