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Best Gourmet Restaurants in Siem Reap 2018


Updated 08/08/2018

ABACUS (*****): The world of gastronomy has two famous duos: Gault & Millau for the planet, and Pascal & Renaud for Siem Reap... This local celebrity is enough for the two old pals, co-owning and animating the best established French restaurant in town since 2004.

The world of fine-dining doesn't always mean much humility; but Chef Pascal Schmit doesn't promote his skill a lot, and prefers to let his abacus best gastronomic gourmet fine dining restaurant siem reap angkor cambodiaoven, pans, and casseroles express a talent which, for sure, would make him a millionaire in Saigon or Singapore. From the Dusit Thani Bangkok in the time of this palace hotel splendor, till the Residence d'Angkor, where his French-influenced cuisine with an Asian twist seduced the rich and famous. We visited the large, super clean and divinely odorants kitchen where he likes to lovingly prepare his specialties. While the active and talkative,
“so-French!” Renaud Fichet, entertains his guests (mostly Asian, as the French community is tight in Siem Reap), supervises the service, or acts as a sommelier (wine is his passion) in the pleasant open-air terrace, or in the chic dining room (with a private and large VIP room). Those coming as “copains” (friends) will prefer dining al fresco. Tourists or important local people, including members of the Cambodian government, directly step into the building designed by French-Khmer architect duo Lisa Ros and Ivan Tizianel (their masterpiece is the gorgeous Templation Hotel).

Making it the French way, we had some pâté as a starter. Home-made, with pork and veal, it was not fat, compact, as authentic as the delicatessen served in the countryside from Auvergne. Spread over a lukewarm piece of crispy bread by “Le Pain du Coeur”, the best bakery in town, and paired with a glass of
well-chilled house wine, “Château Le Grand Verdas, Bordeaux Blanc 2015”... we just felt like landing in France, in style! Those seeking for sophistication should straightly order “Chavignol Crostini, with Potato Vermicelli, and Thin Slices of Homemade Smoked Duck”. Exquisite, with a nice display in the plate, this would be worth a Michelin-star in Paris or London. That was not a surprise to hear that Chef Pascal was a pastry apprentice in his early culinary career: this always induces an artistic sense of detail, making each dish looking like a piece of art. The pairing by Renaud was ad hoc, with one glass of “Belleruche, Côtes-du-Rhône, Chapoutier 2015”: a friendly wine, with the bouquet of raspberry and spring garden.

As a main dish, we had a savory “Veal Medallion from Australia, with Dalat Asparagus, Cep, Black Trumpets from France”, very bistro with a remarkable sauce. A master sauce cook, Chef Pascal proudly makes it  “à l'ancienne”: using only natural stock. Paired with a surprising
“Casa Magrez, Uruguay 2010”: 68% Tannat, 16% Cabernet Franc and 16% Merlot, it tasted powerful, barrique with a touch of natural acidity, long in the mouth. That was, unfortunately, one of the last bottles in Abacus rich wine cellar, featuring prestigious brands like some Château-Margaux (average price USD 900) or Dom Pérignon (affordable indeed, at USD 220).

Besides his legendary, homemade “Smoked Salmon”, fish is in the place of honor on the menu with “Scallops from Canada and King Prawns from Sihanoukville in a Cambodian Sweet Basil Pesto”. Display in the plate, texture, aromas: once again, a no fault for Pascal. Recommended with one glass of “Château Le Grand Verdus, AOC Bordeaux”, a house wine at USD 5,5 by the glass, mixing Sauvignon Blanc for freshness and power, and Semillon for the lightness and fruity expression.

Back to his roots and initial passion, Chef Pascal's signature dessert, “Pear Ginger, Vanilla Ice Cream, Almond Tile and Cocoa Barry 77% Sauce” was the Legion d'Honneur on a Blue, White, Red dinner. We had it with one glass of Cointreau.

The average bill is USD 70 - 100, but can warm up if you order Grand-Crus wine or Cognac. Open daily 11am - 10pm. June only: 5pm - 10pm. Closed April 11 until 18.

Warmly recommended!

ABACUS: Abacus Lane
PHONE:  +855 63 763 660,   +855 12 644 286,  +855 92 318 528

PREAH PEAY (*****):
One night hosted by Prince Peay, a fictional character popularized by a film of the 1970s, goes as exciting as a first visit to the Temple of Angkor. A debauchery of silver trays and plates, a service reminding us of our recent private visit to a preah peay best restaurant royal khmer cuisine apsara dance angkor siem reapmaharajah's palace, with uniformed waiters floating silently around us, lulled by the languorous Apsara dances... We felt halfway between reality and a Bollywood movie set. Away from the crowds of Chinese tourists visiting the Koulen dance show, we made it in style that time thanks to the always faultless Temple Group.

The best Apsara show in Siem Reap comes with a real touch of gastronomy. Our magic night at Preah Peay made us discover the authentic Royal Khmer Cuisine, which is totally different from the popular street food available in all the small restaurants in town. It is usually served on special occasions only, like wedding ceremonies, or official receptions at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. This is not a cuisine intended for tourists. What a privilege to sample it in such a stylish atmosphere.

Unlike in the other shows, there is no open buffet; but two set menus, updated on a daily basis, with a unique price (USD 18 per person). Each menu bears the name of a temple. One of the favorites, “Temples Privilege Set”, was served the day of our visit.

As a starter, we had crunchy “Pan-Fried Prawn, Green Papaya Salad” served with shrimp paste dressing. Soup is a highlight of the Khmer culinary habits: “Samlor Samlok”, mixing roasted fish and aromatic local spices, is a must be try. As the main dish, we had “Wok-Fried Pork” (Chhar Kreaung Sach Chrok), a classic, and a portion of “Pan-Fried River Fish with Pickle Bean & Ginger” (Trey Chean Joun) accompanied with “Steamed Jasmine Rice
(Bay Chom Houy Phkar Malis). Made from the freshest ingredients, usually imported from the regional farms, it was a sappy sample of the aristocratic Khmer cuisine.

Though our dessert was a simple food platter, featuring the best sweet and sour mangoes in Asia, you might be lucky enough to dine at Preah Peay when our favorite “Nom pley Ia” (crusted coconut served with coconut sauce) or “Gratinated Fruits with Coconut Ice Cream & Sabayon Cream” are on the menu. Yummy!

Presented in a variety of splendid Khmer pure sterling plates, carved bowls, hot pans, all dishes were as a pleasure to the eyes as the elegant show, mixing the most sophisticated Khmer ceremonial Blessing and Apsara dances, once reserved to the royalties only. The gilded costumes worn by the dancers are splendid and well worth a souvenir picture after the show.

This exceptional restaurant is located at Golden Temple Retreat: one of our top five preferred luxury hotels in Siem Reap.

PREAH PEAY (at Golden Temple Retreat hotel): Wat Damnak, Sala Kamreuk,
Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.
PHONE: +855 63 217 777     FACSIMILE: +855 63 761 222

TAKEZONO (*****): The classiest and most authentic Japanese restaurant in town stands in the center of Siem Reap, in the five-star Sokha Angkor Resort.  Seating more than one hundred guests, this prestigious restaurant is astonishingly intimate compared with the other takezono best japanese restaurant in phnom penhF&B resources in this pharaonic hotel (the largest in Siem Reap). It has private dining-rooms for VIP guests, which need advance reservation.

Executive chef Kunihiko Hamada has been hired from Tokyo to bring a real Japanese taste to Takezono Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. And from our recent dinner in May 2016, we can confirm that the savors of Japon came on our plate with a touch of class.

We enjoyed the supreme refinement of having our Teppanyaki prepared in front of us, by our private chef and in our VIP room! The setting looked ideal for romance, family or business dinner. The anticipating staff only interfered with our intimacy to bring us premium sake on crushed ice, mizo soup (strong on
“dashi” stock), crispy salads which were so tasty that we ate them without any condiment, and a set of prime class hand-craft sushi featuring crude salmon, and the best assortments of fresh tuna imported the same week from the Pacific. Unlike in Paris or London sushi bars, fish was sliced thickly: developing a richer taste with a better texture.

Takezono is, first of all, a Teppanyaki restaurant. We got sea scallops, crunchy giant tiger prawns, and super tender US sirloin, all cooked with plenty of garlic from the “teppan”. Takenozo is also a steak-house. Japanese style, of course, but yet offering prime steaks and a well-mastered cooking time. Compared with our experience at “The New York Steak House”, a few weeks ago in Bangkok, or El Gaucho in Saigon, we found the price more than reasonable. A well-sized sirloin from Texas will cost less than USD50. We like the attractive packages on the menu: with average USD 50-80 price range for two. We are in a five-star Japanese restaurant; when it might sound costly on the Cambodian standard, it will look amazingly good value for visitors from the USA, UK, Europe… or Japan.

Don’t leave without tasting the Green Tea Sherbet: if, like us, you don’t like so many Japanese desserts, you will make an exception with this one.

Open daily from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm and 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

TAKEZONO (at Sokha Angkor Resort):  National Road No 6 & Sivatha Street Junction Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 63 969 999

MIE CAFE (****): We loved at first sight this traditional Khmer wooden house with an outdoor patio and garden, located half way between Angkor and Siem Reap city center. The dreamed place for a romantic, definitely best gastronomic luxury romantic restaurant in angkor siem reap mie cafeatmospheric dinner al fresco punctuating a sunset visit to the temples, it makes lying those affirming that Cambodia is the antithesis of a gastronomic destination.

Chef Pola Siv, recognized as the master of Khmer Nouvelle Cuisine, mixes his freshly imported European skill with a personal, fusion vision of the local cuisine. Which makes some dishes taste more Western, and others more Asian. With of course some popular Khmer musts: like the sapid “Traditional Khmer Chicken Amok”, with lemongrass paste, coconut milk, noni leave and eggplant, or the tender “Rib Eye Beef Lok Lak”, with mushrooms, onion, green peppercorn stir fried with oyster sauce topped with egg sunny side up. Those looking for a new, more interesting version of the Cambodian cuisine should rather order a noteworthy appetizer (available from the attractive Gourmet Menu ): “Carpaccio of Fresh Snake Head Fish Fillet”,  cooked in fresh citrus juice with Cambodian spices, grapefruit and hazelnut oil dressing, served with a delicious poached egg tempura. On the same high mark, and from the same Gourmet Menu, the “Grilled Beef La Ap”, marinated with local herbs and chili, then chopped grilled medium rare with tomato sauce and a touch of balsamic vinegar, is topped with parmesan cheese… and red ant eggs. Cambodian eat tarantulas, worms, and cockroach: so there is nothing actually surprising locally in the introduction of this special ingredient into a gastronomic dish. You can experience red ants in the distinctive “Cat-Fish Consommé”: it gives this classic Asian specialty some power. More signature dishes, like “Grilled Prawn with Amok Butter”, roasted somanea seed, eggplant with coconut milk and dry cure ham, or “Fried Pork with Oven Roasted Giant Eggplant”, bell pepper and wild mushroom, are well worth the try.

Chef Pola has been trained in Switzerland: we could realize it from the supreme quality of his “Hot and Creamy Chocolate Cake”, with vanilla ice cream, and fresh mango passion fruit sauce. Like all the master chefs, he uses the best cocoa (from Valhrona) to produce really professional pastries.

Note that all ingredients come from the best local farms, and that the bio-vegetables are grown up in the restaurant kitchen garden.

The bill is rather high on the Siem Reap standards, yet more than reasonable for international fooders. It will cost approximately USD 80 for a couple of dinners, with one bottle of refreshing “South of Africa Chenin Blanc, The Winery of Good Hope” (USD 25 by the bottle). The entertaining song of a colony of frogs in a pound nearby is included in the bill.

This recommended restaurant is one of the “Secret Tables” lovingly selected by “Secret Retreats”.

Open Wednesday to Monday, 11am – 2pm for lunch, 5.30pm – 9.15pm (last sitting) for dinner.

MIE CAFÉ: #0085, Phum Treng Khum Slorgram, Siem Reap, Cambodia
PHONE: +855 12 791 371


IL FORNO (****): Temple Town's has dozens of places for pizza (usually American and mediocre), some acceptable Italian restaurants usually located in large hotels, but few if none real “Trattoria” like our friend's Ed iconic “Il Forno”. The location in Pub Street is touristic, il forno best italian restaurant in siem reap angkorthe dining room simple yet authentic, but the cuisine is so unique and acclaimed that a new, more trendy and expensive branch opened three years ago in Phnom Penh.

Even during the high season, Il Forno distinguishes itself from 95% of the neighboring restaurants by its local frequentation: expatriates and upper-class Cambodian are pizza lovers. They also like to be pampered by Elena, the charming “Maîtresse de Maison”, or Ed in person... They know that the chef imports from the farms of Tuscany and the rest of Italy highest quality ingredients. Basil, oregano, fresh tomatoes and “Fior di Latte Mozzarella”, garnishing the mouth-watering pizzas fired in a traditional Neapolitan wood-fired oven, provide the real taste of Italy. We found the Margherita as authentic as in "Brandi", Piazza Plebiscito in Napoli. Cheaper also, at USD 7.5 for an actually XL size. A medium portion, ideal for ladies and children, comes at USD 5.5 only. The signature “Pizza Salsiccia & Scamorza”, with Sausage, Mozzarella, and Scamorza Cheese, is unique in the Kingdom!

That time we skipped pizza; preferring to enjoy the rare opportunity in Cambodia to experience succulent trattoria specialties, available from the extensive menu or over the blackboard featuring the “specials of the day” (updated, in fact, on a monthly basis). A favorite, the "Charcuterie Grand Platter" (USD 17) has been shared with our guest. Ed imports and sells to the local gourmets the best Parma Ham, Mortadella, Speck, Salame, Grana Padano, Pecorino, Fresh Mozzarella, and Gorgonzola presented over the platter in generous portions, accompanied with Walnuts, Honey, Eggplant Mousse, Caramelised Beetroot & Onion. It comes with fresh Italian bread from the oven. This is one of his best sellers, with the delicate and refreshing "Involtini di Avocado e Tonno" (USD 9).

Pasta is considered most seriously by Italian people. We found the best ones at Il Forno Siem Reap, with a preference for the so special "Ravioli di Zucca" (USD 9), homemade of course, oven baked, stuffed with Ricotta and pumpkin, served with butter and poppy seeds. Sweet and flavorsome.

We wished to experience some meat, like the signature "Rosticciana": Wood Oven Backed Marinated Pork Ribs, 500gr, served with fried spinach (USD 13.50). Ordered at the next table, it looked and smelled actually tempting. Or the much commented "Pork Belly Tuscan Style" (USD 13), served with mixed roasted vegetables... But we were full, as the portions are calculated the Italian way... Far, so far from the French "Nouvelle Cuisine", indeed.

This remarkable dinner was a good pretext to forget the local Angkor or Cambodia beer, celebrating Bacchus with two or three glasses of rustic though excellent "Bardolino Classico", at only USD 5 per glass. A few days before, we already ordered this very classy wine in a five star restaurant in Bangkok, and could see that it was featured for a portion of the price in the extensive wine list ("Cum Laude, Supertuscan, Banfi", actually our favourite Tuscan wine, at only USD 59.00 per bottle).

We concluded with a dessert light as a cloud, with a taste of Heaven. We don't know if "Passion Fruit Mousse" is actually Italian but, paired with one glass of chilled Limoncello, it was the last and yummy impression of one of the best dinners we had in Siem Reap.

Open  12 AM – 11 PM.

IL FORNO:  Pari's Alley, 16 The Lane, Krong Siem Reap 63000, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 63 763 380


TEMPLE FOOD N' BEVERAGE (***): The Temple Group expands year after year its empire over the Old French Quarter and Pub Street. Its oldest restaurant, Temple Food N' Beverage, has been serving for more than 15 years an honest international cuisine, and temple food n beverage best cheap gastronomic restaurant live band crocodile meat siem reap angkor french quarter pub streetpalatable Khmer dishes. In style, and at unbeatable prices.

We like to drop there last minute, for a cheap Mekong draft beer (50 cents at happy hours), served on the rocks in elegant glasses, and accompanied with a mix of grilled peanuts, garlic and chili. Always tempted to order one of the best Fish Amok in town, or grilled Baby Crocodile Meat. With a firm texture, it tastes like chicken and frog legs, with a pleasant fishy flavor. Note that the crocodiles are purchased from a farm, and not hunted in the National Park, which is anyhow illegal.

This is also a good restaurant for BBQ, with local and imported beef. The pizza is fine, if not the best in town (we prefer Il Forno or Red Tomato). We anyhow always privilege Khmer cuisine in all the Temple venues: nobody does it better at such a fair value. The bill ranks between 5 and 12 dollars per person, including entertainment by an excellent live Filipino Band.

It as also a much attended, inexpensive cooking class.

This is a place of great atmosphere, indeed. Patronized by tourists and locals alike. One of our favorite spots in Siem Reap.

Open 08:00 am (for a great breakfast à la carte) and 02:00 am.

TEMPLE FOOD N' BEVERAGE: Street 08 (Pub Street), 17251 Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE:  +885 15 9999 22


V DESIGN (***): Such an eclectic restaurant! A reputed steakhouse, one of the best Japanese sushi-bars in Siem Reap with Takezono, this is also one of the most visited pizzerias in the old French Quarter. Sharing the dishes the Asian way has that big advantage that we could v design best gastronomic luxury gourmet restaurants in siem reap angkor cambodiaexperience three different cuisines in a  single, actually enjoyable dinner.

A good appetizer, pizza is homemade and backed in a wood-fired oven. The dough was perfectly smooth, not too thick as we like. The rich topping of our Capriociosa was super fresh, though a few details were missing to make it 100% Italian: some leaves of basil, and spicy olive oil. The Prosciutto was plain over the dough and not wrapped. This all makes a rather Asian style pizza... which is finally OK, as the guests were mostly tourists from the continent, mixed with some Westerners more attracted by the excellent steaks, imported semi-frozen from the best Australian farms.

The quality of the signature T-Bone (USD 22.5 / 400 grams) is impressive. Ask it medium rare if you want your grilled meat well done, or rare if you prefer medium rare, as like everywhere in Asia, the local clients like it overcooked compared with the European standards. Which is a pity for such prime-steaks, coming on the table with exquisite, often hot sauces, and the very best French-Fries in town. One glass of house Australian wine, paired ideally our pizza and steak (USD 4 by the glass).

The Japanese fares, better paired with draft beer at only 50 cents, are the freshest which we have tasted downtown. They are selling like hot cakes, and cooked at the first, panoramic floor, by a dedicated team working from an open Japanese kitchen. Salmon Sashimi is nicely textured, served in a gourmand portion (USD 6.5), as well as the Mackerel (USD 7.5).

Desserts are definitely classic, and the patrons return back to V Design for its delectable Apple Pie (USD 5) and Banana Split (USD 4.5).

This cool and trendy restaurant is efficiently managed by the Temple Group.

Open 08.00am – 02.00am daily.

V DESIGN:   Street 11, Krong Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 15 9999 22


KHMER FAMILY (***): This casual yet lovingly designed restaurant is now operated by the omnipresent and efficient Temple Group. It means for us an enthusiastic service by young and pretty local staff of both sex, guaranteed tracked and super fresh ingredients (which is khmer family best gastronomic luxury gourmet restaurants in siem reap angkor cambodianot so common in Cambodia), and a more than decent cuisine. We are not in what some would like to call top gastronomy (for that, you'd rather visit the excellent and pricey Abacus), but in a fine bistro-style cuisine, full of fragrance and elegance, proposed on a graphic menu for a modest bill (USD 13 average, including drinks).

We knew the place for its 50 cents draft beer, and enjoyed it repeatedly before we finally decided to seat a couple of hours in one of the most attractive terraces along Pub Street for a light, most pleasant dinner. Our motivation, besides the great value for money, was tasting for the first time in our gourmet life “Serpent-Head Fish”. This elongated, predatory fish tends to invade the waters of the Tonle Sap, and is therefore extensively captured to protect the environment. Eating it is an easy and pleasant way to save the eco-system... Served sliced in poached fillets, with a light butter stock-sauce, the flesh is a delicacy. Tasting little but like sturgeon. Almost calories free, we recommend to sip it in sour Mu-Am Sauce for an extra sensation. That was one of best local experience, at only USD 8.5, with the farm crocodile, unfortunately not available on the menu, but served at Temple Food N' Beverage
, just opposite door.

Another signature; also extremely light, “Wok Fried Crab With Khmer Spice” (USD 11). Not much to eat it the crabs (from Kep), which we couldn't compare with our giant French “Tourteaux”, but lots of aromas, and a refine flesh. This is a must be tried when visiting Cambodia.

We paired it all with well chilled French “Saint Vincent, Sauvignon Blanc”. This is the kind of refreshing white wine which we like to order with 34 degrees outside... At USD 3 per glass, we didn't count how many glasses we ordered.

Our dessert was another signature: yummy “Banana with Sago & Coconut Milk” (USD 3).

Open 08.00am – 02.00am daily.

KHMER FAMILY:  Street 08, Krong Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 15 999 909







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